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#1005 – Princess at Overwatch academy

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Perfect beach (Ecchi WIP for 1$+ patrons)
princess Rosalina nintendo mario solo ecchi sexy cow cowgirl lingerie princess Rosalina nintendo mario solo ecchi sexy cow cowgirl lingerie ponytail

And I’m writing this post enjoying Mazzacho‘s company from his stream on Picarto here). Tonight plan is going to get some quick illustrations with Rosalina and Lady Alcina Dimitrescu from Resident Evil. I have to admit I wasn’t really in a mood that I HAD to get this pairing until I saw Marie Bunnie’s fantastic cosplay of that tall vampire on this tweet. Looking gorgeous with perfect curves and also high heels °w°

And remember everyone that being a supporter on patreon give you exclusive content and for a limited time the ability to request any idea to be draw by Mazzacho as long it respect both artist and this project standards. I must admit the only rule is no men and extreme fetish (as gore, vore, scat…) but Mazzacho is quite open so can surprise you and what he can do. So if you have a crazy idea involving that gorgeous princess it’s time to make it shine °w°


And today I’m happy to introduce Sashimi Chan, I commissioned this great Japanese artist for a duo with Rosalina and D.va being member of the Overwatch academy. There is some skins I really love from Overwatch and the Academy D.va is one of my favorite so I had to manage it someday and I did. surprisingly I goes with soemethign pretty sweet and soft for a schoolgirl duo when you know how much people can fantasize about this kind of teenager uniform. Anyway Sashimi Chan‘s style was so promising for this duo and following the artist style/spirit there was no way to go into something too explicit or indecent.

I’ll never be tired to say the mix between cuteness and sexiness is something really powerfull and if you take a look at Sashimi Chan‘s gallery then no doubt he can create something gorgeous following that spirit. Both girls looking adorable and an skirt up just enough to tease Rosalina’s pretty lace panties, no way you are in heaven. Anyway this commission bring back some old demons; it was all made in a row and Sashimi Chan was really kind making some screenshots during the process but he drew Peach instead of Rosalina. Remind me the old time at cons when I was called Peach being cosplayed as Rosalina and seems even now I still have to continue my quest to make the world know about Rosalina (and the difference between blue and pink) ^^’

Of course this story have a happy end since Sashimi Chan edited the illustration to show Rosalina by changing the hairstyle, now it looks perfect and at some point I wont a bonus alternative version so no way to complain. I hope you guys like this piece and if you want to see more don’t miss visit Sashimi Chan‘s page and gallery that have more than a thousand illustration (and damn, there’s a lot of gorgeous pieces). You can also support him on patreon or help his youtube channel to start if you enjoy see about speedpainting and process. Don’t forget than being a drawing you have a cool artist and hours of work so giving a few minutes to show some support and feedback is always good… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

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#998 – Making friends at Overwatch academy

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PATREON BONUS: KDA Rosalina join the show (SFW wip for 1$+ patrons)
+ Vote on Rosalina’s summer outfit (for 1$+ patrons)
princess Rosalina nintendo sexy ecchi hentai crossover overwatch diva d.va academy schoolgirl sexy ecchi Peach nintendo sexy ecchi hentai crossover overwatch diva d.va academy schoolgirl sexy ecchi

Make the selection for the summer Rosalina outfit was way more challenging than expected, I was searching on several places and was never save from being amazed by artists skills and creativity anyway to make something decent I had to make a small selection and this wasn’t easy decision time. Another problem was about SFW/NSFW, the easier i of course to show the SFW versions that can easily be used in more kinky scenes anyway there was some illustration that added details to outfit like a bikini to the summer outfit in Mario Kart Tour. Whatever decision was made so be ready cause it’s now time to vote on patreon… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

And talking about news we can’t miss Corona-Chan that is still ragging around the world, in France the number of cases is going up again but (for now) it’s still not enough to be called a second wave. Government made new rules with more places that you have obligation wear the mask but honestly there still so much people acting stupidly and after 3 months of lockdown and 2 more wearing the mask all the time I can it’s getting harder to have people keep it, especially with summer heat that make it even more uncomfortable O_o


After bikini time with the Waveracer skin (on the left), D.va (from Overwatch) is back with Rosalina with an illustration based on her Academy skin so every schoolgirl uniform will enjoy this new illustration commissioned to Sashlmlsan.

My favourite Overwatch character in Symmetra that have a really cool design and I have the chance to get her drew by Lunakiri who did a incredible job on the outfit folds an shading, Symmetra is still my favourite based on the champions classic design but with time there was many cool skins created. I was really hyped with the Academy and Waveracer look on D.va (even more having an excuse for Lumakini with the second one) and I’m glad I managed have both on the project. I know the main objective is have Rosalina meet as much different ladies as possible so D.va coming 3 times can be a lot but I guess I’m done now (until more gorgeous skins from Blizzard) and I still hope you enjoyed this duo and the great work made by Sashlmlsan on this last one but also artists who worked hard on the other pieces… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

The idea was to dress Rosalina in the same outfit as D.va like they are in the same Academy instead of ask Sashlmlsan to use another design or colour shape on Rosalina and break this harmony (also you don’t get the importance of this word until you know that Harmonie is Rosalina’s French name). Also this time it was decided to get a soft illustration with light sexiness, the result is still super gorgeous looking and since Sashlmlsan is on deviantart it’s easier to share on that place with no censoring needed and risk of reports °o°

After we finished talking about the commission idea, Sashlmlsan made all work from sketch to colouring sending me all at once when she was done and there was a “special surprise” when I noticed she drew D.va with Peach instead of Rosalina. This sure was really confusing since I got the wrong girl and also to see that 10 years after Rosalina’s first appearance there is still people that mistaken her with Peach. I told Sashlmlsan about my concern feeling bad cause the illustration was already finished and still well made and she offered me to make an edit with Rosalina, as you can see with the final version all perfectly, one on hand I get the Rosalina and D.va illustration I was dreaming about and on the other hand I have a cool alternative bonus version for Peach lovers… °w°

Artist: Sashlmlsan / 40$ commission
One year ago: #935 – Raven and climax
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#993 – Lumakini and Waveracer

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Patreon bonus: Princess captured in the Overlord (NSFW WIP for 1$+ tiers)
+ HD version and step by step process for 2$+ tiers

princess Rosalina nintendo sexy ecchi hentai porn high heels crossover overwatch D.va diva waveracer beach lesbian yuri cunni

It’s now two week since the lockdown ended in France but we can’t really see situation is better here, more different. There is many places that still can’t open like restaurants, cinemas, bars… Many shops that allow only a limited number inside at the same time and sometimes you have to wait an hour to enter your favourite shop feeling the pressure for all people behind you that want you be quick (whatever you’ll wait as I did guys).

Anyway the most annoying to me is that mask, an obligation inside public transportation and some shops (each one can decide if customers must wear it or just an advice) and depending the company you can also be asked to wear it like me. And be sure wear it 7 hours a day at work adding the time in subway this is sooooo uncomfortable. Being now an important fashion tool keep in mind there is many kind of mask existing so they best is try several and get one that it comfy and not irritating… Good luck ^^


Anyway on a more positive note the sun is now back to France with some warm days so it’s time for Rosalina’s lumakini to shine again, be sure I love this outfit so much and summer still haven’t started so there’s many of that bikini mixed with Luma design coming. And first artist will be TheGaboefects that I discovered on Deviantart doing nsfw art with a really nice traditional style.

I unfortunately can’t show other illustrations from TheGaboefects since all his uncensored art is being a patreon paywall, I’m not really fan of artist using paywall on their entire gallery even on illustration they made as commission and was already paid to do (I kno it’s kidna patreon fault giving a new kind of pressure for objective but whatever). Anyway TheGaboefects art was really cool and he have really cheap commission prices so I cannot resist commission him a kinky duo with Rosalina (also I was curious how indecent he can go since it’s not easy to figure on a full censored galleries) ^^’

After talking with TheGaboefects it was decided to pair Rosalina with D.va from Overwatch in her Waveracer skin, the scene happening on a bar at the beach with cunni action for the spicy touch. Also traditional art have a spirit different than digital but also come with a huge challenge since edits are limited and the first that appeared on the sketch a huge cut on D.va body. TheGaboefects was really inspired for the background and maybe a little too enthusiastic and when was time to work on D.va he “missed by a few centimeters, anyway he kept in mind about the Lumakini and high heels and worked hard to make this part turn great °w°

After getting the first sketch from TheGaboefects, the only requested edit was to add the panties aside so not a big deal and there was more work added on the background like adding some vegetation on the top of the roof to make it look less empty. Even being adult oriented illustration I love the addition of Mario and Torbjörn (from Overwatch too) on the background adding so much to the overall details and atmosphere; first on linking Mario and Overwatch universe so you can imagine there’s more people from both universe at the beach and on the other hand knowing there is people around add an exciting exhibitionist touch. This can be part of a huge crossover stories about characters from both series, who know who are watching those two at the bar or if there is also more kinky couples (or more) having fun around too ^__^

Artist: TheGaboefects / 30$ commission (25$ patreon pledge + patreon fee/tax)
www.patreon.com/TheGaboefects – www.pixiv.net/en/users/14591692
www.deviantart.com/thegaboefects – www.thegaboefects.newgrounds.com
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#943 – Lumakini and Côte d’Azur

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PATREON BONUS: HD version of this illustration for 2$+ patrons (4 times bigger)

princess Rosalina nintendo ecchi hentai porn overwatch crossover widowmaker bikini fist fisting cote d'azur swimsuit pool sex
I know I missed talk about the patreon raffle last month, all my apologies. Anyway I haven’t forget people so now we have two winners from August and September: DarkEcoFreak and Fernando Lloret able to each decide about what they want to see on a duo with Rosalina and any girl they want.
The chosen artist will be Vaiderman that I’m waiting for so long to find an excuse to commission a true duo, after several gorgeous pin-up the time has come to show his true power. If curious you can see his profile and all illustration he made for the project (here). I hope you’ll get some great inspiration you two ^__^


After several years, Widowmaker is back with Rosalina for some fun, this make me notice that Overwatch games start to be running since several years now and honestly I’m missing the magic of their first even skins (nothing extraordinary lately in my opinion). Today here come a commission to Psicoero for a really naughty drawing, it was long time I wanted Widowmaker (alias Amélie Lacroix) in her Côte d’Azur bikini skin and Rosalina’s lumakini was a perfect reason to get this combo happen… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
At first I gave Psicoero the choice between Widowmaker and Mysterious heroine (it’s really her name) from Fate series in order to let some freedom with the character and have one that never appeared on the project but part of me was really opinion to go with Widowmaker and getter the first sketch was a powerfull surprise. About the scene, I already know what pose I wanted sending this photo to Psicoero, the only variation I asked was get Widowmaker fisting Rosalina it get it even more hot. I sure was a bit scary it would too much but I’m so happy with the result and I hope you guys confider it as exciting as me °w°
There was two edits during during the creation process, first was about add sex-toy next to Rosalina to once again increase the kinky level and the bad full of toys was a wonderfull idea from Psicoero. Second was really more light, I only requested to Psicoero after receiving the sketch you can see on the left to change the sex-toys color to blue and suit Rosalina’s better (even if the idea of Rosalina who stolen Peach’s sex-toys was interesting)… ^__^
Once again Psicoero did an amazing job doing his best to follow my idea and also not being scary of my crazy ideas. He goes pretty quiet with livestreams lately but still working hard on his project and be sure there is more Rosalina art coming from him so stay tuned. and don’t hesitate contact him if you also wish to get a commission down, as you can see on the lewd side he sure have insane powers. XD

Artist: Artist: Psicoero / 40€/45$ commission
Patreon: www.patreon.com/psicoero
Picarto: www.picarto.tv/psicoerochannel
Hentaifoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Psicoero/profile
One year ago: #792 – Divas in pyjama lingerie
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#792 – Divas in pyjama lingerie

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princess Rosalina nintendo sexy crossover yuri lesbian d.va overwatch lingerie pyjama princess Rosalina nintendo sexy crossover yuri lesbian d.va overwatch lingerie pyjama see through

Christmas ended and now a few days lefts until New year celebrations, I’m kinda busy with celebrations and must admit kinda lazy with the end of the year coming so this post is the only this week that I hope you’ll like… ^^
Anyway must admit some troubles are also part of my inactivity but not the moment annoy you with that so I just wish you a wonderfull moment for new year party or at last have a nice evening. After all some prefer new year to be more intimate and romantic, not a bad idea at all… °o°


Time to end this year with December exclusive illustration made by the sweet JamilSC11 with a special version as reward for patrons supporters, there is also the possibility get cheaper on the shop page but you miss all other patreon rewards. Glad to have a new girl, this time Rosalina meet D.va from Overwatch for a lingerie pyjama party based on a pretty and sexy D.va cosplay I sent as reference to JamilSC11… °w°
I hope you like the result guys, personally I love how JamilSC11 was able make D.va and Rosalina so ravishing as sexy doing her best to follow both girl pose and outfit references with a little secret behind Rosalina one. There is also clothed, see-through and naked versions that JamilSC11 managed so nicely as for the duo with Mandy (see it here).
The mix into cuteness and sexiness is so powerfull and if you take time look around you must see JamilSC11 managed many details on clothes on background also mixing Rosalina and D.va symbols and colours, You can see it especially on the decoration behind both ladies that mix D.va bunny logo in middle and some stars for Rosalina around. When you know how much time and effort need art and realise how dedicated was JamilSC11 for this illustration how can’t be addicted and thankfull… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
Actually (and unfortunately) the last piece I have from JamilSC11 in stock but no reason I don’t manage get some in 2018. Also guys don’t hesitate visit the places linked below to see more about JamilSC11‘s art and why not consider a commission. She’s fine with adorable chibi to more shiny and realistic something a bit more ecchi and kinky so no way don’t be tempted… °w°

Artist: JamilSC11 / 21$ commission
Pixiv: www.pixiv.me/jamilisi
Twitter: www.twitter.com/jamilsc
Facebook: www.facebook.com/jamilsc11
Instagram: www.instagram.com/jamilsc11
Deviantart: www.Jamilsc11.deviantart.com
One year ago: #648 – No pantie for Symmetra
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#780 – Between tracer and Sombra

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From the new site version, there is an edit you can see on the post with now a previous/next banner on top and a part in bottom about comment and next post coming. Both aren’t visible in the main site as if I consider add the previous/next banner, anyway for comments, next to come and one year ago there is not enough publications on this side to consider it usefull.
I also had to cut le link between soft and nsfw website to get adsense allowed again, google ads aren’t allowed on websites with adult content but give way more than juicyads without need pop-up so back with google… °w°


And after a huge wave of safe and sweet posts to add content I needed for the sfw website, naughty illustrations are back with a naughty trio by LadyBarbero. I already got a lot of female characters from that series but had to continue fill the list so Rosalina now enjoy some time with Tracer and Sombra From Overwatch, I still have Pharah, Widowmaker, Anna and Moira so far to be completed, anyway LadyBarbero helped me fill the list with two more ladies and you can see all Rosalina x Overwatch illustrations here.
I agree according to the character origines and stories, it’s a weird to see Tracer and Sombra together but adding Rosalina then LadyBarbero sure made something crazy. Anyway nothing impossible and with some imagination there is so many way Rosalina can come to this situation, maybe she just appeared in a middle or a battle or tried to help for the peace (seems it kinda worked). I wonder what could be LadyBarbero idea to explain this scene but on the artistic side no doubt she did an awesome job… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
I’m sure seeing this illustration a lot wonder about alternative piece and unfortunately there is no naked version of this illustration from LadyBarbero, even as exclusive art for this month. Honestly it already looks gorgeous that way with some tight and sexy clothes, after all Tracer and Sombra are way more sexy with their outfits than naked in my opinion. As for Rosalina it’s LadyBarbero that imagined her outfit offering a great view and curves, a bit curious there in no pant but some panties is also really exciting, even more from that point of view… °w°
There is another trio from LadyBarbero coming in the future, you must keep an eye on her deviantart cause she often offer special commissions pack that are fucking cheap. As you can see you can go to commission her hentai but LadyBarbero is open to various style with commissions so feel free to ask in a comment or note instead of leave with a doubt… ^__^

Artist: LadyBarbero / Cost: 12$
Deviantart: www.LadyBarbero.deviantart.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/LadyBarbero-1275553415800090
One year ago: #677 – Clumsy Luma with Shantae stuff
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#773 – Happy Halloween 2017

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I expected release the blog huge update today but looking all all I have to do there is some content missing, at some points it may not be that long to prepare but I don’t get access at work, have lot of Java coding to do and with computer in living room, it’s hard get safe time to manage a NSFW project. U_u
Also the upcoming posts will be forced by actual events, Halloween and Rosalina’s birthday on the way… \(^o^)/


Time to show you you this illustration to celebrate Halloween made by Psicoero, it’s the only I could manage for this event so was wondering to get something safe first that can be posted on the soft blog but it was to hard to resist goes kinky. Always a huge challenge find a great idea but I’m happy with this one, I commissioned to Psicoero a pairing with Rosalina dressed as Mercy witch From Overwatch and Android 21 from Dragon Ball dressed at Wendy from Wendy’s, kinda like I go 4 characters at once that way… °w°
Thinking about this piece it was quick to find the pose I wanted, I send the one you can see on the left to Psicoero asking to follow it the most as he can, even with the mouth expression for Rosalina. I have this photo from years and love it so much, to pose, view, outfit, blonde girl and her naughty face turn it so damn hot. For Rosalina I wanted an outfit related to Halloween and Mercy was quite perfect then the most difficult was to find Android 21 outfit with something that we can recognize even if we don’t see that much. Finally Wendy dress was quite perfect with blue and red colours like Android 21 dress all all was ready to be send to Psicoero that found ‘this picture idea really interesting‘… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
As always, Psicoero was really fast working on the illustration and I got the first wip in a few days. There was only two edits requested from the first sketch; the first was to have Rosalina expression follow the one from the girl in reference and second was to have Wendy dress appear on the bottom to make it easier to notice and recognize. I must admit I saw many clothes swap and was wondering about goes that way with Psicoero first but there was also a Halloween YCH that was so tempting and made me want see Rosalina as hot witch, I hope you like it that way guys… ^__^
I must admit I first considered tentacles and Psicoero was fine with it but due to complexity this had to count as full character so only Rosalina and tentacles (not the best on a yuri project). Anyway feel free to visit Psicoero‘s page for way more naughty art, he do great commission, work fast and update his page really often so you’ll sure get fun as little pervert. Maybe the only problem is he promote his discount on commissions with Nintendo girls in all post so when you search for Rosalina on HentaiFoundry, results are spammed with his entire gallery… T_T

Artist: Artist: Psicoero / 40€ (45$) commission
Patreon: www.patreon.com/psicoero
Gumroad: www.gumroad.com/psicoero
Picarto: www.picarto.tv/psicoerochannel
Hentaifoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Psicoero/profile
One year ago: #667 – Feeling a peachy tongue
Next to come: Rosalina’s Birthday °w°
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#676 – Chocolate surprise

Pray for Lunakiri

We must spare a thought for Lunakiri that loss her Mom a few day ago and come today at her funeral, hard time when she need support, friendship and lot of hugs. Lunakiri is also working on an beautifull piece as memory (on the right). Hugs my friend.
Also the artist that will work on November patreon raffle is busy working on other commissions so the illustration may come a bit late but there will still have the reward for sure. I just apology for the delay but I will still continue give nice and sexy rewards for patrons so stay tuned for next updates… And one more hug for Lunakiri


And here is a new illustration linked to Overwatch series, anyway instead of Tracer that never meet that cute princess it’s Symmetra that come one more time to relax with Rosalina. This illustration is so wonderfull not only cause I have one more time my favorite chocolate lady from Overwatch series but also since this was a gift from my friend Tallon who commissioned Howl to create this illustration. This one remember me the previous duo made by Lunakiri but this time Howl reversed positions and let Rosalina feel Symmetra skills… °w°
Really love this illustration, Rosalina surprised by that feeling from her talented partner and a lovely mix into cuteness from her face and sexiness with her sweet body make her so ravishing, Howl was able keep her innocence in a sensual and romantic piece, how powerfull. Also referring to her story, Symmetra is Indian lady so jewels and background work really nice but Howl made a little error on her left arm that have to me mechanical and appear that way in all her skins but she’s still ravishing that way.
Once again, thanks so much Tallon for this awesome surprise and Howl that did a ravishing job. Must add links as always on the end of the post but you can see from the patreon that it’s owned by Subridet and Howl who are ‘a pair of artists willing to share how much we enjoy what we do and make a living out of it‘. I let you discover about their patreon page when you can find even more links to Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, Hentai Foundry, Picarto and Sankaku, for sure you have choice… ^^

Artist: Howl / Cost: ??? (gift)
Subridet tumblr: www.subrineet.tumblr.com
Howl tumblr: www.escapisthowl.tumblr.com
General patreon: www.patreon.com/subrihowl

One year ago: #565 – Warm shower with Satsuki
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#651 – Symmetr(ass) tasting

princess rosalina Nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian overwatch symmetra rimming princess rosalina Nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian overwatch symmetra rimming futa trap crossdress femboy

Overwatch is now here since a month and fanarts rate start to decrease so it’s kidna the best moment for me get them and be sure then wont disappear far away due to so many publications. There is now a double Symmetra, Mercy, Widowmaker, Zarya and Mei that you can all see here so kinda great collection for the project. Must admit Tracer was planned too but it will be a piece for Where is my pokemon? instead.
Kinda proud of me, I already decided about artist for September and October patreon raffles, still time to join support the project, get bonus content and get a chance win a commission slot from the chosen artist.


Last illustration (for now) of the Owerwatch series, Symmetra is back again but in another style since it’s DigitallyDeviant that worked on this new piece. It can work with his previous Rosalina and Zaria pairing that you can see on the right or here for alternative versions. Symmetra lubing that little princess ass before Zarya come (and like her massive tool it really better that way) or maybe cleaning it enjoying some fresh cum. Anyway both can happen but would need DigitallyDeviant made a cum version for second situation.
I really love Symmetra, a so sexy chocolate lady with huge glasses and a suit like chinese dress then this time DigitallyDeviant made her naked but still so erotic. AS for Rosalina, the pose is a bit similar with this angle assuming DigitallyDeviant really love butts but this time she wear her tennis suit instead of classic dress, shorter and even more sexy with a nice angle… °w°
This illustration only have female/trap versions and didn’t get so many edits as for Zarya. We were wondering first to move Symmetra closer and be rimming that little princess ass but finally DigitallyDeviant edited her arms to make it more correct and added a wet touch. As messy lover that saliva bridge is really powerfull, make it even more naughty and still suggest some rimming action that you can imagine adding some princess moaning.
This new illustration worked as usual linked to the deal with DigitallyDeviant that wanted me ‘to posed as model‘ and the the photo are used as reference for the illustration. For those who wonder, the fact Rosalina is now with her tennis suit mean I now have it as cosplay but for naughty minds I’m always alone doing those photos (Nah). I’m sure DigitallyDeviant or other people that know about the project would love to be here but better keep some secrets and get the power to tease… Oh yeah.. \(^o^)/

Artist: DigitallyDeviant / Cost: Deal

One year ago: #548 – WONDERFULL Vintage pin-up promotion
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#650 – Zarya keep it rough and hard

princess rosalina rosetta Nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian overwatch zarya anal princess rosalina rosetta Nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian overwatch zarya anal creampie cum
princess rosalina rosetta Nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian overwatch zarya anal trap femboy futa crossdress princess rosalina rosetta Nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian overwatch zarya anal princess rosalina rosetta Nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian overwatch zarya anal cum creampie

Patrons got the WIP of August raffle winner with last post and final version will come one I finish the Overwatch series. Pleage guys consider be a patreon member too supporting the project for even more kinky and qualited art and then get a bonus twice a week or enter the raffle to be able ask anything you want (as long no men and Rosalina according to the project) ^^
Anyway wont be here to work on the project this week-end with step father birthday, then next week I’ll work on the wishlist to add new ladies (was a long time) and update ‘Where is my pokemon?‘ page.


Let’s contiue Overwatch series with the second illustration by DigitallyDeviant and a totally new girl with Rosalina, time for his favorite from the series to take care of that cute princess and you can imagine it will be intense for Rosalina ass when you know how badass is Zarya. In fact it was a long time DigitallyDeviant talked about Zarya but like the characters it always sounded a bit rude for my favorite princess ass but it finally happened. ^^’
As for the previous duo with Mercy, DigitallyDeviant only had a pose reference for Rosalina to start with that you can see on the first sketch he sent me. He kinda have a little fetish for ass as me with high heels and wanted use that pose from a recent photo series I made and it’s after that he decided what character add for this duo assuming it wasn’t long before DigitallyDeviant start Zarya.
Then started the illustration and a lot of edits, would love to show all steps with WIP I received from DigitallyDeviant but would be so much space so let me explain quickly and offer all WIP to patreon member. At first it was Zaria leg that was reduced a bit (as if still looks really impressive) and then Rosalina crown to be closer to the original design before another important part. On next step DigitallyDeviant made alternative version, girl/trap mixed with clean/messy so we have now 4 variations. With one is your favorite guys?
Not really logical but the last step was to add the table in the illustration, DigitallyDeviant didn’t planned to draw it but Rosalina was a little weird in that pose especially since the original reference was based with the model holding a table, a bit rush to finish it in time for this publication but it now looks really cool. Also must admit as messy lover I love the trap one with cum on Rosalina’s dress, another detail I asked to DigitallyDeviant but it make the situation even more intense and exciting in that way… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: DigitallyDeviant / Cost: Deal

One year ago: #548 – WONDERFULL Vintage pin-up promotion
Next to come: Symmetr(ass) tasting (NSFW)

#649 – No Mercy for pretty (trap) princess

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Thanks to Merethide and all that bought the last Rosalina’s Delivery Service comic. Due to the quality and artist price it still haven’t finished to found itself, already have some ideas in mind for another chapter but I’ll need your support to make it happen. Feel free to get your copy here guys… Oh yeah… ^^
Was at a cosplay shooting to make some series with Rosalina tennis cosplay, some really cool and other a bit funny especially when Tom Sawyer started to fish some princess things but it ended with my racket in his face… Eh eh.


 Was long time my friend DigitallyDeviant had to wait but it will be 3 illustrations by him in a row on this Overwatch series. Starting today with Mercy using her secret healing ability on Rosalina. Not sure that cute princess was really in need no doubt she enjoyed that tasty proteined drink. Compared to Samus illustration (see it her), there is still a normal and trap version for Rosalina but DigitallyDeviant drew Mercy as futa in both case cause the illustration was oriented on the messy side, no clean version available and planned… °w°
According my deal with DigitallyDeviant, I first was his model with my Rosalina cosplay (then you wont see the original photo series) and he used his fav as reference for this illustration, at this time the trap version id the original and there is a female alternative to suit more to the true wonderfull Rosalina. As for Mercy it’s DigitallyDeviant that chosen to pick her for that hot duo.
Was close to forget that it’s the 2nd time I get Mercy from my project, You can see the trio with Mercy and Mei here but this time DigitallyDeviant gave us a clothed Mercy with little bonus. One more intense the other juicy but both so kinky and exciting then looking at the other, I must ask DigitallyDeviant Rosalina with those star heels. °w°
Mercy was the more complicated to draw for DigitallyDeviant, not just because of the wings but also since no references for the pose compared as Rosalina but she was perfect at the first time. The only edit if you looks at the sketch was for Rosalina hand but be sure this illustration was hours of work and always feel so honored when artist accept to participate and put so much efforts on my project. No more I can say cause there is many secrets behind this illustration, anyway I hope you like it and stay tuned for newt Overwatch piece, two more to come.

Artist: DigitallyDeviant / Cost: Deal

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#648 – No pantie for Symmetra

Finally got the idea from Patreon August raffle winner, I’ll keep some mystery until I post preview for patreon members but I can tell you it’s Starfire from Teen Titans enjoying the company of Rosalina. Anyway for those who know about the series there is different looks for Starfire, you are free to bet what version it will be guys?
Also about the Overwatch series, there will be finally have one more illustration with that theme, same character will me Rosalina for the 2nd time but will be hot for sure, don’t need much more to have all august publications filled with Overwatch crossovers. But same theme for an entire month must be too much.


 Everybody know that Overwatch ladies have a wonderfull ass but can’t forget there is also a little pussy to take care of and wanted Lunakiri to work on that point cause love her art so much and also to make her practice on pussy for even more kinky pieces in the future. Then she cheated a little using Rosalina nose to hide Symmetra pussy (or me that don’t want to admit I asked for that pose and she made exactly what I was asking for) then be sure it’s not the last illustration you’ll see from that lovely and talented Lunakiri so I’ll have many more opportunities… °w°
I really like Symmetra from Overwatch, she’s a beautifull character with sweet chocolate body, nice helmet with huge glasses and a dress like chinese dress inspiration but on the fanart side there isn’t so many of her so really wanted Lunakiri work on that duo. At first she wasn’t really into the character itself and the design would need a lot of work is you also count her mechanical arm.
Too kind or a bit masochist Lunakiri putted so much time and efforts for this commission, had to restart all the sketch for a correct pose (patreon members got the sketch for first try) and so many edits to make both ladies and outfits looks correct. Be sure an illustration is really not easy to do guys, you never stop with an idea that you follow until the end without many try, edits and sometimes restarts so one your side do your best to be nice and patient with artists.
Really talented but not enough confident, Lunakiri isn’t happy with the result, honestly I love it so much and not just because two ladies I love so much in this illustration and I hope you also agree this illustration looks awesome, so much details on both dress and the most impressive as me is all shadings due to a lot of folds. Just a little point missing in my opinion, like Symmetra face Rosalina is sure talented and a love Juicy touch on that princess face would be so perfect to make it even more intense and exciting for that lesbian action… ^^
Don’t miss drop a little comment you show your give your feedback or share your love for this illustration, would be so nice for Lunakiri that deserve more support. Then soon you’ll discover her last OC with Rosalina and told me she don’t have problem for perfect things so it will be even more naughty… Last thing; Lunakiri opened emergency commissions due to bugs troubles, you can find more infos (here). She’s a lovely person maybe a bit cursed and really deserve more love and support… Oh yeah…. \(^o^)/

Artist: Lunakiri / Cost: 10$
Website: www.Lunakiri.com
Patreon: www.patreon.com/lunakiri
Deviantart: www.Lunakiri.deviantart.com

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#647 – Badass and bouncy with spider queen

As I said in the previous newsletter previous post was a bit late cause working on it I had to go for an emergency since my step father got a finger crushed in the cement mixer. Due to bad stability, it fallen down and he tried to hold it but was a really was idea since the machine was ON and the hand was moving to the gears, don’t need say what happened after. Then he will recover slowly and on my side was able to finish the post.
Talking about newsletters, don’t hesitate to subscribe on the right tab widget. No ads/spam, you just receive a little mail to announce new posts and don’t miss new publications with that wonderfull princess… ^^


Let start two weeks dedicated to Overwatch series, it mean 4 illustration will come with… Naaah, I’ll let you discover about them by yourself. For now it’s the spider queen Widowmaker that meet Rosalina and it’s Adeedas (alia Trifoi) that accepted my commission for this challenge. Crossover can be really complex cause pairing character that have a different style, personality and universe; Adeedas can’t adapt his style to a specific character. This time it’s characters themselves that must be draw with the own artist style to be able be together and in that way, all artists adapt Rosalina to their own style and make her unique as you can see on this new illustration. °w°
If you take a look at his gallery, you can’t miss Adeedas‘s skills for pin-up and latex so it’s kinda the reason we chosen about Widowmaker for the pairing and like the result I’m really happy with this decision. Both are so ravishing and sexy where bouncy ass and badass look mix in a powerfull way. I love how Adeedas made all parts looks awesome, starting from the face with Widowmaker strong and serious when Rosalina get a more lovely and adorable expression, then soft breasts and perfect ass and lot of details and shadings on legs and boots. Background itself is interesting, it looks beautifull but there is that white circle to keep a focus on the duo and like what is in the center there is still that Owerwatch ass reputation… XD
As always, I asked for some high heels on Rosalina and that point was particular on illustrations. Rosalina heels were a bit oversized on the main sketch (as if I love really high heels) but that way they you to be more short and that gave Adeedas some troubles to create the background since Rosalina had to be up on something du to her actual pose. On the first ‘final version‘, Rosalina was crushing a Luma and it was a bit cruel in my opinion cause I always consider Lumas must keep the innocent part and stay pure so they don’t deserves that treatment. Adeedas finaly worked on a last edit putting a little rock and that way it was just… Perfect. Thanks so much man… \(^o^)/
I consider this illustration as the best from Adeedas but the fact there is Rosalina can influence me (just a bit) then I let you discover his awesome gallery and style that made me want to commission him so much on Deviantart. For more why not start give him some support on motivation joining Trifoi’s patreon.

Artist: Artist: Adeedas / Cost: 25$
Patreon: www.patreon.com/Trifoi
Deviantart: www.adeedas.deviantart.com

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#601 – Helping Mercy and Mei to relax

600th illustration was here and now waiting for 700th or 400th lady with Rosalina. For now I’ll continue do my best to find the best posts I can and continue projects like Where is my pokemon?, the Gallery page, give more exclusive stuff to my patreon member and talking with an artists about comic so maybe a new chapter for Rosalina’s Delivery Service comic. Stay turned. °w°
Also after some awesome but crazy high heels shoes I bought a biker Rosalina cosplay, the original creator is really tiny and it wont suit on me but a true Rosalina biker suit in latex will look so incredible for my collection. Also for now must take care of my wig but don’t have hairdressing skills so will be a pain to manage… O_o


Today I have two illustrations commissioned by JizzThunder that is kinda talented and skilled but finally only one is for the blog. At first commissioned him a duo and trio with Rosalina (what else) but he wasn’t interested add the watermark on the illustration cause that kind of publicity is kinda commercial use (and since I see Rosalina’s Delivery Service comic I can’t tell him he’s wrong but like what I spend/earn for this project, I finish spending more than 1.000$ each year. I do this project for fun and not for money but JizzThunder opinion is understandable so I decided to change the second illustration changing Rosalina by a lady that I love so much to turn it as more personal commission that won’t be linked to the blog since no Rosalina inside.
I don’t have time and money to pay some publicity for the blog and this watermark is the only way I have to make people discovering my project around the net and make this place alive. Finally I decided to let this second commission on the blog budget, it will destroy like two months budget and no choice to decrease quality for the next publication but in that way it’s a good lessons for the future and I must never forget ask the artist about watermark before start a commission. Finally JizzThunder made me a little surprise and added the watermark in the Rosalina and Tinkerbell illustration (that you can see on the right) but it’s not an illustration for the ‘Rosalina x Girl‘ project and can’t work so I prefer offer you the clean version without watermark.
Love how the duo turned and was powerfull looking at JizzThunder livestreams while he was working on it, colouring small parts to make each pixel looks perfect. On both illustration the result is awesome with so many details and cool ideas on characters or background. JizzThunder was able choose from all ladies from the series and finally he ‘was thinking Mercy and Mei, because 1) Tracer and Widowmaker are way over used and 2) I’ve wanted to draw Mercy for some time now, and Mei looks cute and cool’.
As for the pose for make all ladies looks great, Mercy was a huge challenge for JizzThunder cause since the character is recent and don’t have many official illustrations or fanarts it’s not easy find good references about the character. Love so much how all ladies turned, Mei so adorable face and chubby touch as exiting with that creamy pussy getting fingered, Mercy tasting some princess juice and keep an eye on that huge dildo on Rosalina ass. Finally Rosalina so sweet and sensual, she’s gorgeous and so hot but keep something innocent that make a powerfull mix into cuteness and sexiness. Also asked JizzThunder to give her those high heels I love so much and the lingerie with see through effects and Luma decoration is sooo incredible… \(^o^)/

Artist: JizzThunder / Cost: 35$

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