#541 – Futa twins Rosalina

Rosalina Nintendo twins futa hentai 
My friend Suika was really insisting on the fact a gallery must be interesting on the blog that I had to seriously think about that. The problem is that a pure gallery will make everybody miss the true posts in homage to artists who spend lot of time and efforts on this but after a week-end of reflection I finally found the idea and alternative, thanks Suika.


At first I wanted today post only dedicated to the gallery but to increase it we need art and must be a shame let wait those wonderfull illustrations I want to show you. Today piece is from my friend HentaiTeodor, if you love really exciting piece with incest and naughty sisters/daughters, you must enjoy a huge part of his gallery (be careful it’s addicting) and looking at his art you can be sure he’s really talented to. HentaiTeodor gave me the honor participate twice to the blog (see it here) and he’s not done yet like this new illustration, how powerfull… \(^o^)/
Before say this piece look kinda weird and sketchy (I sure you already though this), A first HentaiTeodor was working an a naughty futa twin sisters duo and during the livestream he game me a little surprise turning them into two sexy Rosalina, you can see the original version on the left. I really love HentaiTeodor style and see him work during livestreams so see those two sisters quickly looking to that so sweet and wonderfull princess Rosalina. I’m just afraid of a futa Rosalina cause my ass must hurt a little so imagine if there is now two wanting some fun… XD
I hope you like this kinda special piece, I still don’t know if I must categorize it as “solo” cause only Rosalina or “special” cause… You know. Guys, I would love to link you HentaiTeodor‘s livestream account but he recently found a new job (congrat man) and don’t have time make new one. It’s a shame cause it was so damn powerfull but be sure I’ll keep you in touch if there is something new from it. At last you can still visit his Hentaifoundry account or wait a little cause three kinky Rosalina by him will come on the blog. Two kinda sketchy like this one (but damn powerfull for sure) and a third one full color and detailed with all his talent and power… Oh yeah… °w°

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