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#734 – Narsha private nasty show

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I finally made changes on patreon page offering more content for the 5$ tier who will get access to exclusive alternatives and source files for some dedicated illustration. The first one coming with be the .psd file of Rosalina and Marie illustration with tentacle under clothes scene. IT will be forcefull on a way but far to be a paywall with no more than 1 or 2 5$ tier reward each month.
Also really need you help and support cause on the actual way, the budget will be negative for all the rest of the year and that’s why I really count on patreon to help get quality and sure kinky content. I also have many project like lingerie series or new chapter of Rosalina’s Delivery Service comic but those need investment that the 0.1$ (really) benefits each month from ads wont cover… ^^’


And here is a new piece from HentaiTeodor who game me the honour contribute several times to the project since his first piece in November 2012 (see all his Rosalina illustrations here), all previous illustrations were gift or requests so I decided go with a straight commission this time. I love the really kinky and naughty side that appear on HentaiTeodor and wanted have it appear on a real people so I asked to pair Rosalina and K-pop singer Narsha from the clip abracadabra.
I really wanted keep a latex touch since HentaiTeodor is really good at it and high heels cause that already looks so marvellous, the scene looks really hot with Rosalina being fucked by a strap-on but her face also keep something sensual with the hair style that also turn like a so sweet and ravishing pin-up. HentaiTeodor took a break with drawing in the middle of this illustration and when started work on it again he wanted the left part be even more naughty that’s why he redo Rosalina face.

The second version is sure even more naughty and explicit with that face, it looks like Narsha goes really rough abusing of that princes body and the tongue out turn so marvellous, rolling eyes and saliva touch make it even more intense, I’m just a little sad this part ended sketch compared to the left panel really clean and more detailed with HentaiTeodor full power but the result is still sooo cool. I hope you like it guys… \(^o^)/
I took lot of time to post this illustration cause personal problem that kept busy HentaiTeodor who stopped update his page but he’s now active again so time to show his power to the world. If you like really hot art with so naughty and ever incest captions be sure HentaiTeodor will looks so freaking exciting and powerfull… °w°

Artist: HentaiTeodor / Cost: ??? (Actual rate unknow)
Commissions: hentaiteodor@gmail.com
Patreon: www.patreon.com/hentaiteodor
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/hentaiteodor/profile

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#594 – Sweet present in latex

February is here and in addition to the regular content it’s a new raffle for 5$ tier patreon members. I fact was easy to find the winner cause only one at this place that was able pick a girl to be with Rosalina and his decision was for Seras Victoria from Hellsing series. That girl is on my top 10 fav ladies so wonderfull choice for sure. Just hope next month it will be decide for a girl that never meet Rosalina but at this point patreons have the power… XD
Also will be time to feature a new artist of the right widget and on the artist of the month page during the week, stay turned to the next one. Still so much that deserve to be here but I made my decision for February and now have to prepare it quickly.


The day started with a notification from hentaifoundry (from the hundred I receive each day do all artist I follow) about a new publication from the awesome HentaiTeodor, I love so much his style and naughty/incest illustrations that are so exciting but due to his new job he don’t have many time to draw so publications goes really slower. Was powerfull to he his new piece and aven more see him on skype to talk a little. Just didn’t expected HentaiTeodor to have a little bonus for me, he send me that so sweet as sexy Rosalina as birthday gift, How wonderfull… \(^o^)/
After incredible illustrations that you can see here I feel so honored to have a new piece from HentaiTeodor especially since it’s hard for him to find some time to draw so was a so kind and friendly present. Rosalina looks ravishing with his style, still so beautifull and incredible lady. HentaiTeodor made her looks more mature than I usually see but turn she’s still marvellous as sensual and sophisticated lady. I hope you like it too guys.
HentaiTeodor have an interesting style that we really see on Rosalina design and also with colours that I love, kinda a mix into anime style with flashy colours but not too much to keep a realistic and sensual touch on Rosalina, that style always amaze me and can’t deny HentaiTeodor imagine really naughty situations, don’t miss to visit his gallery.

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#546 – Editing Vaiderman sketch

Rosalina Nintendo pantie masturbation hentai
The week-end was camping under the rain, really annoying but with good friends it was cool, also no troubles with google and blogs so that’s fine. Just so bad not so much sales for the comic or HD illustrations (here), feel free to visit the little shop guys and stay turned for the next Rosalina’s Delivery Service chapter. This one must be available untill the end of the year, long wait for sure but you can be sure Ska Jr Zombie works hard to make it epic.
Also looking for references that I can use for poses or outfits I found those wonderfull high heels. The design is so wonderfull and as if it must really hard wall with this kind of heels I have the feeling they were made for Rosalina. Be sure you must see Rosalina wear these sometimes and she must looks gorgeous… °w°


I hope you already noticed that wonderfull duo with Rosalina and Sailor Venus made by xxxbattery that you can see here or by clicking on the illustration on the right cause this new illustration is a bonus version made by HentaiTeodor. I was talking with him during a livestream about the illustration xxxbattery was working on. I sent him the WIP saying it’s so bad I can’t have Rosalina touching herself under her panty (love that kind of masturbation and finally HentaiTeodor offered me to make a little “edit” on this illustration during the stream.
To be honest I didn’t really talked about this to xxxbattery and hope he wont be mad with this modifications on his W.I.P. but can’t deny I really love this little version I received from HentaiTeodor, it was a powerfull gift for sure. Fingering under pantie is so damn hot, especially when you add some see through and juice touch (no one can resist to this combo if he’s not gay) and also Rosalina have some lingerie and high heels that I love so much, clothes really add a magical touch to a lady and Rosalina is so wonderfull like this, thanks so much HentaiTeodor… \(^o^)/
Other modification by HentaiTeodor on the original sketh (that you can see on the left), it’s some really naughty dialogue, more sluty in that case. For sure if make Rosalina even more pervert and exciting, also if you love that kind of detail be sure to visitHentaiTeodor’s gallery cause there is so much sluty girls and naughty dialogs here, be sure compared to some other pieces he made I can say this Rosalina is pretty safe and if you are not sure, feel free to check by yourself.
Finally I can deny xxxbattery didn’t listen as me cause he also made a panty version on his illustration so the main difference here is the lingerie and hand under panty as a little bonus and you can also enjoy the mix of two wonderfull artists. I agree in that case we can’t really named it as colaboration but that’s kinda similar. xxxbattery and HentaiTeodor or so powerfull artists and it’s always an honor publish more of them in the blog. Oh yeah… ^^

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#542 – Futa gagged and fucked

Rosalina Nintendo futa gagged ballgag hentai
It was a really busy week-end and no time to work on the blog, especially to continue the gallery page (here). Still more than 200 illustrations to add to complete it, for the moment you can see the olders pieces and origin of the blog with my weird beginner english so enjoy your visit and don’t laught so much reading my posts… XD
I was working this week-end on a timelapse with perler beads for a friend named OJ (mean Orange Juice), I know she don’t have internet for a moment so it’s safe to post the video earlier. I hope you will love it guys, and if you are curious I have an account at ChibiBead.deviantart.com some Rosalina for sure but it’s really soft here… ^^


Now time for the second illustration made by HentaiTeodor during his livestream changing a sketch to turn his naughty and so sexy pink haired girl into a futa Rosalina to make it like the twin Rosalina duo I publised before (see it here)… Wait… Futa… O_o
Kinda crazy but don’t expect something normal with HentaiTeodor‘s art and you can be sure it’s even more powerfull in that way. He gave a a really cool surprise working and this piece and it was fascinating see him transform a piece to make Rosalina appear. You can see on the right how was the original sketch and some pink is still on the Rosalina version but it’s an interesting detail.
Ab out detail, as you can see HentaiTeodor made Rosalina as futa but compared to the original illustration he edited a little the dick to turn it into a dildo so it’s some solo and intense pleasure this time. Of if really you see a dick it can be the other twin fucking her, that version work too. I wonder what version HentaiTeodor had in mind while working on this piece. I hope he will read the post and give us his opinion… ^^
Kinda special for sure but you can’t deny HentaiTeodor‘s piece is also really more original in that way. Also love messy things and when yuri art, there isn’t so much way get it so futa are really powerfull, the best will be the OC Epona, a beautifull asian girl with horse dick able to cum bucket of cums, so bad this artist stopped draw but he left me a wonderfull piece before (see it here… I finish with a huge thanks for your friendship and kindness HentaiTeodor, can’t wait to show your next Rosalina here… °w°

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#541 – Futa twins Rosalina

Rosalina Nintendo twins futa hentai 
My friend Suika was really insisting on the fact a gallery must be interesting on the blog that I had to seriously think about that. The problem is that a pure gallery will make everybody miss the true posts in homage to artists who spend lot of time and efforts on this but after a week-end of reflection I finally found the idea and alternative, thanks Suika.


At first I wanted today post only dedicated to the gallery but to increase it we need art and must be a shame let wait those wonderfull illustrations I want to show you. Today piece is from my friend HentaiTeodor, if you love really exciting piece with incest and naughty sisters/daughters, you must enjoy a huge part of his gallery (be careful it’s addicting) and looking at his art you can be sure he’s really talented to. HentaiTeodor gave me the honor participate twice to the blog (see it here) and he’s not done yet like this new illustration, how powerfull… \(^o^)/
Before say this piece look kinda weird and sketchy (I sure you already though this), A first HentaiTeodor was working an a naughty futa twin sisters duo and during the livestream he game me a little surprise turning them into two sexy Rosalina, you can see the original version on the left. I really love HentaiTeodor style and see him work during livestreams so see those two sisters quickly looking to that so sweet and wonderfull princess Rosalina. I’m just afraid of a futa Rosalina cause my ass must hurt a little so imagine if there is now two wanting some fun… XD
I hope you like this kinda special piece, I still don’t know if I must categorize it as “solo” cause only Rosalina or “special” cause… You know. Guys, I would love to link you HentaiTeodor‘s livestream account but he recently found a new job (congrat man) and don’t have time make new one. It’s a shame cause it was so damn powerfull but be sure I’ll keep you in touch if there is something new from it. At last you can still visit his Hentaifoundry account or wait a little cause three kinky Rosalina by him will come on the blog. Two kinda sketchy like this one (but damn powerfull for sure) and a third one full color and detailed with all his talent and power… Oh yeah… °w°

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#232 – Solo – Pierced Rosalina

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn nipple piercing
After a really lovely Me with Rosalina dress it’s time to come bak to the original character, more beautifull and of course really more hot… (Don’t expect to see me do bad thing with this dress) or torn it like in this drawing… It’s crazy… ;p

So today Rosalina is alone but always to sexy showing what she have under her dress, and this time it’s the lovely hentaiteodor who accepted draw her as request and there is the result, hope you like it guys… ^^

hentaiteodor have an amazing level and great style but like his gallery he draw more like bukkake or incest so when I asked him to draw Rosalina, I wasn’t sure there is a chance hentaiteodor but he did it… And I love the result… (^o^)/

In the description, hentaiteodor said ‘I really don’t know much about the character and I apologize for my ignorance. I just never had any nintendo consoles.‘ but the only differences are Rosalina don’t have piercings in general (and I’m not a huge fan of than) and it’s Peach who wear these blue earrings. But sincerely the more important for Rosalina is her hair style, she have hair cover the right eye and hentaiteodor did it great, there is a lot of artist who make errors about this point but this time it’s Rosalina… The true… XD

Don’t hesitate take a look to hentaiteodor, there isn’t other Rosalina stuff but there is a lot of drawing really more detailled and powerfull like this one though this one is my favorite… Oh yeah… Thansk again hentaiteodor.

Artist: hentaiteodor / Cost: 0$ (request)

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