#548 – WONDERFULL Vintage pin-up promotion

Rosalina Nintendo pin-up sexy ecchi vintage
There is already “Rosalina’s Delivery Service” and “Where is my pokemon?” but I thinking about start another project, I use those to give some themes to artists who are able to follow it if they love the idea and keep some liberty cause freddom is really important for sure. I was wondering about a Rosalina lingerie collection theme since I love so much lingerie and high heels but that’s better for solo pin-up and not the best on yuri blog.
The second was Rosalina x Camgirl and pair Rosalina with camgirl show ladies to have some real people and make an original mix, some are so beautifull but I can have some troubles if they don’t approve and ask them if they accept to be draw with Rosalina for the blog can sounds weird, that’s understandable… XD


Now a wonderfull illustration that I hope you already see around the net by the so kind and talented Suika, spaming again for the blog make me find so much artists and some are now really good friends on the internet that give me so much support I also learn really interesting things about digital art of their respective countries.Suika wanted to offer me a little promotion illustration to make some publicity for the blog and once I reached the 300th lady with Rosalina (that you can see here), she started this illustration that is so powerfull… *o*
At first, Suika decided to make a pin-up like in the 70s, I have to admit I was a little septic at first but also really curious to see what she had in mind for this illustration and how will be Rosalina, the first WIP was really interesting, Rosalina so beautifull as always with a sensual pose and some cute lingerie. for this first preview, Rosalina had hairy pussy cause at this time it was unbelievable for a woman to be completly shaved (as Suika said), I’m not so much fan and asked if it’s possible to make an alternative version with shaved pussy but finally Suika wasn’t really convinced about this detail working on the illustration and there is only shaved version for the final version. There is anybody who wanted some (light) hairy pussy?
One the illustration done, Suika for some infos about the blog that make me think I must update the main post cause everything was here but not really easy to see and once she sent me the final illustration you can be sure I was totally stunned by the result. It’s really the kind of old add you can find on the road in the USA and also remember me some boxes I had with vintage pin-up illustrated, the design, colors and old paper effect looks awesome and adding that so sweet and beautifull princess for sure it’s a powerfull combo. I add the link of the blog as watermark on all publications cause once they are share arround the net it’s the only way I have to promote the blog but this time Suika gave me more than a simple illustration, I have a true promotion piece, that’s so wonderfull… \(^o^)/
I hope you enjoy this illustration as me guys, thanks so much to Suika for her wonderfull job and support, now that peopel will notice abotuthe blog I have to give the best content I can. Also if you love her style be sure to regulary take a look to her HentaiFoundry Gallery (here), so much great illustration and she have so much projects on the queud so amazing updated will come soon… Oh yeah…

Artist: Suika / Cost: 0$ (gift)

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