#647 – Badass and bouncy with spider queen

As I said in the previous newsletter previous post was a bit late cause working on it I had to go for an emergency since my step father got a finger crushed in the cement mixer. Due to bad stability, it fallen down and he tried to hold it but was a really was idea since the machine was ON and the hand was moving to the gears, don’t need say what happened after. Then he will recover slowly and on my side was able to finish the post.
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Let start two weeks dedicated to Overwatch series, it mean 4 illustration will come with… Naaah, I’ll let you discover about them by yourself. For now it’s the spider queen Widowmaker that meet Rosalina and it’s Adeedas (alia Trifoi) that accepted my commission for this challenge. Crossover can be really complex cause pairing character that have a different style, personality and universe; Adeedas can’t adapt his style to a specific character. This time it’s characters themselves that must be draw with the own artist style to be able be together and in that way, all artists adapt Rosalina to their own style and make her unique as you can see on this new illustration. °w°
If you take a look at his gallery, you can’t miss Adeedas‘s skills for pin-up and latex so it’s kinda the reason we chosen about Widowmaker for the pairing and like the result I’m really happy with this decision. Both are so ravishing and sexy where bouncy ass and badass look mix in a powerfull way. I love how Adeedas made all parts looks awesome, starting from the face with Widowmaker strong and serious when Rosalina get a more lovely and adorable expression, then soft breasts and perfect ass and lot of details and shadings on legs and boots. Background itself is interesting, it looks beautifull but there is that white circle to keep a focus on the duo and like what is in the center there is still that Owerwatch ass reputation… XD
As always, I asked for some high heels on Rosalina and that point was particular on illustrations. Rosalina heels were a bit oversized on the main sketch (as if I love really high heels) but that way they you to be more short and that gave Adeedas some troubles to create the background since Rosalina had to be up on something du to her actual pose. On the first ‘final version‘, Rosalina was crushing a Luma and it was a bit cruel in my opinion cause I always consider Lumas must keep the innocent part and stay pure so they don’t deserves that treatment. Adeedas finaly worked on a last edit putting a little rock and that way it was just… Perfect. Thanks so much man… \(^o^)/
I consider this illustration as the best from Adeedas but the fact there is Rosalina can influence me (just a bit) then I let you discover his awesome gallery and style that made me want to commission him so much on Deviantart. For more why not start give him some support on motivation joining Trifoi’s patreon.

Artist: Artist: Adeedas / Cost: 25$
Patreon: www.patreon.com/Trifoi
Deviantart: www.adeedas.deviantart.com

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