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#744 – Naughty schoolgirl’s favorite toys

After a huge promotion, I’m glad finally see people come and vote as the Misty dress-up poll event (I kinda made you can miss it visiting the blog) but there is a part I’m a little sad. It’s to see many peoples vote for the naked version in a dress-up thing, there is so many cool and sexy suit to pick guys… O_o

Other that get nice amount of vote is the golden suit from one of the first episode of the pokemon series, I wonder if people vote for golden suit cause she’s so sexy or they recognize it. Anyway the naked and golden suit must be draw cause both got many votes but only one will be pubic and the second patreon exclusive.


Because I love to be logic, July raffle reward illustration will come before June one (Benjamin Button rule) but the reason is simple that June one took more time to be ready and will come soon. Anyway for July, Curtis won a pin-up from the patreon raffle made by Youngjaerome and sent me the pose on the left for Rosalina. Since Rosalina bust isn’t that much visible, it wasn’t easy to find a great outfit and after a (pervert) brainstorming it was decided dress Rosalina as sexy schoolgirl with toys under panties, quite a challenge that Youngjaerome managed remarkably well and was a great surprise see it turn as full body, Rosalina legs looks quite erotic here… °w°

After Youngjaerome sent me a WIP, I asked my patreon what part could be missing from the sketch on the right, they noticed about her wand and Luma that is great point (but don’t want Luma involved in NSFW stuff) and due to my fetish there was also high heels that would looks amazing on Rosalina with this pose. Anyway Youngjaerome told me he ‘don’t really draw them so they’ll come off looking ugly‘, I wanted to insist to have them on Rosalina but someone told me respect the artist opinion so as if frustrating, no heels (this time)… ^^’

Finally the missing part was the pantie but Youngjaerome fixed it for the final version, I love how dildo appear through this tight panties being, looks so exciting thing that seems only appear on Japanese porn movie, double dildo and Rosalina that can still keep that quiet and sexy face is soo erotic. The vibrator remote was also removed during the process cause a little misunderstanding but that detail was back, now there is just to enjoy the show and see that hot student Rosalina soak her panties… °w°

I must admit there is an error left that is my own fault, I was so focused on that ass with dildo and legs that deserves high heels (stripper one exactly) that missed Rosalina crown color was wrong when received the flat color wip and even final versions. If I’m right due to the pose and toys it took me 4 years to get my eyes reach Rosalina’s crown and notice it, Youngjaerome really made a powerfull illustration and Curtis that wont the patreon raffle also came with a wonderfull idea… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: Youngjaerome / Cost: 15$ (special pin-up commission)

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#741 – Helped in the bathroom

princess rosalina Nintendo hentai porn adult bathroom princess rosalina Nintendo hentai porn adult spreading pussy bathroom

I finally added a favicon to the site this week-end, nothing that incredible for sure but editing the html code of the site header I used to opportunity to clean it a little from various experiences, maybe a bit too effective cause it seem I also deleted some usefull stuff. At last it was fixed quickly and nothing important so visitors may not notice it. ^^

About the previous post with chinese Rosalina (on the left), I announced Youngjaerome was open for commission but I took the last slot for the patreon raffle reward. Anyway I suggest you to follow him to keep in touch for new announcements.


Here is a new publication by Endoh69 that stopped to draw there is a moment, he was really talented and passionated trying to make money selling (kinda expensive) pack of his uncensored art and there was spammed by bastards that wanted them for free. Anyway it’s not the reason everything stopped, Endoh69 promised got he will stop make porn content if he can date the girl he was in love and as you can see he finaly did it.

I don’t know they are now since lost all contact with him after that but Endoh69 is still inactive now and I home it mean he still have a sweet story with that girl. Anyway there is some of his art remaining on rule34 and a Rosalina piece I share today with you with it’s uncensored version. The special version will be the monthly exclusive reward of 5$ tier on patrons

I met Endoh69 with that illustration on the right that I received for the contest I made on Deviantart in 2012, quite a long time for now so I’ll see if his mail is still working and try get some news… suspense… ^^

Artist: Endoh69/ Cost: ???
Deviantart (desactivated):
Art saved on Rule34:

One year ago: #634 – Bravely Rosalina #01 – The freelancer
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#740 – Chinese dress

After the E3 and new games presented by Nintendo, we can wonder if Rosalina will appear on one of them, the most likely would be see Rosalina in Mario Odyssey, after all there is Pauline as the Mayor of New Donk City, the female character that has even less exposure than Daisy so that’s something. Maybe Rosalina and why not space themed world area inspired by Mario galaxy series.

There is also on Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle that Rosalina have a chance to appear, there is already crossvers with Mario, Peach, Luigi, Daisy, Yoshi and even Donkey Kong… Anyway forum just show the fight against Rosalina and Daisy fans but nothing useful instead of a great sentence; ‘She’s a busy space mom you know? Those Lumas aren’t going to take care of themselves‘.


Forgive me for the basic title, wanted to try something a bit more original and explicit but this new illustration made by Youngjaerome already show everything we need about the kinky side of this horny Rosalina pin-up in asian dress. This one mix some of my fetishes like hand in panty, chinese dress that was a huge challenge to get a perfect reference and the same expression as the Elsa illustration Youngjaerome posted a while ago that you can see on the left, I really think this one is so exciting as fascinating.

From the first sketch you can see on the right, the only edit I asked to Youngjaerome was to flip the illustration to get the hair lock on right side but rest was already perfect, the chinese dress is so sexy and I wonder if this model really exist but whatever, Rosalina looks gorgeous with it. It’s also interesting to see the evolution from the sketch, I first wanted a large scene to get Rosalina high heels but Youngjaerome cut it to be able add more details on the main part, earrings also don’t appear on final version but that naughty face a bit embarrassed is all we need for that powerfull mix into cuteness and sexiness… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

I must admit the Rosalina pin-up didn’t turn so naughty as the Elsa piece, I guess the DP and all fluid explain it but Rosalina still looks gorgeous. There is maybe a way make even more hotter cause I’ll pick Youngjaerome to work on the next patreon raffle reward on for July the winner is Curtis, congrat to you. And for all that wish get something Youngjaerome do 15$ special single character commissions but only 8 slots available so don’t miss it.

Artist: Youngjaerome/ Cost: 15$
Commissions email:

One year ago: #634 – Bravely Rosalina #01 – The freelancer
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#737 – Bravely Rosalina #03 – The red mage

I’m editing all 200 posts on patreon mostly to change/clean the tags. There was a bit too much so I’ll keep only the series where character is from listed and also create 5 categories on patreon posts that would be wip, final, abandoned, HD and exclusive. They are already working so just click on them to see the dedicated posts.

And after a crazy Spring, summer is now here in France, on a week it’s like we moved from cold and rainy days to
heatwave. Today is also street music festival to celebrate the longer sunny day of the year, I wonder if this festival happen in other countries, how it is your side guys?


Anyway no music here but a new chibi illustration by JamilSC11 to continue the Bravely defauldt dress series, anyway I received a Rosalina theme piano song as Christmas gift 4 years ago that I now always use as phone ringing. Back to today illustration, after freelancer dress (here) and black mage dress (here), JamilSC11 dressed Rosalina as red mage keeping the dress design but not colour as you can see… ^^

This one came as reward with Mandy illustration (on the right) and it’s the reason you must always keep an eye on JamilSC11‘s commission offers, I’m really happy how it turned with Rosalina sooo cute as always and a great work on her outfit inspired but the Bravely Default series jobs. It’s a little surprising to see Rosalina dressed as red mage with a blue dress, compared to the black mage one JamilSC11 decided to change the dress color, for sure blue suit much better to Rosalina than red but it’s a bit special name her as red mage that way… ^^’

Compared to the recent digital one this is a traditional art illustration and I love so much that format, I wish I could get the original versions that have something magic compared to a digital piece everybody can copy/paste anyway it also show JamilSC11 can master both traditional and digital art. Rosalina is a pure and innocent character so mixed withthe cuteness of a chibi the result is powerfull, everything cute with face, pose dress, background and even this flower on her hair is ravishing, thanks so much JamilSC11… \(^o^)/

I really admire JamilSC11 style so there is sure more to come in the future but for now feel free to enjoy links linked below to see more about her art and share some love with a nice comment, it’s free and always really appreciate cause everybody love to hear they go great work to keep the motivation do even more. You can also get JamilSC11 work on your own idea and actually ‘for every 2 orders you receive a free chibi‘ like the Wonder Woman on left so it’s sure a cool bonus from an artist already so friendly and talented… °w°

Artist: JamilSC11 / Cost: special commission bonus

One year ago: #632 – Shauntal goes kinky
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#731 – Princess become Goddess

June will be here soon with the name of the winner of the patreon raffle in a few days, I will show on the next piece the reward of May that will (sadly) come with a bad new. Anyway I’m already looking for the artist to work on the raffle, some messages sent and now it will depends on replies… Stay tunes… ^^

And with the end of May also come the end of my holidays, at was really nice as if the lack of privacy don’t help at all to really stay quiet and relax for now, it’s kinda from this point I prefer be at work than home sometimes. Now I’ll wait until September for next one but this time it will be special… °w°


Now a new piece from Ivan’s contribution, that guy is so kind as pervert (my fav kind of friends) but this time he come with a safe and lovely piece commissioned to Nephiam featuring a solo but so lovely goddess Rosalina. Also the equivalent of « goddess » in French is « déesse » that we also use to design a ravishing lady so it sure work perfectly here, the hair and dress turn so awesome with details and colouring. A pantie touch but Nephiam‘s illustration is really far to be explicit so I’ll also post it on the safe blog Rosalina&girl… °w°

I’m really amazed by this illustration, sweet pose, cute face and hair turn awesome, Nephiam sure worked hard to draw and color this part but like how detailed is the outfit there is hard work everywhere.The dress offer a great mix into cuteness and sexiness, also like the part that start from her shoulder to her back, must be really original and elegant dress to wear. A lot of accessories and as if I’m more fan of high heels in general, the shoes Nephiam made are so nice and I love the wings. Not only the dress but there is many things that make the goddess effect even more stronger, that’s powerfull… \(^o^)/

Not that much to write so I’ll continue jump in the room cause how happy and thankfull I am for this illustration. You can discover more about Nephiam from all links below and for more there is Artists&Clients for commission or patreon for Uncensored versions of my NSFW art (or both if you want)… °w°

One year ago: #622 – Luma extase
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#725 – Galaxy is a beautifull place

A big thanks for all my patrons for their new month of support, more than help the project it also allow me commission some artists that I consider as talented but in bad situation and really deserve some support. For sure without patreon the project would be totally destroyed and still not easy for now but I do my best have a project with great illustration but also help and promote some artists that have potentiel to be epic… Oh yeah… °w°

Also for patreon that visit tumblr (here) or twitter (here), I don’t use these sites to promote the sfw illustrations that are published on the blog. Mostly of the content is adult and kinda explicit so I prefer keep the safe and sweet illustration out of this places, if you have some suggestions for places I can post SFW art, feel free…


Let’s end this week with an adorable gift from Kittehskye and made by N64 (I wonder if that name is linked to Nintendo btw), Rosalina floating in the galaxy with one of her Luma being so cute as always, so pure and innocent but the way N64 draw the mouth and some curves adding some sensuality, there is a mix into cuteness and sexiness that is so marvelous… °w°

I really love colors in this piece but I’m really curious about N64 idea for Rosalina pose and so bad her hands are hidden. Other light detail, the motif on the crown isn’t like the original one Rosalina wear but no way stay negative, everything else in this piece is marvelous. The luma is great and I’m really addicted to the way N64 managed Rosalina’s hair so nicely, that’s bit voluptuous and so ravishing…

I was a bit surprised looking at N64‘s gallery since this Rosalina illustration is one of the only SFW illustration he did, so many other kinky furry art that you must enjoy if you are in kinky mod. Also if you are interested in commission, an illustration cost like 10$ for a solo and 30$ for a duo but I really sugegst to visit N64 gallery first to see his style before think about commission idea, once again his general art is really digerent than this sweet Rosalina… ^^’

Artist: N64 / Cost ??? (Gift)

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#724 – Why tennis dress are always that short?

I started post on tumblr there is less than a year and just got a mail saying I reached my 100th publication on this place, I’m not surprised cause it kinda what I estimated on a previous post (read it here), each year it’s 100 posts on the blog, twitter and tumblr adding 200 posts on patreon… Now I wonder if that worked and gave me enough visitors regarding all the time it took to manage both tumblr and twitter…

Another project that is for the moment far to see the light, I may create a lingerie online shop with our own design. For now I there will be with the help of Lunakiri for the design and feminine touch, a friend to create the site and another for the english support. Last one is my friend and tailor that will have really important role as advice on the final design, fabric and the creation process… I hope it will work but there is still time to see if that will really happen, suspense… ^__^


This new illustration looks a little similar to the one made by Uxdragon (that you can see on the right), anyway today it’s a safer version of Rosalina in her tennis suit still not being use to wear something that short being use to her long dress she have living at the observatory and keep even to fight on Smash Bros. This illustration was commission by Ivan Bucio to MissBehaviour for te project. I really appreciate your help and support my friend, thanks so much… \(^o^)/

This is a really beautifull illustration, Rosalina so sweet as always embarrassed to have her tennis dress revealing her cute pantie and so perfect curves. MissBehaviour was able figure that mix into cuteness and sexiness that suit Rosalina so nicely, a bit exiting but when you look at her face she looks so innocent that we can’t have real dirty things, just she’s sexy. Trying to be serious, there is a little mistake on that piece assuming I don’t count the dress shorter than original one (since I love that sexy detail). At first there is the way MissBehaviour designed the middle of the tennis racket that looks a bit off and fragile who can break at anytime.

When you stop focus on Rosalina ass (or just try at last), her hair is also an interesting part. First the wind effect MissBehaviour managed that add a dynamic touch as we can imagine them slowly moving with Rosalina stunned looking at us. It can also be part of Rosalina that just turned her head looking at us after noticed her pantie goes visible but turning her head on the left the hair had to be on the other side to be right so in that way sounds more logical consider it’s the wing. On a way, it sounds bit stupid search for logical reason or explanations on a virtual piece ( and only MissBehaviour really know what she wanted to show) but add a little story and reality touch make it alive and really more interesting in my opinion… °w°

Second point about hair, Rosalina is platinum blonde and depending the artist there is always some variations but always stay close to blonde color, with MissBehaviour it’s more close to white hairs that is unusual but not that bad. It’s also since each artist add their own touch that Rosalina always have something different and unique, oh yeah… \(^o^)/

I hope you like this illustration guys, once again a huge thanks to Ivan for his support and MissBehaviour that made Rosalina so powerfull once again. For more don’t miss to have a look at her gallery (here) or visit links listed below cause there is so much sweet piece to see but other really naughty depending your preference. Also for what I hear, MissBehaviour is really attentive to manage your idea and draw it to be so epic as in your mind so feel free if you want commission her, no doubt you wont regret… ^__^

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#723 – Stacked Rosalina

May is now close and next post will announce the winner of patreon raffle. You till have a few days to enter the raffle and get a chance ask XXXX to pair Rosalina with any girl you wish, you can also choose the pose/situation as long it follow the artist standards and style.

Also going for a trip with friends this week-end lost in the mountain, I wont be able manage the blog so I wrote and planned this post earlier to you this new piece in time. Anyway patreon reward will come once I’m back on Monday evening. I’m sorry for the delay to all my patreon supporters and hope there will be data on my phone… O_o


The content of the blog is mostly NSFW and really explicit, the fault to his really pervert owner but today here is some cute and safe drawing by Lunakiri to show we can also go with sweet illustration. On other side I have to admit this one was a gift by Lunakiri and traditional art isn’t that good for explicit piece but still, I love this illustration. °w°

Here is a sweet Rosalina holding her Luma, it’s really the true Rosalina I know being so lovely and protective for her little Lumas, what is really cool is this piece is traditional art, something that don’t looks that perfect and detailed as digital but give a different feeling, also the original Lunakiri made is really unique since no one can copy/paste and that’s magic. There is another interesting detail on the creation process, if you looks at the write border around Rosalina or her crown it’s because they all are different parts made separately and that Lunakiri putted together to create the final piece. The background, Luma, Rosalina’s body/arm/crown were all made in seperated papers and together here is the result… \(^o^)/

And about these different parts, Lunakiri sent me this really interesting WIP that you can see on the right that kinda show all the sketch creation process, starting from feet and legs with construction lines that is the most basic step either when figure a pose and moving up, the body that slowly appear and finally it’s Rosalina face and hairs that are kinda the most detailed as you can find on a sketch. Finally the only think missing in the sketch is the crown that Lunakiri noticed and added later adding another piece that finally make the stacked effect even more interesting… °w°

Artist: Lunakiri / Gift

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#721 – It’s Chocobo Show

It’s really hard find artists that suit the budget and also can make quality art, on a way it sounds like rape at some point looking for unfair prices for artists but I do my best give them some support, advices and make the best post I can when time to show their illustration on the blog. Also found some really interesting next artists that will appear soon, stay tuned… °w°

I really hate hospitals being really sensitive to blood and injections, anyway it’s not the only thing that made this week totally crazy and confusing at some point due to totally unexpected news. Now time for a long week-end out of the internet, will be boring at some points but I guess I need it to have a break. U_u


It first started with a livestream request DefiniteSin started on Picarto, it was so impressive see her draw being so fast that you wonder if you looks at a livestream or speed-painting at some points. Anyway I had the opportunity get a shot for a little sketch and the main challenge was to decide about a great idea to suggest that would be cool to see and fun to draw since it’s important the artist have pleasure, even more for a request. I guess it’s the final Fantasy soundtracks that made me in the mood ask DefiniteSin to draw Rosalina in a sexy Chocobo suit like ref on the left.

Other point of the idea was Rosalina fucking a chocobo dick dildo but there is no design existing for it and the outfit would be already a lot of work for DefiniteSin so create a new design would be too much for a sketch, anyway we keep the naughty touch with Rosalina ridding a huge dildo. Hot action but Rosalina stay lovely being calm and so ravishing with this outfit, colors looks great and love how DefiniteSin managed the feathers on the suit and this little on as decoration on the crown.

DefiniteSin‘s speed was impressive watching her working on this illustration but there was a lot of details to manage so make it faster don’t mean there isn’t a lot of work. it’s also how the lines looks like traditional pencil that is interesting, there is powerfull tools on digital but make it looks like traditional art, that’s cheat… XD

I hope you like this illustrations and for more just be sure to follow DefiniteSin on Picarto or for the art she already created, many places to visit that are all linked bellow. A powerfull art and skilled artist that do requests or raffles but you know it’s not what pay the bills (fucking society rules) so you can also consider get a commission from DefiniteSin have your fetishes and dream come true and offer some support on patreon (here)… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

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#718 – Next balls please

princess rosalina Nintendo hentai porn tennis ass princess rosalina Nintendo hentai porn tennis ass trap femboy crossdress

There was a huge updaee on wishlist page that is up to date including all last publications and was also cleaned from some character that people don’t know enough to choose to be with Rosalina. Next step will be about this gallery version that’s I really not satified with, the idea we cool but don’t show that nicely for now… >.< I continue play games on android and try get all achievements on the game, just finished one and I started Farm Away that is not bad and simple but basically the way I progress it will took me 10 years to get all achievements. Ad it's by playing all day since I goe a full login reward series during March... I'll try get 1-2 more achievements before stop so if you have a sugegstion for another one feel free... ^^


After meet Starfire and his OC Lysithea (see them here), this time Uxdragon show his style, skills and naughty mind on a tennis Rosalina pinup. This was at first a monthly fanart pool on Uxdragon‘s patreon and seem his fans also have really good tastes since Rosalina won (thanks so much everybody). So there is a bit of luck behind this illustration and also some secrets that I must keep, anyway I hope you like this illustration and the little bonus version that come with… °w°

And about bonus, as you can see Uxdragon made female and trap version (or futa if you prefer), it’s like Digitallydeviant illustrations and kinda linked at some points. Rosalina looks marvelous, I love the power of her tennis outfit that turn so sexy when you draw is shorter like don’t need big move to have it up and show Rosalina’s private part, and this time more than revealing a cute pantie we can see everything. So beautifull as sexy but that cute princess also know the view she offer and looking at us expected get some balls to slap on that side, Uxdragon really turned so damn exciting, thanks so much man.

I really love messy but with a yuri project it’s hard to get a bukkake, creampie or cum on body but trap version is always a great alternative and it’s powerfull Uxdragon added that cum and wet touch on the thigh-hight. On the naughty side for sure no one can miss that ass but if you take the time look around, Uxdragon did great work on the background and Rosalina’s racket with the same design and motif than the one she have in the game (so bad Mario tennis is a really boring one).

Also, I think this one it the more pervert meaning title I ever used (though I used the one from Uxdragon‘s publication), that is sure really invitational to join and make that cute ass bounce listening at her dirty talk and cute moaning but frustrating too since I love Rosalina so much. And for those that wish to see more, don’t hesitate take a look to Uxdragon’s gallery or visit links listed bellow to be sure don’t miss anything, I agree there is a lot but I’m sure you’ll enjoy visit these places… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: Uxdragon / Patreon raffle
Tumblr (SFW)
Tumblr (NSFW)
DeviantArt (SFW):
Patreon (NSFW):
FurAffinity (NSFW)
Hentaifoundry (NSFW)

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#716 – Star lingerie

March is here with a new patreon raffle, the winner is Ixalon and as I said previously it’s LadyBarbero that will create the illustration. There is another artist I had in mind but needed more information about his commission rate, for now let’s see about the idea of the winner and who will met Rosalina… suspense… ^^’

Also must admit the post as April fool telling the project will turn as pay site didn’t had the effect as I expected in term of feedback. For sure it’s far to the way I want manage it and since the objective is show that Rosalina is an incredible lady, it’s not a paywall that will help. Also if you want to support the project, there is the patreon page where you can get some exclusive content, earlier illustrations and HD versions in return… °w°


He’s coming again to show her cuteness, a huge thanks to PaladinoM who drew Rosalina so ravishing as always. As the previous illustration he made (that you can see on the right), this time Rosalina isn’t naked this time but keep a part of sexiness and mystery teasing us a bit with her mask and lingerie that suit her so nicely. I love how PaladinoM made her really sensual and the design of her bra with that star sure linked to Rosalina but also at this place it could work as a little reference to her medallion that is an important part of the character.

The mask is also a great detail, only keep her mouth available being ready for a sensual and romantic kiss but it also can be like some kind of erotic game. I’m curious what exactly PaladinoM had in mind creating that piece but it allow so many possibilities with some imagination, so many stories possible but better keep it sweet as Rosalina deserves looking so pure and innocent. Anyway I can be wrong but looking at the background (on bottom right corner) it looks like this happen on the bathroom, it make it even more intimate for some kind of roleplay but once again, only PaladinoM really know the truth about it… XD

PaladinoM have a really nice style and gallery, I also really love is Suzanne Lin pin-up that you can see on the left, she’s pretty, so sexy with a great point of view and it’s also effective due to my fetish for lingerie. He’s also open and ready to many style since he ‘draw in the anime / manga style with Hot Girl theme but also do drawings in cartoon style‘. For more by PaladinoM just have a look at places linked below and enjoy… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: PaladinoM / Cost: Request

One year ago: #550 – New form and new friend
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#715 – Race accident

EDIT: the comment below was April fool
It’s far to what I want this project to be so no worry ^^

It’s a long time I was thinking about it, kinda hard manage the project with my actual budget and looking at how many other famous artists site I guess I must try turn the RosalinaxGirl project to a pay site and keep the content inside exclusive for members and if it work I’ll be able get even more quality and kinky art with Rosalina and get more interaction with members. Anyway patreon members will get a discount to free membership depending their pledge as thanks for their support.

As for artists that contribute to the project it’s not the same thing if it’s a pay site. I’ll give artists a part of benefits based of the number of views an illustration get from a month until it’s published, wanted to make a vote/fav system but views will be a better and more fair indicator in my opinion. Working on the new version of the site, it sure need lot of work so I’ll slow done publications before a membership will be needed to see them. I apologies for that bad new to actual visitors but stay tuned for more updates and infos. Thanks.


I’m really thankfull to my patreon member for their support and help to give me a stronger power to get art, already marvelous but it’s even more powerfull since today illustration is from one of them. A huge thanks to Ivan Bucio who commissioned this illustration to Neshadas. I guess it’s not really usefull to describe the situation since most already know about Mario kart and the power of a blue shell but this time Neshadas made it more realistic since it’s hard to resist to a so destructive weapon.

The final piece is really beautifull, I love colors and every part is really cool. Rosalina so adorable and innocent with this preoccupied expression having her motorbike damaged as her suit adding a nice mix into cuteness and sexiness. It’s expressive, sensual, detailed and Neshadas also added a dynamic touch with wind on Rosalina’s hair. Talking about details, The vehicle is really well made being so cool and a impressive but wont be easy to repair it. Like the background Neshadas made it happen on the Star race but I hope it won’t be dramatic if you leave the road and be lost in the galaxy… O_o

The Luma in corner also looks sooo cute and adorable, I guess Neshadas made him blush seeing his mama partially naked. At some point I consider Lumas being so pure and innocent that they don’t really know about what mean nudity but I wont say Neshadas made it wrong at all. After all, Rosalina being a human she may have told them about privacy or I’ll wish all my life to reincarnate into Luma and be able see her on the bathroom… Just from that ecchi touch Neshadas added, I’m not sure publish it on the soft blog, really light nudity for sure but better be prudent.

Once again, thanks so much for your support Ivan and Neshadas who did a marvelous illustration, Rosalina looks so beautifull and pretty with her style. Also to discover more that Venezuelan artist, just have a look at her profile on Deviantart (here) or Tumblr (here) and HentaiFoundry (here) where you can see her NSFW art.

Artist: Neshadas / Cost: unknown (gift)
Deviantart (SFW):
Tumblr (NSFW):
HentaiFoundry (18+):

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#713 – Playfull piranha plant

princess rosalina Nintendo sexy ecchi hentai porn piranha plant tentacles princess rosalina Nintendo sexy ecchi hentai porn piranha plant tentacles princess rosalina Nintendo sexy ecchi hentai porn piranha plant tentacles
princess rosalina Nintendo sexy ecchi hentai porn piranha plant tentacles princess rosalina Nintendo sexy ecchi hentai porn piranha plant tentacles princess rosalina Nintendo sexy ecchi hentai porn piranha plant tentacles

And finally the first illustration that is censored here due to exclusive versions on patreon, I’ll also publish them on Gelbooru and rule34 and hope they wont be rejected/deleted cause it could be a great way promote the patreon page (here). Anyway this kind of publication stay as exception and I’m far to turn the site into a paywall since the objective is to show the world how Rosalina is marvelous without limit, don’t worry guys… ^^

Managing this site for a long time I’m now use to wordpress and using FTP database, kinda the reason my tailor asked me to help him to manage his site that recently shut down to a plugin malfunction. Took me some time to fix it but discovered about OVH error logs that are really usefull for this kind of problems. Also guys, don’t forget make regular back-up is important and can save sooo much time… O_o


While watching xxxbattery‘s livestream, he just finished a pin-up commission asked if someone interested take a slot for pin-up illustration, the budget was still short at this time but I really wanted get something again after that sooo sexy duo in lingerie and dressing gown with Sailor Mercury or kinky time with Sailor venus (see it here). At this time I was in tentacles mood with two illustrations planned, one was canceled but xxxbattery did something so epic mixing tentacle and my lingerie addiction with a sooo sexy fishnet suit on Rosalina… °w°

As if Rosalina looks so freaking hot (and even more with lingerie, the more impressive as me is the Piranha plant head, xxxbattery made it looks so dangerous with big teeth that can easily kill you, and on other versions the head turn really sweet, carefull and a little playfull sucking Rosalina’s breast. I also love how xxxbattery drew the breast so soft and smooth but still Rosalina is really confident to offer her body to that kind of monster, anyway seem both are really naughty and enjoy this moment so no way the piranha plant give Rosalina some injuries if it want abuse even more of that perfect princess body.. °w°

How can’t be hard looking at it? Rosalina so sexy in high heels and with fishnet bodysuit, and it turning even more kinky with the tentacles playing with all her body, going inside her pussy and ass with other fondling her breasts before they getting suck, for sure xxxbattery did an awesome job here. With a more analytic eye, there is only one error I can find, when the tentacles is holding Rosalina’s clitoris on fishnet versions, xxxbattery missed add the fishnet touch on this part but I know no one will notice that detail so why not consider it as perfect? ^^’

After a long time I got a new piece from xxxbattery and I want thanks him so much for his kindness, hard work and support allowing me to use his series as patreon exclusive reward, I know people will be mad as always when see that kind of art but if that give me more members then the project will be able grow up and I’ll be able commission xxxbattery again… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Since xxxbattery is streaming quite often, you can get the opportunity talk with him, see about his drawing/animating process and how many work need a piece to be completed. In my opinion, the more powerfull is when he draw sketches that looks completely overloaded and it goes really hard (but fun) recognize what he drew, then once xxxbattery start the line you really see the final piece appear and that part is always amazing so don’t miss follow on picarto (here) or see his gallery on the links below.

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#712 – Patreon update V2.0

princess rosalina Nintendo sexy ecchi banner
princess rosalina Nintendo sexy ecchi princess rosalina Nintendo sexy ecchi princess rosalina Nintendo hentai porn adult nsfw sexy pinup ecchi

I feel so happy an honored to announce this new design on patreon page with the help of the amazing Mazzacho He’s a really awesome artist, talented designer and powerfull friend that really deserve more popularity due to his level but as long he need, he will always get my support… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

And for a week dedicated to the new design, will come an illustration with patreon exclusive alternative versions that will be available to all members. Anyway I don’t plan have the site as a paywall but at last get something exclusive for my patreon members as thanks for their support on the project.


Mazzacho offered me the opportunity have the patreon page looks even more powerfull with a new banner and cute art to illustrate all tiers with a bit of fantasy. It was also a good way to give a little renew on the blog design with this new banner a year and half after the one made by Suika (see it here). There was various try and design to reach this one and I’m totally addicted to the result, now with a so beautifull design I feel I must continue work hard promoting it and the project, thanks so much Mazzacho.

It was really nice see Mazzacho work on the illustration during his livestreams on picarto, Rosalina pose is based on photo that was really beautifull and he was able turn Rosalina even more ravishing with a sensual touch. And when you think it’s already so incredible and epic Mazzacho continue to amaze us, this time he managed alternatives versions with naked and see-through dress that I love so much as lingerie addict. I must admit I love the sexy version but was thinking there is not adult content warning on patreon, anyway promote the patreon is important so I take the risk post the sexy banner on patreon page (here).

Beautifull illustration and update, I’m really happy with his new post and really thanksfull to Mazzacho that will never stop amaze us if he continue that way, there is also a Victorian dress design for Rosalina that will come soon with the WIP already available for patreon members. I hope you also like it guys and don’t miss have a look at Mazzacho’s gallery on deviantart, meet him while he stream on picarto and finally give him support and get powerfull rewards on his patreon page. All linked below, no just enjoy the links… ^^

Artist: Mazzacho / Secret cost

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#707 – Gymnastic troubles

I previously talked about themed week and was planning with tentacles for next one but it finally wont happen. One piece was started and the sketch was so promising but the artist had some troubles actually and told me ‘my conscience doesn’t allow me this kind of content anymore‘. So this piece will be cancelled and you can find the sketch as patreon bonus that involve massive tentacles under clothes.

It’s kinda a piece I was dreaming for years as for messy one and once again it wont go. Feel I’m cursed even more with the fact it’s the same artist that was planned to work next chapter of Rosalina’s Delivery Service and this one may never come too for now… Maybe it will change with time and I’ll sure keep you in touch… T_T


After a so adorable and pretty pin-up for christmas 2015, Tetisuka make a new appearance on the project, pin-up again but Rosalina wear her gymnastic suit and seem have some troubles. After all she entered recently on the Mario and Sonic at Olympic games for Rio one and had to train really seriously to reach a great level but as Tetisuka show us, when you start ribbon it looks more like bondage than gymnastic show… XD

Sketchy but already so cute and expressive, love how Tetisuka managed Rosalina adorable face being in this embarrassed situation now we have to decide if we goes help her or abuse a little of the situation and so perfect body. Another detail I love is the ribbon pressing her breast for a soft soft and sensualtouch so I’m a bit sad on other way the medallion looks so flat. Anyway Tetisuka really did a great job on Rosalina suit and as always is so powerfull with expressions… Thanks so much for this lovely piece… \(^o^)/

This illustration is a colored sketch so don’t show Tetisuka full power but already looks amazing. She also recently drew a Rosetta Christopher pin-up from a patreon raffle and since she’s my #2 fav lady I love even more the result. As you see the Rosetta illustration turn a little more explicit but still far to the naughty level Tetisuka can reach so don’t hesitate visit her HentaiFoundry (here) for even more illustrations and support her on patreon (here) for more awesome sweet and kinky content… Oh yeah… ^^

Artist: Tetisuka / Cost: 0$ (raffle)

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