#232 – Solo – Pierced Rosalina

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn nipple piercing
After a really lovely Me with Rosalina dress it’s time to come bak to the original character, more beautifull and of course really more hot… (Don’t expect to see me do bad thing with this dress) or torn it like in this drawing… It’s crazy… ;p

So today Rosalina is alone but always to sexy showing what she have under her dress, and this time it’s the lovely hentaiteodor who accepted draw her as request and there is the result, hope you like it guys… ^^

hentaiteodor have an amazing level and great style but like his gallery he draw more like bukkake or incest so when I asked him to draw Rosalina, I wasn’t sure there is a chance hentaiteodor but he did it… And I love the result… (^o^)/

In the description, hentaiteodor said ‘I really don’t know much about the character and I apologize for my ignorance. I just never had any nintendo consoles.‘ but the only differences are Rosalina don’t have piercings in general (and I’m not a huge fan of than) and it’s Peach who wear these blue earrings. But sincerely the more important for Rosalina is her hair style, she have hair cover the right eye and hentaiteodor did it great, there is a lot of artist who make errors about this point but this time it’s Rosalina… The true… XD

Don’t hesitate take a look to hentaiteodor, there isn’t other Rosalina stuff but there is a lot of drawing really more detailled and powerfull like this one though this one is my favorite… Oh yeah… Thansk again hentaiteodor.

Artist: hentaiteodor / Cost: 0$ (request)

New wishlisted girl: Meifon li from Angel Links

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