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#1008 – Halloween cum disposals

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Full step by step with wips of this illustration 1$+ patrons

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There’s parts of the year where nothing can stop me and it’s the point with publishing Halloween illustration on the project. Even if all the month kept me away with ton of stuff my mind knew that I would be back with something crazy and here it is. Also working on the decoration with my friend for the party (she’s really going crazy every years with decorating). Anyway this just have to be a fun and chill party with fun talking together, crepes and a movie but we don’t need more to spend a good time.

Then let me with you all a great Halloween, would love to see how you will be all dressed for the night from elegant, crazy or spooky. Here I’ll be into steampunk style, not much scary but still looking cool and way more comfortable to wear (doing cosplay I know how costumes can be tricky after wearing some time) XD


Halloween was coming and time to plan some related art to celebrate the period with some great costumes and the spooky atmosphere that so much people enjoy each year (honestly I wonder if people aren’t more excited by Halloween than Christmas in general). B-side7715 was ready take part and since he’s really quite effective and fast we decided to wait for some skins released this year to come with something fresh. Honestly so many great waifu gatcha games but I don’t play all of them so I wonder What is your favorite Halloween character and skill released this year?

I always have really naughty ideas for the Halloween spirit like when the girls going to collect candies but instead just looking for some good fuck filling their bags with semen and filled condoms (to keep it classic). Told B-side7715 that this time would be maybe better get something more cute and safe even more after all sexy pieces I commissioned him to get back to something different and that he can show on his public pages like FACEBOOK. Finally he answered me “Halloween is just once a year so we can leave the sfw for another one”, actually this is quite a trap considering there’s so much events just once a year as Thanksgiving, Christmas, New year, Valentine’s day (And there we are just reaching half February) XD

So we’ll go “crazy” as B-side7715 requested but I’ll manage don’t bring too weird fetishes and also have prepared something sfw for him that would be pretty interesting (stay tuned). Anyway the next step was wait for Halloween skins release and the first one I noticed was from Konosuba, screenshots in the game and sent them to B-side7715 that really liked the series and character so no need wait more time for the hardcore part: decisions!!!

There was three girls getting being part of the Halloween event getting a dedicated costume; Aqua, Iris and Yunyun. Aqua dress looking quite basic but the two other girls looking pretty nice it was decided they would join Rosalina for a threesome. I offered B-side7715 to choose between the girls at a door entrance presenting them in some sexy or even indecent way or more something like a party at the bar with the girls ended used by everyone covered by semen and used condoms. I expected B-side7715 choose the first idea but he did surprised me going for the second sending some pose refs so he was definitely up for something crazy, sounded so powerfull and exciting °w°

Then here come this messy threesome, you must take into consideration it’s the first time for B-side7715 drawing something that explicit and messy so there’s many details that may look a bit of. First there’s the semen texture at some places and some condoms like the one on Iris pussy looking more like a plastic pipe at some points. Talking about condoms it’s fun cause B-side7715 placed them on wrong side on Iris pussy but was kind and accepted to fix that,the top being stuck somewhere and we see the bottom most of the time leaking some cum but here it was opposite as in Rosalina chest (anyway I like the idea of the semen dripping inside of her dress).

Anyway I wont say it’s all negative and have to say I love this illustration even more knowing the insane efforts B-side7715 did working far out his comfort zone. Now he really deserves a huge way of applause (and a little break from my crazy ideas), I already have another project for him next year being way more cool and SFW this time. Also want to say Rosalina is looking fantastic and can make a wonderfull avatar for Halloween, love the hat so messy as I was dreaming about and this cute smile with the condom in mouth is so gorgeous. Have to say from all comdoms in this illustration (count them if you dare) it’s the one on Rosalina’s mouth being the best that B-side7715 and honestly perfect at all points… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

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#1006 – JackOchallenge yoga sandwich

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Perfect beach (Ecchi WIP for 1$+ patrons)
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Even after completing 2021 Mc Donald pokemon cards series, this time better say no promise and such cause each time I’m saying “I can now manage to put back the RosalinaXGirl project on track” then it fail. For now let’s consider this publication as a random surprise appearing with a new Rosalina yuri illustration that did reset the inactivity count. If you feel you can bet in comment the time until next post to motivate me post again soon and make you wrong if you goes all with quite high numbers :p


In France we say “a surprise never come alone and yes, this new illustration is from B-side7715 who’s back after 3 years since his sexy duo with Rosalina and Ahri that you can see on the left. Short story he told me in 2018 that he wasn’t interest to draw swfw/adult oriented illustration and want his art being for all audiences so my side focusing on adult yuri stuff it wasn’t compatible. OF course could go for totally safe and sweet commissions but at this time was a little frustrated since B-side7715 had a really cool art style and potential but no more sexy Rosalina allowed. Last year he sent me a message telling he’s back on erotic commission but got no reply to my answer so goes blank again. And it’s recently seeing a publication on B-side7715’s facebook artist page that I commented to complimenting the illustration and asking for some news that he asked me to continue talk by mail and then the magic started again \(^o^)/

I first I suggested B-side7715 various ideas with different fetish and erotic level to kinda see what he was into and know a bit more stuff he like and his limits but surprisingly everything sounded fine to him. The hard part is I hate decisions my side cause in general when I suggest ideas it’s cause I love them all was hard to choose between all of them. Finally I goes with the most kinky and trending idea: the JAckOchallenge pose with a spicy threesome addition, in fact the idea was Rosalina doing Jack-O pose and a girl being fucked on bottom or fucking the princess on bottom with the option to mix both into an (indecent) threesome sandwich.

After such a brainstorming trying stay focused thinking at so naughty stuff was time to explain everything to B-side7715 with some references to be sure make it as clear as possible. Despite few mistakes on my message (thanks to my French side) the first sketch I received (on the right) had all the spirit to be amazing as I was dreaming. There was some edits requested, first one being to have a larger view to see that Rosalina is doing the jack-o challenge pose. Second point was about the dildos, I asked B-side7715 if could be great to have it from Rosalina pussy to trainer ass to have it more direct link. Also was wondering about adding a dildo on wiifit trainer pussy but this would may charge too much so not usefull addition. Then it was for the minor edits but had one last thing in mind to ask.

Last change but not the least requested was if possible to change ringfit trainer to make her fuck Rosalina harder and fit with the princes perfect expression. The idea was top trainer to wear a strap-on and being up a little with arm straight and her hands on Rosalina shoulders so it’s like she can trust hard inside that tight princess ass. I wasn’t sure about if that edit would look great or even be anatomically right so was a suggestion to B-side7715 and as you can see on the final version, he made it work… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Also important point if you are looking for artists; B-side7715 is extremely quick and reactive and commissions, it took only one day from the sketch to final version. It took 3 days to complete this illustration that is quite impressive for a threesome, in fact talking about the idea he was back with a sketch the next day, answering about changes I wanted there was the edited sketch the next day and after validate the color version took same time to come. Just a bit frustration since I love to get wip and process screens for the art I get and and B-side7715 was so fast that I have nothing between sketch and final, I’m sure even Cinderella’s carriage took more time to build from the pumpkin XD

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#834 – Ahri teacher with naughty student

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nintendo mario princess rosalina hentai porn crossover league of legends ahri schoolgirl
Was out this week-end since this Sunday (May 27th) was mother day in France so family obligations. There is a thing that surprise me is it exist in many countries but never at the same time so curious what rules it exactly. Still I have to admit I got a little accident moving to the place damaging my car and mother’s portal.
Mother wasn’t bad against me, she’s really cool and adorable but that’s still fucking annoying and I wasn’t in the mod to write a great post in time so come one day late. Sorry everybody (and sorry again mom) U_u


New illustration from B-side7715, a really talented and damn kind artist that I must admit I always try move at his limits to have him draw the sexiest Rosalina he can without break is rule saying his art my follow deviantart policy. Here I commissioned B-side7715 a sexy piece with teacher Ahri and schoolgirl Rosalina mixing two refs I love.
Basically D.A. policy say no penetration or contact with genital and no fluid, of course we still can make really naughty art following it but when you B-side7715‘s gallery this one goes really goes more naughty than his usual art and I’m really thankfull he accepted go with this illustration. I goes luckily that B-side7715wanted to draw Ahri but never tried before“, I guess it helped that he accept go with my request… ^^
Not so much version of Rosalina I love so much, I already got Rosalina dressed that way ( first on the left) but wanted it again. On his first sketch, B-side7715 drew Rosalina pose following the one in the ref then asked him to change for a front view to see her on a new angle. Being a pervert I asked for Rosalina spearing legs, her short dress offering a so perfect view but to keep it correct for B-side7715 the vibrator from ref was removed and a cute pantie added, but Rosalina still looks incredibly gorgeous and sexy … Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
Let’s tell about the sexy teacher, Ahri pose was already perfect since the first sketch I received from B-side7715 but there was a dilemma if Ahri should be sit near to Rosalina or on a different place. I kinda like the version when they are together but on the final version we have more then teacher and student fetish with Rosalina on her table and Ahri in teacher desk. Now who know who will leave her place first and join the other to let the fun start, looks like the beginning or a porn Japanese movie then with some imagination, so much can happen… °w°
There is details I love on this illustration, the outfit and high heels are sure gorgeous but I also love Rosalina expression with tongue out, just curious about this circle around her eye, both expression also mix cuteness and sexiness with Ahri having a cute and quiet face when Rosalina one goes more teasing and explicit. Also fun detail since Rosalina turn way more busty than Ahri compared to how the original characters are, kind like B-side7715 switched breasts side but I love so much Rosalina that way so I consider it more as genius idea than a mistake. XD
I hope you guys like this illustration, don’t miss take a loot at B-side7715‘s and give him some great comment and feedback, also he’s “trying to study and improve my technique more than posting stuff“, slower publications but with better quality on anatomy, colour, perspective… Then your are feedback are important to know people enjoy the way he goes and give him the motivation be even more epic on his next illustration… ^__^

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#785 – First meeting with Erio

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With december come Christmas and snow (in France), it’s also the last month of the year but for now it’s time to announce Tallon won this month patreon raffle and will be able decide of the next duo with Rosalina. I mostly have a naughty idea with dominated Rosalina in mind but can’t decide what girl add for this duo so let see what Tallon will imagine ^__^
I also wish good luck to all that will have to prepare Christmas gifts, it’s already a big challenge but better start earlier and you’ll be quiet. My side everything is ready but no time to relax, I have to manage some Christmas theme pieces for the projet. Just would you prefer those illustration to be safe or kinky?


And after two Valerie illustrations (see them here), here is a 3rd illustration from B-side7715 in less than a month this time being the November patreon raffle reward for DarkEcoFreak. A new girl come in this duo with Rosalina and Erio touwa from Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko series, first time B-side7715 and I heard about her but it remind me Rory Mercury from Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri with a name that I still wonder how people can remember (and why it need to be that long)… O_o
If you are curious about Erio, you can see her wiki page here the character was set and DarkEcoFreak sent me the pose you can see on left asking for ‘Rosalina being the one on top and Erio touwa being on the bottom‘. A really sweet and sensual pose perfect for B-side7715, it was also decided to have the two girls look at each other instead of the camera like in the reference for a more intimate and sensual scene… °w°
The first sketch from B-side7715 was really powerfull, as high heels lover Erio feet were perfect in that pose, as for Rosalina the sort dress and sweet curves had nothing explicit but added a great sexy touch without lost that sweet princess cuteness. I was wondering why Rosalina on top but I guess it’s the best since she’s more mature lady than Erio, also told B-side7715 I like Rosalina smile on the sketch suit her so nicely like she’s ready to show what kind of fun two ladies can have… ^__^

Once the final version came from B-side7715, it was really well made with really dark colours that increase even more the intimate side but not enough to have us miss this tender moment. I must tell I was a bit sad B-side7715 removed Rosalina smile from the sketch but it’s something that must be hard with realistic lips that way and the illustration is still so wonderfull… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
At first I was wondering if could publish this piece on the SFW blog, it’s sure sexy but B-side7715 art is kinda safe so was a big dilemma. I asked a friend advice and she told me something safe is what you can use as background at work, was an awesome advice and this one is sure too much for work. Anyway there was no doubt after looking again at the illustration, I noticed a love juice touch between Rosalina legs so no doubt about NSFW. I never expected that kind of detail from B-side7715as pervert it was a powerfull surprise… XD
I must admit the budget is really bad actually so need stop a bit with commission but no doubt you’ll see more from B-side7715 coming in the future, I really admire his style and motivation to practice hard and increase his level. You can see it looking at B-side7715‘s gallery and why not consider a commission to get your own illustration (also his prices are really good for now) or buy a tee-shirt with his design (really), personally I love the D.va one… ^^

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#783 – Undressing with Valerie

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princess Rosalina nintendo sexy pokemon crossover valerie mache yuri lesbian

And here is a new feature to support the project you can buy pack with the month exclusive art on shop page instead of of patreon. For now I’ll add the last monthly exclusive versions but why not also create pack with HD illustrations that you can now get only by supporting on patreon, any advices guys?
Also, there is illustration I missed to publish and came late but there is also illustration I posted and forget to track. I was planning to post Miki Hoshii according the queued list but impossible to find it on the waiting folder, fact if this one was already posted in August so moved to another folder… How stupid *face hitting desk*… T_T


Here is a new duo with Valerie that also come as the exclusive version of the month drew by the kind and talented B-side7715. There was another piece by him posted earlier and a third one coming at the end of the month so no way miss him. I told in the previous post with Valerie (see it here) that B-side7715 made 3 great sketches and this one is the 2nd I wanted him to complete, the 3rd will unfortunately remain as sketch but I hope you like this new piece. °w°
While talking about this commission with B-side7715, I had troubles choose between pantyhose or thigh-high for Valerie so we ended goes on a special illustration with A version with pantyhose and the second with thigh-high and undies that come as the exclusive of the month for my dear patreon supporters or that you can get on the shop page. Many artists do clothes/naked versions but I really prefer goes with lingerie and B-side7715 managed it so nicely, also as always, clothes really add a magical touch to a lady… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
As you can notice from the on on the left B-side7715 kept the same background for both Valerie illustrations, it makes them like a part of a little series between Rosalina and Valerie that goes really more intimate if they continue undress but still being so lovely and sensual. B-side7715 already drew Rosalina many time and he’s really careful so from the firs sketch all I asked was a minor edit on Valerie heels and add a saliva touch like both just had a french kiss, the mix into cuteness and sexiness was already here and the result is so powerfull…
Next illustration by B-side7715 will be the reward for November patreon raffle with a character I never heard about and a series name I still wonder how peoples can remember it. Anyway if you feel impatient you can just see more from B-side7715 from links listed bellow and why not consider a commission. He don’t draw explicit stuff involving penetration but have the skills (and prices) to amaze us from cute or ecchi scenes… ^__^

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#778 – Fashionable romance with Valerie

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It was impossible to get access to the site from 7am to 11:30am in France, this was cause two issues from the host OVH, the datacenter main and emergency power supply where down. Luckily everything back and no data lost, also this happened earlier in the morning for American people that may be all sleeping at this time.
I also had troubles earlier in the week with the website repeatly down for 30 seconds to a minute max, it happened really often at some time and it’s sure was really annoying when visiting or updating my side. I’ll keep an eye on it during the week-end and will send a report if continue that way… O_o


Took a long time after Misty and Cynthia to have a new pokemon character I love so much, Valerie is a ravishing lady with cool design mixing kimono outfit and lolita style for a suit that it’s sure totally impossible to wear but looks damn cool, she also have high heels so no way I can’t be addicted. Her outfit is a huge challenge and it’s B-side7715 that was enough kind and crazy to work on this duo. I had not specific idea in mind so offered him to give suggestions and I received 3 sketches from B-side7715 that were so cool that I commissioned him for another pieces to get at last two of them draw. ^^’
The pose was set and for both outfits, I asked B-side7715 to have Valerie keep her outfit I love so much and nothing specific for Rosalina since more of her body is hidden, as you can see Rosalina got a more casual suit, both ravishing and sexy with a busty touch. Some heels cause I wanted Valerie one be visible anyway my favourite part is how both have a so adorable an cute expression, so lovely and innocent in kind of romantic scene. I hope you all enjoy both sensuality and details in this illustration… °w°
Here is a little bonus paragraph for the NSFW post, there was some hesitation since from official art we don’t know if Valerie have pantyhose or thigh-high B-side7715 sketched both and I really love the panty under pantyhose effect and decided goes with it. I know each one his preference and being curious, don’t mind tell me with version would be your favourite in comments section. ^__^
B-side7715 drew a sensual scene but not that private since it’s show on giant screen so everybody may soon see a tender kiss between both ladies so captivated by each other that they slowly forget about the audience. Each one able imagine how this is going with Rosalina with Valerie. also if your imagination keep working and make you wish get a piece with that style, don’t hesitate take a look at B-side7715‘s commissions, could be adorable and nudity accepted but can’t goes more explicit.

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#761 – SAO perversion

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I know I can say stupid and clumsy things without justify it’s because english isn’t my main language, anyway being a huge fan of Rosalina and holding this project for more than 5 years you can have a little idea how sweet it sounds when someone you appreciate as both friend and artist say I may not draw Rosalina anymore. This person meaning was a bit different but can’t deny that sentence isn’t clear on its last words. I still feel confuse about that cause as if it’s effective it must be in a long time but fact is this sentence and idea are already here… O_o
Anyway this was a prepared post that I quickly posted with the patreon rewards before be back on my trip in the U.K. I’m sure it’s wonderfull time but since I wrote this article before leave it’s hard to give details for now… ^^’


This was an illustration commissioned before I saw SAO movie that is really good as if some huge story mistake starting from the first narrative sentence anyway this illustration with Rosalina and Azuna Yuuki from Sword Art Online was commissioned to B-side7715 when I started to watch the show. Azuna is a really pretty character and it’s really her design and suit from SAO that are my fav, anyway there is some other cuties from this series that I would love see with Rosalina, maybe draw by B-side7715 too, who know… ^^
The pose was inspired from an illustration really similar that I was fascinated by the perspective, the first sketch was kinda perfect, I just asked B-side7715 to add lingerie to Rosalina and she now looks erotic with garter-belts and that panties I love so much the design (not sure we can call it panties but I don’t care). It was now more than perfect for me and while B-side7715 was working for the final version he edited Azuna head pose, no cunni action but we can better see her cute face and after all this saliva bridge is also really effective.
Cause I love so much the panties I’ll say it again (seems there is a secret fetish clothes DLC on SAO), was always stunned by that point receiving B-side7715‘s WIP until the background came as grand final. B-side7715 made each part of the illustration have something sexy from Rosalina cute face while she enjoy this moment to Azuna pussy that is really wet and will sure get some attention from Rosalina. Don’t miss enjoy those details in the HD version that is same size as the sketch on the right that you can download to get an idea HD big is the full version for patreon members… °w°
After this piece I tried go even more explicit on the next commission then B-side7715 realised he don’t like hard stuff with penetration so this kind of piece is the limit you can commission as NSFW piece, anyway it already looks powerfull that way. B-side7715 is really talented to draw sweet ladies and with shading lately working hard to improve this part so don’t miss have a look at his a href=”http://b-side7715.deviantart.com” target=”_blank”>Deviantart gallery (here) to discover more about his art… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

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#711 – Welcome new Mayor

Some light edit on the next illustrations, I’ll make the patreon link appear and add some text on censor lines for the version that goes on tumblr and twitter. Those are censored to make it more safe and also make people visit the main site (kind of forcefull but the uncensored version are still free access). I also wonder if could be great publish them on deviantart but could be dangerous since links to website with adult content is forbidden… O_o
And another week-end visiting family so no way manage the site for this time. Would be usefull have a laptop at this time but that’s not cheap thing and with the car insurance it’s really hard for now. This post was prepared earlier and planned so if everything fine there wont be troubles, I’ll be back on Sunday evening for patreon and external posts.


Compared to January one that came two months late (really sorry), for this time I’m in time to present you March patreon raffle made by B-side7715. It’s Chris that won and asked ‘Isabelle is happy that Rosalina is the new mayor‘. Since B-side7715 can’t draw explicit stuff the rule was the idea had to be sweet and Animal crossing universe is sure so cute and adorable. Playing the game you’ll see how Isabelle is so adorable and thoughtful, generally Isabelle is a really shy person really shy but who can resist hug a so lovely princess?… °w°
Talking about the idea to B-side7715, that told me ‘I have an idea, what if i make rosalina in animal crosssing style? that would be new!‘ and he was right cause I never see Rosalina in Animal crossing even after deep researches. There is already some pieces with Rosalina in Splatoon style like this one but first time for AC theme so B-side7715‘s idea was sure so powerfull \(^o^)/
I tried create a character looking to Rosalina in Animal Crossing game, made all the dress myself and worked hard to buy the crown that cost 1.000.000 and I’m kinda happy of the result, the only problem was with the limited hairstyle available so can’t get a great one covering her right eye but I guess we can already recognize her.
Back to the illustration that can looks basic but that’s how is animal crossing style and the more important is to figure the cute side of the character more than details. Anyway B-side7715 had to manage a dynamic pose with particular anatomy that isn’t easy when you’re only use to human characters, also simple design but B-side7715 added detailed shading and they both mix nicely.
I hope you enjoy this new illustration and cute style, don’t miss visit links below for even more content by B-side7715. On my side be sure I plan get some more art from him coming in the future but I feel sad announce that due to some personal issues the third chapter of Rosalina’s Delivery Service planned to be created by B-side7715 may never see the light. Maybe that point will evolve with time, I’ll keep you in touch if happen.

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#687 – Meiko celebrate Christmas

princess rosalina Nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian prison school meiko shiraki christmas domination submission submissive princess rosalina Nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian prison school meiko shiraki christmas domination submission submissive

With Christmas coming this week-end this one must be the only post for this week unless I get another Christmas related piece to show you then you can see all already published here. Better post that way than make a big post with everything since that way I was able make a full post for each illustration and artists as they deserve and on your side you can see the content earlier… ^^
Will be a really busy week busy preparing Christmas presents and also helping my dress maker with some volunteer work to message his clients for holidays wishes. I found him when needed someone to help me create Rosalina’s gymnastic suit for a new cosplay and he deserve supports as all artists and people that helped me with the Rosalina x Girl project.. Oh yeah… \(^o^)/


Here is a new illustration created by B-side7715 that you discovered with a sweet duo where Rosalina met Cynthia playing together in some pokemon costumes (see it here). A kinky duo as December patreon raffle reward with Christmas theme that Chris won and was able ask anything he want as long it suit the project and B-side7715‘s commission rules… °w°
Finally Chris’s idea was ‘Rosalina in a sexy elf outfit with Meiko shiraki in a sexy Crause Outfit‘, must admit I wasn’t sure what is a crause outfit (maybe typo error) so I asked for refs for until let B-side7715 start this illustration. The first sketch that you can see on the left was really cool, a dominatrix pose that we see a bit too much with Meiko but suit her so perfectly. The angle was also powerfull with a nice view on Rosalina face, Meiko bottom part. The sketch also mean some high heels as I love so much and that can also be a great training on shoes for B-side7715.
During the creation and coloring procress (patreon members have a special WIP) I asked some edits to B-side7715 like a minor correction on shoe straps that were asymmetrical and give Rosalina her star earrings to recognize her easily. For the background there was so many possibilities, I made some suggestions and B-side7715 keep the one with the situation in a prison cell with some Christmas decorations.
B-side7715 made an excellent background with cell bars shadows that make it even more realistic, then I must admit I asked him if he can cheat on that part removing shadows from Rosalina to have a better look to that so ravishing and innocent princess face. He finally made this as last edit (thanks so much) but since the original is also more right and interesting I decided publish both versions B-side7715 made. Which one is your fav?
Great new for Meiko fans, there is 3 more illustrations with her that came for the project in a really close time so next year have great surprises. Anyway, for now I hope you like this actual versions and B-side7715‘s style, there is also some more Rosalina art planned by him and you can also have a look at his Deviantart gallery that is regularly updated with so ravishing ladies. In all places linked below, you can enjoy B-side7715‘s work, give some support or let him make your dream come true with a commission… Your choice… ~__^

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#681 – Not confident being too sexy Pikachu

Manage the blog is really so much work, I first need to find artists to request or commission restricted by the budget but have too keep two illustrations each week to make regular and interesting content. On the artist side I also keep contact after they participated as long I can, kinda a way thanks them with the support they deserve but with time there is even more illustrations so even more artists that contributed to the project.
Including all places I promote the project like tumblr, twitter, deviantart, newsletter it’s like the project need even more time and efforts since those 5 years of existence. Besides the support from comment, patreon or sales of the “Rosalina’s Delivery Service comic” don’t grow-up as some artists I follow and encourage since years that never stop be more famous and powerfull, kinda fell I can’t stop my project since I love it so much but don’t’ have the power make it grow, sounds pitifull (the only relief is on a way the fact no one will really read or take consideration about that, that’s the power of porn sited) ^^’


Anyway artists will never stop to amaze me and time to present you B-side7715 that come one the project for the first time (and be sure not the last) pairing Rosalina and Cynthia from pokemon dressed respectively as Pikachu and Raichu, wonder who’s your fav but both are gorgeous and I know it’s hard choice. This idea came first after I saw B-side7715‘s illustration of Cynthia that you cans see on the right, she’s one of my top 10 fav ladies and looks so wonderfull that I wasn’t able to resist ask her. Next challenge was to decide about the situation… O_o
For the pose, I was first looking at a great suit for both ladies, mostly oriented in lingerie since I love that so much but B-side7715 told me is not into really explicit situation and it’s seeing Cynthia in her Raichu suit that I decided suggest it. Second part was to get the pose giving one to B-side7715 that also have the freedom give some suggestions. I finally received 3 sketches really interesting that took me two days to choose, it’s not the pose I originally suggested that was used since the one you actually see suited much better according both ladies hairstyle that could hide so much or their face with the hair lock and also one to give a nice view to each costume. Like the result I guess it was the right decision… °w°
I love how turned that illustration, Cynthia offered Rosalina to try some pokemon costumes with her but as you can see she gave Rosalina a Pikachu costume that cute princess didn’t expected to be that revealing. B-side7715 made an awesome work with pose and anatomy but the best is that mix into cuteness and sexiness on both ladies; Rosalina so sexy but with a so lovely and innocent face (she’s really so cute) and Cynthia that have a suit more soft but kinky expression and sure lot of idea to make the night really fun. B-side7715 also made some sweet and detailed lingerie as I love but need to practice a little more on shoes in my opinion.
On coloring and shading side, B-side7715 is really amazing with hairs and for a simple background that little best looks nice (and gave us plenty of idea for that sweet duo). Skin also looks nice with great light effect on Rosalina’s breasts (that also have so magnificent curves) but missing a bit of shadow to make it correct also Rosalina’s tight-hight that need to show a little more keeping a bit of see through effect for sure. Anyway I must admit I love so much that illustration B-side7715 created and if he continue that way he’ll sure reach an epic level. ^__^
I hope you like this illustration guys and be sure there is more coming by B-side7715 that will also work on the December patreon raffle reward (congrat to Chris that won this month). If you want to see more you can take a look at B-side7715’s Deviantart, follow him on Instagram or Facebook were you can discover some ravishing traditional inked ladies and discover his original comic on Tapastic. You can also give even more support with a commission or buys some of his design on Teepublic… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

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