#646 – Laughing Octopus true power

August is here and it’s a huge thanks to all my patreon supporters, I hope you enjoyed all bonus contents and the winner of August raffle was announced, it’s Chris that won a full colored duo from Uxdragon and can decide about the second girl with Rosalina and scene/fetishes. Let see what he will imagine… °w°
Also found this illustration of Rosalina that is for sure really original and weird but kinda interesting concept and can some really particular actions or scenes, may use it as ref a day but have to figure a cool idea to with that snake body and huge dick, maybe if you have some suggestions guys.


 This time Rosalina is trapped by Laughing Octopus from Metal Gear Solid series and it’s AngryWhaleMatt that worked on that duo and made me discover what exactly mean Octopus name. I saw some adult pin-up of that character but never know about that special equipment she own, also for this version instead of a sensual lady AngryWhaleMatt drew her more young, crazy, dynamic and even more naughty too, Enjoy… ^^
After AngryWhaleMatt send me this illustration, I was really curious about this character story and abilities. She first suffered from a several case of post traumatic disorder due to traumatic events in her childhood and is now mentally unstable like all the members of the DD Corps (not good sign). Then she was equipped with an advanced ‘Octocamo suit‘ with a number of mechanical appendages that served a variety of purposes. Then feel free to take a look to her wiki page but just know her story is really dramatic and exaggerated in my opinion… O_o
That suit can have many usefull or unexpected uses as AngryWhaleMatt show us and seem Rosalina is really turned on with this little game liking that tentacle holding her like asking for even more and tell her body and mind are ready for all Octopus can imagine. Then as you can see on the right, like how looks the extremity of those mechanical tentacles, it’s not made for penetration but can hold Rosalina in various position while her friend continue abuse of that sweet body.
Also love the clothes AngryWhaleMatt drew, some lingerie and high heels for Rosalina and that latex suit for Octopus open at some part to receive some pleasure and also nice for feet fetish. Both so damn sexy that way and looking so horny, now it’s up to you to imagine what kind of pose and action can happen then no doubt they will spend lot of time together.
Once again thanks soooo much for your kindness and hard work on this duo AngryWhaleMatt, wanted Octopus since so long and so powerfull finally get her with Rosalina, also discovered about that impressive octocamo suit that sure must be lot of work compared to a simple Octopus pin-up, especially when come time for coloring and shading all those tentacles. Then don’t miss to take a look to AngryWhaleMatt’s gallery for even more cool, sexy and sometimes animated illustration like that sexy witch ass bouncing, you’ll sure be addicted… ^^

Artist: Artist: AngryWhaleMatt / Cost: 0$ (request)
Patreon: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/AngryWhaleMatt/profile

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