#546 – Editing Vaiderman sketch

Rosalina Nintendo pantie masturbation hentai
The week-end was camping under the rain, really annoying but with good friends it was cool, also no troubles with google and blogs so that’s fine. Just so bad not so much sales for the comic or HD illustrations (here), feel free to visit the little shop guys and stay turned for the next Rosalina’s Delivery Service chapter. This one must be available untill the end of the year, long wait for sure but you can be sure Ska Jr Zombie works hard to make it epic.
Also looking for references that I can use for poses or outfits I found those wonderfull high heels. The design is so wonderfull and as if it must really hard wall with this kind of heels I have the feeling they were made for Rosalina. Be sure you must see Rosalina wear these sometimes and she must looks gorgeous… °w°


I hope you already noticed that wonderfull duo with Rosalina and Sailor Venus made by xxxbattery that you can see here or by clicking on the illustration on the right cause this new illustration is a bonus version made by HentaiTeodor. I was talking with him during a livestream about the illustration xxxbattery was working on. I sent him the WIP saying it’s so bad I can’t have Rosalina touching herself under her panty (love that kind of masturbation and finally HentaiTeodor offered me to make a little “edit” on this illustration during the stream.
To be honest I didn’t really talked about this to xxxbattery and hope he wont be mad with this modifications on his W.I.P. but can’t deny I really love this little version I received from HentaiTeodor, it was a powerfull gift for sure. Fingering under pantie is so damn hot, especially when you add some see through and juice touch (no one can resist to this combo if he’s not gay) and also Rosalina have some lingerie and high heels that I love so much, clothes really add a magical touch to a lady and Rosalina is so wonderfull like this, thanks so much HentaiTeodor… \(^o^)/
Other modification by HentaiTeodor on the original sketh (that you can see on the left), it’s some really naughty dialogue, more sluty in that case. For sure if make Rosalina even more pervert and exciting, also if you love that kind of detail be sure to visitHentaiTeodor’s gallery cause there is so much sluty girls and naughty dialogs here, be sure compared to some other pieces he made I can say this Rosalina is pretty safe and if you are not sure, feel free to check by yourself.
Finally I can deny xxxbattery didn’t listen as me cause he also made a panty version on his illustration so the main difference here is the lingerie and hand under panty as a little bonus and you can also enjoy the mix of two wonderfull artists. I agree in that case we can’t really named it as colaboration but that’s kinda similar. xxxbattery and HentaiTeodor or so powerfull artists and it’s always an honor publish more of them in the blog. Oh yeah… ^^

Next to come: Meet the punk princess

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