#547 – Messy attack of Annie

300th girl discovering Rosalina sensuality
Quite popular and still so beautifull, Oh yeah!!!

Rosalina Nintendo yuri lesbian Annie Attack of Titans messy icecream hentai
Be sure you don’t have to tell me the actual button I use for the gallery (on top right corner) is ugly cause I already know that. I tried several times to make something great but it’s always a faillure and can’t come with something great and intuitive. Must try again to make something better so stay turned. For now I added the gallery on the page list in the top of the blog and must increase it today, stay turned.
For now I have some troubles with the budget that looks really bad after paid the second part of “Rosalina’s Delivery Service” comic chapter 1 and that my illustration stock to be able get constant updates is getting smaller. I feel bad spam artists for requests but wont have choice. If you know some artists who may be interesting draw some kinky Rosalina and take part to the project, feel free… °w°


As you can see today publication is kind special, this time it’s Annie from Attack of Titans who meet Rosalina for some fun and she’s also the 300th lady who meet Rosalina on the blog since I created this project, didn’t expected go so far when I created it and now I hope it’s just the start. Now I must stay calm and concentrated on this post to introduce the powerfull SmilingE I commissioned for this duo and made a wonderfull job for sure. I hope you like this new piece guys and feel free to drop a comment if you want to celebrate the 300th girl step with us… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
If you never hear about SmilingE must be a shame ignore him longer, he’s so kind and amazing as talented always doing his best on his art. There is some so beautifull and sexy ladies (asian girls too °w°) in his gallery sometimes with some buckake touch. So much creamy piece and I really love messy so I wanted my own with Rosalina by SmilingE but you can understand we can’t have some sticky cum with lesbian so we had to search for other way make a powerfull wet/messy duo and like the result it was a success.
You can see on the right a step by step with SmilingE‘s sketches I received when this commission started. I let him to pick the character he want, at first he suggested Peach but since she was several time with Rosalina I asked him to pick someone new and it was Annie from Attack of Titans. I wanted something pure messy or wetlook and SmilingE make an amazing job since his sketches, be sure it was hard to decide (also shower hose was cool idea) but I picked the icecream, maybe cause an old Rosalina nand Peach illustration I really loved and wanted something like this for the blog.
Once the second lady and sketch were ok, SmilingE was ready to work on this piece and after some WIP it was finally done I love it so much. Rosalina is that pose and lingerie looks so sexy, also love her expression, make it even more intense and for sure icecream must feel kinda cold on this place. Also Annie sure have some fun and she looks so kinky with tongue out, no doubt after that she will add a good taste of this sweet princess pussy and it’s really hot when you start imagine what she can do after that… °w°
A really hot and sensual piece with a huge power cause with our imagination we can make this scene to be the beginning of a long fun sessions. Thansk so much to SmilingE for all his efforts and be sure guys there must be more art with him in the future (must try wetlook after that messy one). Also if you want to commission him he’s kinda cheap like the quality of his art: 20$ for first character and extra 5$ per additionnal chracter or background, also “It will all be digital painted for higher quality“. No reason to hesitate… °w°

Artist: SmilingE / Cost: 30$ as commission

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