#542 – Futa gagged and fucked

Rosalina Nintendo futa gagged ballgag hentai
It was a really busy week-end and no time to work on the blog, especially to continue the gallery page (here). Still more than 200 illustrations to add to complete it, for the moment you can see the olders pieces and origin of the blog with my weird beginner english so enjoy your visit and don’t laught so much reading my posts… XD
I was working this week-end on a timelapse with perler beads for a friend named OJ (mean Orange Juice), I know she don’t have internet for a moment so it’s safe to post the video earlier. I hope you will love it guys, and if you are curious I have an account at ChibiBead.deviantart.com some Rosalina for sure but it’s really soft here… ^^


Now time for the second illustration made by HentaiTeodor during his livestream changing a sketch to turn his naughty and so sexy pink haired girl into a futa Rosalina to make it like the twin Rosalina duo I publised before (see it here)… Wait… Futa… O_o
Kinda crazy but don’t expect something normal with HentaiTeodor‘s art and you can be sure it’s even more powerfull in that way. He gave a a really cool surprise working and this piece and it was fascinating see him transform a piece to make Rosalina appear. You can see on the right how was the original sketch and some pink is still on the Rosalina version but it’s an interesting detail.
Ab out detail, as you can see HentaiTeodor made Rosalina as futa but compared to the original illustration he edited a little the dick to turn it into a dildo so it’s some solo and intense pleasure this time. Of if really you see a dick it can be the other twin fucking her, that version work too. I wonder what version HentaiTeodor had in mind while working on this piece. I hope he will read the post and give us his opinion… ^^
Kinda special for sure but you can’t deny HentaiTeodor‘s piece is also really more original in that way. Also love messy things and when yuri art, there isn’t so much way get it so futa are really powerfull, the best will be the OC Epona, a beautifull asian girl with horse dick able to cum bucket of cums, so bad this artist stopped draw but he left me a wonderfull piece before (see it here… I finish with a huge thanks for your friendship and kindness HentaiTeodor, can’t wait to show your next Rosalina here… °w°

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