Just me as Rosalina (Yeah, that’s me)

Like I said, after a me AND Rosalina‘ (see it here), it’s now “me AS Rosalina“… The Japan Touch meeting is now over since a week but I didn’t received greats photos so I don’t have a lot to show you. I had a little problem on saturday because I couldn’t fix the pin and must keep her in mind, same thing for the Luma, I received it on sunday…

So nothing great so a week but I’m really lucky because yesterday I found a photo of me with some girls, so it’s the best way like my blog name than a solo pic or the other when I’m with a friend as Anonymous… XD

A lot of you were a little scary about this cosplay, that’s true a man dress as Rosalina can look a little curious and I was really scary about people reaction during the meeting but finally I’m really happy about the cosplay. There is some who though I was a girl before I talk… It was so funny see a lot of surprise and amused faces…

There is one thing really annoying, it’s people said ” it’s Peach” or “it’s belle”… There is one friend who asked me where is Tinker Bell… Seriously… U_u

If you want to see more of my Rosalina cosplay, you can take a look at my facebook page (click here)…. But I have a little problem because I don’t have idea how I make make the crown… If you have a solution don”t hesitate let a little comment, and if you don”t have idea, don’t hesitate a little comment too, it must be lovely… Thanks guys… XD

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