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#761 – SAO perversion

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I know I can say stupid and clumsy things without justify it’s because english isn’t my main language, anyway being a huge fan of Rosalina and holding this project for more than 5 years you can have a little idea how sweet it sounds when someone you appreciate as both friend and artist say I may not draw Rosalina anymore. This person meaning was a bit different but can’t deny that sentence isn’t clear on its last words. I still feel confuse about that cause as if it’s effective it must be in a long time but fact is this sentence and idea are already here… O_o
Anyway this was a prepared post that I quickly posted with the patreon rewards before be back on my trip in the U.K. I’m sure it’s wonderfull time but since I wrote this article before leave it’s hard to give details for now… ^^’


This was an illustration commissioned before I saw SAO movie that is really good as if some huge story mistake starting from the first narrative sentence anyway this illustration with Rosalina and Azuna Yuuki from Sword Art Online was commissioned to B-side7715 when I started to watch the show. Azuna is a really pretty character and it’s really her design and suit from SAO that are my fav, anyway there is some other cuties from this series that I would love see with Rosalina, maybe draw by B-side7715 too, who know… ^^
The pose was inspired from an illustration really similar that I was fascinated by the perspective, the first sketch was kinda perfect, I just asked B-side7715 to add lingerie to Rosalina and she now looks erotic with garter-belts and that panties I love so much the design (not sure we can call it panties but I don’t care). It was now more than perfect for me and while B-side7715 was working for the final version he edited Azuna head pose, no cunni action but we can better see her cute face and after all this saliva bridge is also really effective.
Cause I love so much the panties I’ll say it again (seems there is a secret fetish clothes DLC on SAO), was always stunned by that point receiving B-side7715‘s WIP until the background came as grand final. B-side7715 made each part of the illustration have something sexy from Rosalina cute face while she enjoy this moment to Azuna pussy that is really wet and will sure get some attention from Rosalina. Don’t miss enjoy those details in the HD version that is same size as the sketch on the right that you can download to get an idea HD big is the full version for patreon members… °w°
After this piece I tried go even more explicit on the next commission then B-side7715 realised he don’t like hard stuff with penetration so this kind of piece is the limit you can commission as NSFW piece, anyway it already looks powerfull that way. B-side7715 is really talented to draw sweet ladies and with shading lately working hard to improve this part so don’t miss have a look at his a href=”http://b-side7715.deviantart.com” target=”_blank”>Deviantart gallery (here) to discover more about his art… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

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