#980 – Gymnastic loser treatment

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Sharing tentacles (abandoned WIP for 1$+ patrons)
+ HD version of this illustration for 2$+ patrons (4 times bigger)

princess Rosalina nintendo mario peach daisy tight gymnastic vaulting horse futa futanari sex cum

It took me some time but the collection page is finally ready and up-to-date, finally fixed the last html mistakes to get it show and work perfectly so I added it on the pages listed on top menu. I you are curious the collection page list all girls who met Rosalina sorted by series then name in alphabetical order, it’s pretty similar concept as the gallery page that show all illustrations in a more visual look and also in order of publication, I’m planning update this page next btw.

Also got an appointement yesterday that I think goes well but as you know the most important isn’t how you think it goes but if they manage contact you back after that with a positive answer. Or at last negative one, that would be way more kind than stay silent and make you wait for nothing… For now, suspense °w°


After a pretty amazing and messy duo with Strawberry Shortcake for Rosalina’s birthday (that you can see on the left), here come another illustration from PlanZ34 even more naughty and crazy (fault is mine). I ordered a commission slot to PlanZ34 last November 2019 as patreon raffle reward but Jessica (the winner that ha decide the idea) was remaining silent and I finally took the slot for myself coming with a pretty crazy threesome idea.

At first I asked PlanZ34 if he had any idea or fetish in mind that he would like to go with at this time and he said nothing in particular … maybe extra tight clothes, I was first looking if can find any girls with some tight suits in my wishlist (that are also called “impossible clothing” for suits that perfectly fit the breast shape) until the idea of a gymnastic Rosalina came to my mind. After being lost in many characters and posing references PlanZ34 suggested Rosalina be with the other princess like Peach or daisy while I came with the idea of vaulting horse then the concept was born. But there was still lot of work until the final illustration you can enjoy at the top of this post so if you are ready it’s time for this drawing story, with its good but also negatives parts (everything can’t be perfect or life would be boring) :p

While looking at some (nsfw) illustration to get some idea and inspiration, seeing numbers on the side of a vaulting horse it gave me the idea of turn it as cum tank with someone being fucked on the top of it and all the semen slowly filling the horse, PlanZ34 got some inspiration with Rosalina fucked by futanari Peach and Daisy but without the horse tank but I really like my idea at this time and was too excited about it so pushed a little on that point and here is it. Now if we should add a backstory to this illustration it could be something like after competitions, the princess getting the lower position end being fucked until the vaulting horse is completely filled with cum as punishment, it sure sounds like a lot of cum but I don’t worry about the mushroom kingdom power-pup giving enough power and stamina for this party °w°

PlanZ34 was fine with this direction for the commission so payment completed and few days later it was time for sketches with 4 poses and a hard decision time (though compared to all time to get the concept done, it was nothing ^^’). All sketch were interesting in term of angle and posing then I asked if possible mixing the angle of the sketch #2 with the poses of the #3 so it was “3 angle camera 2 pose that make it sounds like we are working on a high budget porn movie production (coincidence was PlanZ34 studied cinema, true fact as he said)… Anyway even if it makes hard decisions it’s always powerfull to get several sketches idea that way, you can figure some poses or angles you haven’t figured at first and that finally would make the illustration even more cool than expected… ^^

Then came a little mistake on next sketch since PlanZ34 inverted reference to use for pose and angle but it was quickly fixed, anyway if you are curious you can see on the right how would have be the scene following this sketch. At first all girls were naked on the sketch as you can see so was time give PlanZ34 reference for the 3 princesses gymnastics suits using those from Mario and Sonic at Olympic games series. At first there was the idea of giving gold/silver and cooper medals to the princess to show about the loser punishment but this finally wasn’t possible to have it fit with the actual breasts size, angles and also medallions. There was also the numbers on the front size of vaulting horse that was abandoned, as you can see how much an illustration can evolve during the creation process, there’s new parts and details that can come but also some that disappear and this still represent some work even if you don’t see it so never forget the insane work and time an illustration need (FACT!!!)

I hope you guys like the illustration, PlanZ34 really did an amazing job with posing, clothing, expression, fluids and… Well… Supporting me at some points. He’s an artist I had pleasure to talk and work with so be sure there is more illustration coming by him for the project in the future. Also seriously, 20$ for an epic trio like this is totally cheap so you better not hesitate too long if you wanna commission PlanZ34 before he get noticed by more people overloaded in commissions requests and obliviously raising his prices a bit. Anyway if you are not interested it’s fine, make more commission slots available for me… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: PlanZ34 / 20$ commission
One year ago: #906 – Horny Rosalina and bonded Peach
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#979 – Sweet demon lover

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Summer bubble-cum (NSFW WIP for 1$+ patrons)

princess Rosalina nintendo mario crossover filia skullgirl cute chibi heart valentine

It was announced to be “Shiny ladies” as next publication but there was change of plan getting the opportunity of a romantic illustration to post on Valentine day. I also delayed the publication to come in time for this day even if for some peoples it’s not a super amazing day (I’m single at this time so know the feeling). There’s some considering V-day as a commercial event that isn’t needed for people to show their love, quite true for sure but I guess this logic came as excuse for people frustrated of not spending this one with their beloved. Anyway everyday deserve to be a great day so Happy Valentine day and… Week-end soon \(^o^)/

Once again I’m sorry for Mazzacho that will have wait a little more before his drawing can shine on this place but no worries my friend, there’s no reason I can forget you and that illustration will come for sure ^__^


And today come a romantic illustration with Filia from Skullgirls for the spirit of Valentine day, this one came in pretty unexpected way after I helped Lunakiri to get a bottle of Advil (it’s so hard lately that some people can allow themselves some basic medication stuff), as thanks so offered me to create a chibi illustration of my choice. To help me decide, Lunakiri linked me a folder with base poses references for chibis and I found a lovely one that could make a sweet piece for Valentine, I quickly goes sending it before get my attention on others ideas that would make it so hard to choose… °o°

The pose was picked and locked so second step was decide who will be Rosalina’s lover on this drawing, it’s on this part there was too much ideas and indecision in my mind so I asked Lunakiri if she can give me an idea whatever the direction and she said how about an angel+devil look? Rosa + Filia from Skullgirls?. I really loved the idea of angel and demon duo that sounds classic but always so magic (totally suits Rosalina) and Lunakiri sure know about her chibi style better than mean so suggesting Filia then I had no doubts the character would fit perfectly the drawing. Also she was a character that Lunakiri chosen (so obliviously like her) and who never met Rosalina so it was just perfect way to get a new lady for the project while keep fun and freedom for the artist… °w°

There was also the point of giving Rosalina her casual dress or give her a white outfit to work even better on the angel look, my side I wanted be sure people recognize Rosalina so Lunakiri offered to keep the same dress, make it lighter coloured, and add in a luma or two, sounded perfect to me. Considering the background and atmosphere, it first was decided to Lumas on Rosalina side only there wasn’t anything linked to Filia that could on her side there was some extra curious Lumas added during the sketch process. Later we found that Filia’s hair can take any shape or form but we found nothing from that ability we could use as great addition for the illustration so kept going with the initial Lumas idea (not big deal, Lumas are the cutest creature ever). ^^

The final illustration looks really amazing and pretty, not too much time to work on it anyway Lunakiri promised she would finish the illustration in time and did it, not the first time she work on an illustration with deadline for the project and always managed to finish in time, thanks so much for your great work. There’s just one bad new considering Lunakiri started record the process to make a speed-drawing video but there was an accident that damaged the sketch, not much but a mark with no idea where it come from, at first Lunakiri wanted to fully redo but didn’t wanted her waste to much time. Finally this mark isn’t visible on the final illustration using a darker colour on Filia hairs to hide it but there wont be video about coming in the future, bit annoying but could have been worse so let’s not complain and enjoy this adorable scene ^__^

One year ago: #905 – Pure dreams and princess
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#976 – Gneisenau and naughty nun

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Shiny ladies (Ecchi WIP for 1$+ patrons)
+ HD version of this illustration for 2$+ patrons (16 times bigger than public version)

princess Rosalina nintendo mario hentai porn yuri lesbian crossover azur lane Gneisenau lingerie demon nurse

February is coming so will be time to decide about the artist for the next raffle (also I feel this month goes super fast despite the hard time I got), was just me or you also got the same feeling with this beginning of the year? Maybe the opposite and January looked like an eternity for you. Oh, that’s a good excuse to try a poll plugin on the website.

Maybe a bit too large, anyway feel free to vote ^^[Total_Soft_Poll id=”3″]


Time for an artist you certainly know to get back here with fresh art, it was long time I haven’t posted an illustration from Psicoero and wanted commission him a new drawing. When I came asking for a commission slot I already have a precise idea in mind (hat is pretty rare thing), basically I wanted a nurse duo with Rosalina and Peach following a reference I like anyway Psicoero suggested “Maybe a futa demon girl?. This was a pretty cool idea and I love the idea of nurse and demon that sounds a little “cliché” as we say in French but honestly is always super effective and powerfull °w°

So I was looking for other girls that could work and suggested Gneisenau from Azur Lane in her Nightmarish Succubus skin that was freshly released for Halloween at this time, the demon and lingerie look made a combo I personally loved and Psicoero liked her as well. Last point was about the demon “equipment”, even if Psicoero preferred draw Gneisenau as futanari but I wanted strap-on to get able have a large one to make it more intense than exaggerated if would be with futanari. Though I must admit I saw some futanari girls with pretty big dicks that looked quite hot so may be a thing to test on another piece, maybe with that nurse latex Peach to join Rosalina in a future illustration. ^^

I’m so pleased with the final version and some decisions Psicoero took with colouring like giving Rosalina’s blue tights, it suits her pretty well and and a great contrast between her feet and high heels. Also I asked if Rosalina top could have some see-through effect to show the breasts through the dress but Psicoero don’t like see-though so opened her top instead to be sure not lost about those gorgeous breasts. I hope you guys like this piece and feel free to contact Psicoeroif you also would like a kinky commission, he’s amazing, reactive, quite fast worker and seems to need some help with money at this time so the only hesitation you must have is what to request in your drawing… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: Artist: Psicoero / 40€/50$ commission
One year ago: #866 – Punk’s Not Dead
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#975 – The chamber of tentacles

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Gymnastic loser treatment (NSFW WIP for 1$+ patrons)

princess Rosalina nintendo mario hentai porn yuri lesbian crossover harry potter hermione tentacle

I (finally) got a message from Jessica about the illustration she won with November patreon raffle, I promised her the slot would be always open for her whenever she can come with an idea and not it’s time to keep my promise. If everything going well Rosalina will meet “Tess from Jak and Daxter anyway there’s just a little detail I need to check with Jessica that I’ll keep secret for more suspense :p

And as every Monday come the security report of the blog about failed login or unauthorized files upload attempts and I must admit last week was pretty quiet. Par of me if happy on that point on the other part wonder if hackers are leaving cause losing interest on my domain for some reasons… That’s how sounds a paranoid mind ^^’


Here is an upcoming illustration with Rosalina and Hermione from Harry Potter. Maybe some of you remember the huge tentacle plant at the end of first Harry Potter movie (if I’m not wrong) that let you pass only if you stay calm and don’t move), anyway seems this can have some more “enjoyable” use when you know how use it, Luckily Hermione know everything they need for a great time together. Random point is this plant area is the part I was never able to resolve when played the game on PS1 (so many years ago), part of me want to try on the game again and finish it since I was so close to the end but honestly when you look at it now the graphics are so scary (they don’t makes meme of if without reasons) ^^’

It started with a page with 6 sketches, I was going to pick a pose but Laleaf told me the will continue work on some cause “we can’t decide with an illustrations based on 4 lines and 3 sticks“, as if for me they already looked good but better consider the artist suggestion and I did wait. Not so long finally since the next day I received a second wave with 3 illustrations that Laleaf still considered really sketchy but that started to give more than just an idea but also intensity to the scene they were showing, you can see them on the left if you are curious. Decision was between 1st and 3rd sketches offering best osmosis between the tentacles and clothes.

Finally I chosen with the 3rd sketch liking the idea of arms ad legs fully hold inside this tentacles wall having the two girls totally captive and submissive to the tentacles (and it’s the kind of sentence that would make me die from a feminist I guess), also something really interesting and that I admire but give so much troubles is Laleaf is hardly happy with what he draw and is always making changes and even redoing parts until he get tired to work on the illustration. As example from the sketch you can see on the right and the final version there was a huge change on Rosalina’s legs and chest then stopped the illustration working on that part as you can see with Rosalina’s pussy still being sketchy and the clothes removed on the chest that would have been to much work to be back again (so bad, Rosalina’s lace panties was super sexy).

Recently Laleaf deleted his facebook page and don’t consider stream again in the future so I asked him what his projects and objectives about art in the future and he said “write whatever you want“, not really helpfull and I wont go for theories so we can just wait and see how things are going. Anyway all is not lost since Laleaf is still active on twitter (here) regularly posting doodles and wips so feel free follow him on that place and share some support/feedback. His art is pretty good but his mind kinda lost to me so he really need support to get a chance keep going and never give up on his dreams… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: Laleaf / 80$ commission
Picarto: www.picarto.tv/Laleaf
Twitter: www.twitter.com/Laleaf2
One year ago: #825 – Buckets of tasty cum
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#974 – Princesses and Imp selfcest

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Full Metal Unfinished (abandoned WIP for 1$+ patrons)

princess Rosalina nintendo mario hentai porn imp daisy futa futanari sex

I’m kinda sad I didn’t got any reaction or feedback from patreon about what they would like to take part. Even if patreon typically sounds like the kind of place for people to financially support a creator and help him keep going on his projects, for me it’s also another opportunity to be linked with people and make them participate to the project not just by giving money but get influence on the content itself… °o°

Time going so fast, we did so much from January and I’m still not done dealing with the troubles about my job lost. I expected the Miku concert help me get better and it worked pretty good but just when back ready and fresh I got that kind of letter that put you down. 2020 don’t seems to be really enjoyable year for me, or at last I hope it will be just about January, wish me good luck everybody cause at this time I really need it ^^’


And for today come a new illustration commissioned to Ledge1606 that was enough kind to accept to work on another of my stupid idea that popped in my mind, also it was a premiere for the artist that “never tried a foursome but I will strive to make it look the best I can and that you really like it“. I really admire Ledge1606 who was ready to work on something out his comfort zone and even do his best to make sure the result will be enjoyable. As for the illustration the idea was a foursome with Rosalina, a futanari Daisy and both girl Imp versions, of course Imp-Rosalina and Imp-Daisy aren’t canon/official but look so cool and I really wanted get a piece with them.

Ledge1606 made a double blowjob scene on his first sketch following the reference anyway I wanted something a little different for each duo to get more variation of the poses and final idea was Daisy facefucking Imp-Rosalina while Imp-Daisy filling Rosalina’s pussy with a bit load of cum. I’m really happy with the result and Ledge1606 really did a great job, there was also details he added like Rosalina teasing Imp-Daisy ass that is pretty cool and naughty. Crazy or not, I hope you guys also like this illustration… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Now I’m at the end of this post I notice the title was quite wrong, to really get some selfcest it would have need each girl be with their respective Imp version and not each other one but I already did set that everywhere so too late to change (anyway you can blame me if you want as reward for reading the post to this point). Also as for the Lumakini there is huge chance to see the Imp-Rosalina back in another illustration later, her petite look and design make this version sooo adorable and kinda really good for some ecchi or lewd situations so stay tuned, I still have no idea for Imp-Rosalina situation but I have no doubt my crazy mind will sure be able manage something in the future… ^__^

Artist: Ledge1606 / 32$ commission
One year ago: #890 – Sexy office Rosalina
Next to come: The chamber of tentacles (NSFW)
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#972 – Abigail seduction

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Gneisenau and naughty nun (NSFW WIP for 1$+ patrons)

princess Rosalina nintendo mario hentai porn ecchi lingerie crossover Abigail Williams Fate

Well, I’m sorry for this little hiatus, reason is 2020 wasn’t starting friendly on my side offered me to lost my job a few days before my 30th birthday coming, was for so fucking stupid reason but result is the same. When after 5 years working at a place you have your boss coming literally telling me to take my stuff and leave it’s not a things I was prepared to face (I was more thinking about bring some sweets for my colleagues for my birthday than how pack all my stuff in a hurry). Time to (re)discover the job hunting universe… U_u

You can imagine for a moment I wasn’t in the mood to run the project with decent posts, honestly I’m still feeling like shit but I can’t allow me to bet this place on hiatus for too long. There’s artists that deserve their illustrations to shine on the project and my dear patron that deserve some great stuff so… Let’s go… ^^


Today illustration is December patreon raffle reward for Curtis drew by Nakanakaiii, I already commissioned him two illustrations that turned super nicely and I wanted even more so used the patreon raffle as excuse to request another commission slot. The chosen character was Abigail Williams from Fate series to join Rosalina, was coincidence with the previous commission to Nakanakaiii with Rosalina and Miyamoto musashi from the same series since that illustration was secret (even patreon still haven’t got the WIP)… °o°

Also I must say the most interesting point with this drawing is Curtis sent me a pose reference for the first time in a raffle illustration, all other raffle he won had character and even clothes suggested but the pose was always to the artist freedom until now, so nice to know there was some confident inspiration with Nakanakaiii‘s style or the pairing this time (and maybe I’m getting a bit too much excited). Both character and pose sounded great for Nakanakaiii, just had to wait a few days to get other commissions completed before he can start working on the illustration.

The first sketch Nakanakaiii sent me was already perfect, both girl expressions and lingerie looking so cute and now the most important is Curtis also like the way turned the illustration he won. There was no changes needed but a little warning telling Nakanakaiii to be careful with Rosalina haircut, no big deal since it just needed to flip the drawing to have the correct looking and Rosalina’s right eye hidden by her hair lock. Anyway always keep in mind to give clear details with your commissions at the beginning to avoid any troubles, it can look stupid but even something basic like flipping the illustration can be really disturbing for the artist that worked hour on it and finally get something published that looks different what he putted his heart and soul inside (again it can sounds weird but from experience I can tell it can have more importance than you think).

I hope you all like this illustration enjoying it full cuteness and sexiness power, I was a little scary people not liking Nakanakaiii work being oriented on loli characters but considering the powerfull pieces I got for the project I don’t have any regret. Last point is you are interested getting something for yourself, Nakanakaiii‘s actual commission rate is “15$ + 3$ for the extra char. Powerfull and cheap for sure, then you don’t have excuse not getting something and say you didn’t know :p

Artist: Nakanakaiii / 18$ commission
Twitter: www.twitter.com/vivanami1
Pixiv: www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=42094696
One year ago: #895 – Shogoku Yoshihiro & Li Zhao Xie
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#970 – Tentacles Fate

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PATREON BONUS: Abigail and lingerie (Ecchi WIP for 1$+ patreons)

princess Rosalina nintendo mario crossover hentai porn sex yuri lesbian tentacles Fate Miyamoto musashi swimsuit

Christmas is over and new year on the way, I hope celebrations started well and will also stay amazing for you. Also good luck to everybody working between these two, you guys actually keep the world running ^__^

Also seems hackers are still on their way at this time, got a huge amount of failed login last week but luckily they are trying with basic and stupid usernames like “admin“, “test“, “demo” or “testuser“. Considering what they try with the username itself I don’t worry at all for the password, they’ll never get it XD


More art from Nakanakaiii showing here and not the last for sure with next one being December patreon raffle reward but for now a bit more selfish commission with Rosalina in her Lumakini I love so much. There was an illustration from Nakanakaiii that I loved so much with two girls surrounded by tentacle (and that was also super well made) and I wanted something that way. So the idea was Rosalina and Miyamoto musashi from fate in a life buoy being raped by tentacles. I know it sounds super challenging anyway the artist was fine with the idea so nothing can stop it now.

During the sketching process, Nakanakaiii first drew bodies telling me tentacles and life buoy are coming later in the process, I thought it would be same with breasts but no, while was time to draw both girls swimsuit he said “I forgot to make the breasts big, I like to always draw them flat“. Honestly Rosalina is far to be busty and a flat version sounded interesting so I had no problem with flat, still Rosalina and I know the tentacles would be a really hard work to manage with the water/fluid so didn’t wanted give extra work and troubles to Nakanakaiii. The only change I requested at this point was on Rosalina’s bra to have it looks more like a Luma than power star following the spirit of Lumakini design. °w°

Once again Nakanakaiii‘s color process is so interesting as disturbing fully colouring part by part, as example you can see on the sketch the head and body with full colour and shading but still nothing on tentacles, life buoy and water. This process make it looks like a game when you solve enigmas to get parts coming together, to me it’s kinda fun and super original. Also I admire the work to show underwater stuff cause it’s not something easy to figure, be sure there is many artists that fear to draw see-through or fluid stuff and Nakanakaiii managed both like a pro… Oh yeah.. \(^o^)/

If you want to see more don’t miss take a look at Nakanakaiii or twitter or pixiv but be warned there is loli stuff, my side I hope the budget will allow me to get more stuff in the future. Last point is you are interested getting something for yourself, Nakanakaiii‘s actual commission rate is “15$ + 3$ for the extra char. Powerfull and cheap for sure, now you know ^^

Artist: Nakanakaiii / 18$ commission
Twitter: www.twitter.com/vivanami1
Pixiv: www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=42094696
One year ago: #893 – Squid princess fucked hard
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#969 – Futa kitty and abused reindeer

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Patreon bonus: HD version 16 times bigger (for 2$+ patrons)


princess Rosalina nintendo mario yuri lesbian sex Callie briggs futa futanari Christmas santa reindeer costume Swat kats crossover

And it’s that time of the year you get a resume of all your family troubles looking outside hoping for some snow to get an excuse go outside fearing discussions more than the cold, luckily it’s bit exaggerated but there was family dramas this year (little brother destroying a second car helped a lot) so when come the most important family time of the year it’s pretty complex. Also no snow but I don’t like cold so prefer it that way (sorry Christmas spirit) ^^’

Last week before 2020 so I with you a wonderfull week and lot of fun during celebrations, I know it must not be sunny and rainbow life for everybody but we better stay positive for now. My side it’s time to press the schedule button and hope everything will work nicely when release time (it must really work cause I have absolutely no way come manage the site and fix stuff until the 26th but I believe in me… Oh yeah… (^o^)/


And let’s feel the Christmas magic with xxxbattery‘s magic stream offer that saved me this year, I got a notification from picarto telling a stream started and I joined being curious to see what illustration he was working on and then the magic… Special Christmas offer with 50% off commissions. I wasn’t able to resist to the temptation of half price so bought two commissions slot to xxxbattery being sure to use one for Christmas since it was fine with delay (btw I must admit xxxbattery do great work and also really quickly) °o°

The girl I suggested to xxxbattery to pair Rosalina with Callie briggs from Swat kats that got my attention mostly cause those gorgeous heels in the fanart you can see on the left. At start I was thinking about two ideas, first was the two girls bonded like presents under a tree and second with Callie as Santa fucking a reindeer Rosalina. xxxbattery told me “I like the Santa reindeer idea” then got totally freedom (and challenge) with the posing so it was full suspense to me until I get the first wip. I really love the pose and I’m glad to see xxxbattery was able to go with his busty power for this illustration, just a bit sad the first wip I received was already colored so don’t have the sketch and line to show you U_u

I was totally addicted to xxxbattery‘s decision with posing, it’s super naughty, dynamic and I love how Callie hold Rosalina’s deer’s horns. Being addict to high heels said I was a little sad this angle don’t reveal Callie’s heels as amazing as in the reference, xxxbattery was really kind and edited the legs to have it looks closer even if I was most talking at the heels high instead of front design itself. Also if you noticed, xxxbattery drew Callie as Futanari for an even more naughty and intense scene with some cum for a messy bonus… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

I hope you guys like this illustration, don’t miss visit xxxbattery‘s pages and follow him on picarto to not miss his next stream. xxxbattery also have some great powers on animations and game development so there’s always so much to discover °w°

Artist: Vaiderman / 30$ commission
Website: www.xxxbattery.com
Twitter: www.twitter.com/xxxbattery
Livestream: www.picarto.tv/xxxbattery
Patreon: www.patreon.com/xxxbattery
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/xxxbattery/profile
One year ago: #890 – Sexy office Rosalina
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#967 – Fur princess and fisted Yordle

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PATREON BONUS: Rosalina in defiant pose (Ecchi WIP for 1$+ patreons)

princess Rosalina nintendo mario crossover hentai porn fur lingerie fisting league of legends tristana fist fisting sex yuri lesbian

I heard back about Maraichux who made the Fate threesome at the beach and latex duo with Niimi kaoru (on the left). I was silent since November was “ difficult period: too much work, a lot of problem with my health (had a lot of flu) and a lot of thing to take care of“, seems this month was super hardcore for many people I know (and me included anyway I’m glad to know he’s still alive and better now.

A new illustration will come from this amazing artist and this time Maraichux want to go with something extreme “maybe some animal, maybe some stomach deformation, some extreme cock sounding“. As you can see there’s still so many “maybe” and after turn my crazy ideas back to reality two times I want this time give more freedom to Maraichux. All I’m sure now (let’s say 99.9% chance) is Rosalina will meet Claudia, from “The dragon prince” series that I have on my Netflix list (so another reason to watch it), anybody here know this show?


There was a sketch I found with Tristana from League of Legends and I loved so much her sexy outfit so kept in a corner until the day I would get a chance use it as reference for an duo with Rosalina. And it’s looking for artists on deviantart I found Ledge1606 who already make a gorgeous and so lewd Tristana piece, he have a great style, commission price and was fine with this duo so it was the time to remove the dust from the sketch and make it shine… If you wonder, this outfit for Tristana isn’t based on an official skin compared the the previous illustration with classic Tristana (here) or Bewitching Tristana (here). I guess the next time I should get her in her dragon trainer skin involving a little bestiality touch with the dragon itself… °w°

About the situation for this duo, I sent to Ledge1606 an idea with Rosalina fisting Tristana tight Yordle pussy while biting her ear. I have to admit the only artistic freedom remaining was with Rosalina suit since I cannot find any nice and sexy fur outfits for the princess, I ended asking several time Ledge1606 if he liked the idea to be sure he also have fun and told me “Do not worry, I’m really enjoying drawing this commission“. During the creation process the only edit I requested was move Tristana gun after received the fist sketch (on the right), I wanted it be being Tristana like holding her back on it to have the pose looking more accurate and realistic. The second sketch I received from Ledge1606 was totally perfect so I just did let him go on his was to finish the illustration and had the chance get many updates and WIP to enjoy the process ^__^

No lie, I love so much this illustration, so long I wanted Tristana in that suit with Rosalina and it’s so lewd as I love so XXX sure did an amazing job. You can see on the left the previous Tristana illustration he made and be sure there is more from Ledge1606 coming in the future with promising, ambitious and still so naughty situations. Also I should pick him for a patreon raffle reward illustration a day or just keep all his talent for my weird and lewd ideas. XD

Artist: Ledge1606 / 23$ commission
One year ago: #890 – Sexy office Rosalina
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#964 – Playfull kitties

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PATREON BONUS: Fisted Yordle (NSFW WIP for 1$+ patreons)
+ Step by Step illustration in full size (for 2$+ patrons)

princess Rosalina nintendo mario yuri lesbian rin kagamine vocaloid catgirl neko cunnilingus crossover hentai porn fur

Started in Lyon the annual light festival that lost it’s historical origins to become a huge touristic event but it’s still a thing I cannot miss to see. Originally we celebrate the day the plague epidemic ended in the city and placed candle on the windows as thanks to the Virgin Mary. Since 20 years ago the city make a huge night festival with animations on the entire city based on light. What make this post coming late is 2019 is a really beautifull edition, so many people outside and so cold but worth it. Here a sneak peak if you are curious ^^


Back to this new illustration, I know the original spirit is pair Rosalina with as many different girs as possible anyway sometimes there is character I want to go with again after I find an outfit or skin I like as for this cat version of the Vocaloid Rin Kagamine. I don’t think this version is based on an official design but I’m not 100% sure since Vocaloid characters got many different outfit with time (especially for Miku) but I really loved this catgirl look and wanted Rin dressed that way with Rosalina in her catgirl dress from M3DW (Mario 3D World) released on WiiU. Who already played this game?

At first I planned to get this duo commissioned to Lunakiri but the idea was lost with time and so many projects then I finally got another chance to go with this pairing as commission to Nakanakaiii. He already made a lot of cute and sexy young character being used to flat chest more than titties so sounded the perfect artist to draw Rin. The idea was Rosalina giving cunnilingus action on Rin keeping her suit open on the crotch as in the reference, Nakanakaiii was fine with the idea and situation so everything started nicely… °w°

Considering the catgirl outfit, Nakanakaiiiwanted to make her cat suit more open at the chest“, also I’m not with armpits fetish but saw the zippers on that art were on the sketch. When asked Nakanakaiii if he like Rin suit being open on the armpit and he said “ye, it looks good” so we kept that detail, I prefer know the artist work on things he like and maybe some people will like it even more that way ^__^

Another interesting detail about Nakanakaiii process, instead of doing the flat color on full drawing before start shading he manage to fully color and shading small parts in a specific order, first was the hairs, then face, body and finally clothing. At first it was a little disturbing to see the head fully coloured and the rest of the illustration still sketchy on Nakanakaiii wips but it’s fun to discover more original and unusual techniques. Also as long the artist feel comfortable with his process and the illustration turn cool everything fine… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Cause his art mostly NSFW and with young characters, Nakanakaiii get several illustration deleted on deviantart and recently gave -up leaving that place. Anyway you can see Nakanakaiii art and follow him on Twitter AND Pixiv. Also getting really interesting prices you can imagine Nakanakaiii is pretty busy with commissions but can always manage to save you a slot in the future if you ask nicely so don’t hesitate if you like his style and want get something (maybe kinky) but first if you best take a look at style and stuff. °w°

Artist: Nakanakaiii / 15$ commission
Twitter: www.twitter.com/vivanami1
Pixiv: www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=42094696
One year ago: #889 – Naughty sketch page
Next to come: Christmas is coming (SFW)
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#963 – Aerial fun with Jack-O

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Lingerie and Naked (exclusive) version in HD for 5$+ patrons
princess Rosalina nintendo mario yuri lesbian sex Jack-O Guilty Gear crossover

Black Friday was a full week of “fake” discounts in France, for to the legendary one in USA but I wonder if it’s that amazing or get corrupted everywhere now. I’m sure you all saw some videos of people showing “discounted price” then the initial one that was pretty much the same and sometimes even smaller, they really consider us as stupid walking wallets, don’t you think the same guys? (or maybe you were lucky finding a powerfull discount).

Talking about the Black Friday, I was also looking for artists into some promotions but found nothing (maybe I missed some epic deals, who know). Anyway not what stop me and new illustrations are coming for sure ^^


Today come a new illustration as reward from a monthly raffle on patreon, this time the chosen artist was xxxbattery and DarkEcoFreak got the hard mission to decide what to draw. It’s always interesting to see idea that don’t comes from my crazy mind and also character I may not consider but that still are really powerfull. Anyway important part is to get an idea that work with the artist style to get something looking good and also be pleasant for xxxbattery to draw, that’s why I always tell to first look at the artist portfolio.

DarkEcoFreak’s message said “don’t have any context so ill leave the situation in your hands my girl choice is Jack-O from Guilty Gear“, so the character was set but still have to figure about what Rosalina and Jack-O can do together. I first told about xxxbattery about Jack-O that told me “I like the character […] she is petite and curvy” so was really good start, also since the artist liked the character and I didn’t wanted to break it with a to crazy/stupid idea I told xxxbattery he was free about the situation to give him some freedom and get some surprise in return ^^

Finally the idea was an “airol scissor pose – both girls scissoring like legs wrapped around each other while flying through the air“, it sounded both dynamic and hot so I was totally hyped to go with it. Also another artist that seems knowing me too well when xxxbattery asked if that piece a lingerie request, technically it didn’t had to be oriented lingerie at start but the idea was great so he offered to “give rosa a long trench coat like jacko and have her in lingerie underneath“… Pretty powerfull isn’t it? °w°

Artist: Vaiderman / 60$ commission
Website: www.xxxbattery.com
Twitter: www.twitter.com/xxxbattery
Livestream: www.picarto.tv/xxxbattery
Patreon: www.patreon.com/xxxbattery
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/xxxbattery/profile
One year ago: #888 – Heroes of the frustration
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#962 – Latex princess and futa commander

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PATREON BONUS: Both versions HD and step by step (for 2$+ patreons)
princess Rosalina nintendo mario yuri lesbian sex futa futanari hentai porn latex pvc see-through transparent dress fetish Uchuu senkan yamato Niimi kaoru high heels princess Rosalina nintendo mario yuri lesbian sex futa futanari hentai porn latex pvc see-through transparent dress fetish Uchuu senkan yamato Niimi kaoru high heels

There was people complaining about the pop-up ad when entering the page saying it’s annoying, if you prefer I can link you a webcomic site having two pop-up when entering and then one popup for each page you visit. So for those that complain just know I wont change it and I’m totally not sorry (exception for my patreon supporters that deserve a totally ad-free place) but it’s out my actual skills… ^^’

And now less than a month before Christmas, I always looks at kids thinking about Christmas in November considering they’re stupid cause still sooo earlier but honestly I’m so impatient as them. Anyway being adult come the hard task of making gifts and the hard time getting ideas, budget and all done in time to not end in the middle of the last days rush. Everything pretty much done my side, how about you guys? How about you guys with Christmas gifts? There’s some here who already finished or still haven’t started?


After the marvelous beach trio, Maraichux had to stop art turning as fresh father being tired but also happy from the experience of take care and protect his son, as he said “Having a son requires much energy, but every smile is a gift“. I was still talking with him to get new and updates until the day Maraichux told me “you can count me in for a commision“, I kinda know about the incredible challenge and energy you need to be father but on the other side the idea of get a new illustration was so tempting and I cannot resit jump into the offer… Then today that illustration come with an insanely huge post, you are warned… °w°

It remind me the lovely Merethide who became mother on January and totally disappear since this day (even on social networks) and I was so scary Maraichux could also disappear that I had to get something by him when I still had a chance. A week later I send him a message called “New challenge” asking if a see-through latex dress would be too hardcore. There was a photo I saw (on the left) and Rosalina in a that kind of dress with a hole in back being taken from being could look so powerfull admitting it’s also a significant challenge to draw. I know it would take some time to get an answer since be a dad with so many deadlines is time consuming but excitation don’t make it easy since I was really excited about that idea and finally Maraichux answered saying “Love it! […] It is a very interesting challenge!“… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Now we have a concept for Rosalina dress it was time find about the second girl and kind of action, for the pose the idea was still Rosalina being taken from behind so I searched for some illustration featuring that scene to give an idea about the character pose and perspective. More complicated part was to find characters with latex dress/outfit and be sure there isn’t too much existing. I suggested Niimi kaoru from Uchuu senkan yamato (on the right) having the futanari option already set considering the reference being great for some messy addition and Saint-germain from symphogear (botton left) having an amazing latex outfit being so incredibly sexy as detailed.

Maraichux was really enthusiastic with the poses suggestion loving the futa action on a dress with a hole in the right place and sharing the same fetish as me for high heels, for the character pick he said “I think Rosalina would love to be fucked by a dominant futa soldier, so I’d love to draw Nimi Kaoru“. Hearing Maraichux love high heels sounded like the beginning of a long friendship and collaboration, more seriously I asked if was possible add sleeves on Rosalina inspired by her original dress and once details were all set can come the time to sketch, you can notice that at this step there wasn’t even a sketch made, an illustration not just insane amount of work but also huge preparation and talking… °o°

On the next days I received two sketches from Maraichux that were both really cool, I really liked the second one you can see on the right that have something dynamic and showing so much energy to get that princess ass filled all the way until it get totally ravaged by Niimi large dick. Anyway this sketch cannot work for Rosalina dress that wouldn’t allow her spread legs that way. It’s still something I’ll keep in a corner and maybe use for another illustration in the future to not waste Maraichux work. ^__^

Doing his best to find time working on the illustration in a really busy period and even going to apologize in every mail he send me (even if I say each time there’s no need to apologize), Maraichux sent me the pencils version of the illustration that allowed many details to come and looked super promising. He was hoping don’t disappoint and there was absolutely no reason for it, I love so much the action and how the dress look on Rosalina legs. Background spirit was also coming inspired by Niimi universe, everything was stunning but I asked to Maraichux if he can make Niimi dressed to make it more homogeneous, I managed find character references with nice outfits to go with Rosalina dress so wasn’t fun see Niini naked (even having those gorgeous high heels boots)… °w°

On his next mail Maraichux told me he had problem adding clothes to Niimi and it was updated on the next sketch, was sure a powerfull surprise even more since I loved Niimi’s perfect breasts and the previous sketch and open her dress in the front to don’t hide any of that perfection was so genius. Last surprise I got at the end was an alternative version with extra see-through effect on Rosalina, at first Maraichuxdid not went in the more “see trough” approach to maintain a more “colored” impact” and this really give an interesting and realistic look anyway for see-through lover like me the second version was so incredibly magic and powerfull, thanks so much for your kindness my friend… \(^o^)/

Hopefully this one wont be the last illustration from Maraichux for the project since he told me on his last message “I’d love to make something with heavy fetishes, so let me think about it for a couple of days and get back to you with an idea!“. At the time I released this article I still haven’t herd from Maraichux and have no idea what he have in mind so be sure I’m teased like you. What an insane suspense!!! °o°

One year ago: #Unexpected invocation trial
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#961 – Princess in action

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princess Rosalina nintendo mario yuri lesbian sex futa futanari hentai porn latex

No major updates about the project or Rosalina today and it makes me feel bad to say that… I always want get something new and interesting to feel the project is going alive and full power but today… It’s blank page… Well, let’s not be totally negative since there is a new illustration coming… And super kinky one today °w°

I was with family last week-end but it’s not the reason for this late post, in fact I expected it be be nice a refreshing but fate decided to make me super sick for those two day. Luckily I was way better… the day back to work! That’s so unfair and I hope you guys had a more enjoyable week-end than me (and if you haven’t, big hug to you)… ^^


No need to present him, Mazzacho magic come one more time with his 40th illustration to the project, he’s really the artist who contributed the most (Lunakiri is pretty close anyway). I’m really thankfull to those incredible artist putting so much love and energy drawing Rosalina and honestly they deserve way more than what I give them in return but I should need get the budget like 10 times bigger to get that power. Anyway they are back again and again with a big heart and magnificent Rosalina drawing so no time to cry (from happiness of course) and let make their art shine here and around the world… Oh yeah…. \(^o^)/

This illustration came from one word: “indecent, after many pin-up always sweet and even a little sexy Mazzacho wanted to go with something more naughty this time and I sure had no objection with it. It seems Mazzacho already had something in mind so I didn’t made any requests and suggestion to be sure don’t alter his original idea, also when I noticed Rosalina in shiny latex and high heels it wasn’t usefull for me to make requests, Mazzacho know me too well and Rosalina was looking so gorgeous and sexy as I love… Nyyyaaahhh °w°

Technically the girl with Rosalina is a random/original character, I saw several illustration where Mazzacho used a model as reference so maybe it’s the case for this girl with Rosalina or she’s just the result of his actual preference the moment he made the drawing. There was some artists drawing Rosalina with a girl that they wanted me keep the identity and origin secret for some reason so maybe the case here. In fact it can just be a total random girl created by Mazzacho but I like giving a touch of mystery ^__^

Artist: Mazzacho / Commission
Discord: discord.gg/YxHg49Q
Picarto: www.picarto.tv/Mazzacho
Patreon: www.patreon.com/mazzacho
Deviantart: www.mazzacho.deviantart.com
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Mazzacho/profile
One year ago: #886 – Squid singer and slimy place
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#959 – Sweet kisses

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princess Rosalina nintendo ecchi hentai porn super mario lesbian yuri crossover pokemon sword shield sonia kissing

I’m still a bit sad about the deletion of the SFW page, seems a part of me will eternally regret this decision whatever how good or bad it was. Trying to find positive points about that decision I can add to the list there will have no more troubles with ecchi illustrations and the hard part with some illustration to decide if they are enough safe to go on the SFW page, be sure sometimes it was extremely tricky ^^’

Maybe a really stupid or totally random coincidence but I noticed that the name of many artists that too part to the project have the same lenght, from the recent posts I could list Lunakiri, Mazzacho, Omnimaid, Maraichux or even Psicoero, all having 8 letters/digits in their name. I know there is many artist with longer or shorter name like MegumiPan616 and PlanZ34 anyway it was a fun coincidence seeing many names that did perfect align while working on the blog ^^


So pokemon sword and shield are released so no way to miss their release to post this new Rosalina and Sonia duo made by Aurastudio‘s team, after the illustration with Nono having a really kinky perspective and action (see it here), time for something more sweet and sensual. So for this new commission, Aurastudio managed the cuteness and sexiness combo I always consider so powerfull, of course I also love indecent lewd (and high heels) but I don’t mean I can also appreciate more adorable and romantic scenes ^__^

As always both artists managed it nicely, perfect curves for the line process and gorgeous breasts shading when colouring, how you can resist to the need of plan with those marvelous breasts and suck those nice pink nipples? Also I really like those two artists and wonder what advice give them to be even better, on the line side it would be to make them a little more clean and smooth then on colouring to increase the shadow to offer an even better play on light and perspective. Finally I must admit the last point that bug me a little are those hands without nails even if that’s not the main focus on that drawing for sure ^^’

Artist: Aurastudio / 7.5$ commission deal
One year ago: #883 – Love and toys on Wakfu world
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#955-956 – Happy 12th Birthday Rosalina

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Patreon bonus: Both illustrations in HD (was too big for the blog)
November 1st 2007 to November 1st 2019


And finally come the most important time of the year celebration Rosalina’s (unofficial) birthday since her first appearance ever when Mario Galaxy was released on Wii the 1st of November 2019, 12 years now since I discovered the lady I still consider as the most beautifull and cutest in the world keeping be my most dangerous source of addiction (according my family). The day started jump everywhere in the apartment, go out to shout Happy birthday Rosalina to the sky and now time to show you some incredible (and pervert) illustration made with dedication by XXX and XXX… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/


nintendo mario princess rosalina birthday crossover Strawberry Shortcake cake messy futanari hentai pornFirst of all there is no preference show with order and illustration are released in the order I get then, I love everything that have Rosalina and if you ask me order them by preference then I’ll give 1st place to all 956 pieces I got until now, nah! First illustration is a commission to PlanZ34 pairing Rosalina with a futa Strawberry Shortcake adding a lightly touch of messy, my biggest fetish until now. Here Rosalina started to enjoy her birthday cake and its special candle sure tasty and in pleasurable size. With some imagination you know this is just the beginning of a really fun party and I wanted got for a 3 illustration series (a sex and cumming scene) but it would be too short in time and I didn’t wanted PlanZ34 to rush on impossible deadline… ^^

I’m really pleased with the result and thanks to PlanZ34 who did his best to follow my idea and manage my request for messy and also high heels and lingerie, at first Rosalina was naked so I asked for her casual dress and got the surprise see the panties and pantyhose come as perfect addition. Also for the anecdote, I had troubles to explain exactly how I wanted the crown and wand to look on the floor, tried to explain for half an hour with different words or sentences and even asked Lunakiri to sketch me something her side to show something more visual. Finally I got the best solution ever sending a photo for PlanZ34 using the wand and crown from my own Rosalina cosplay, why I haven’t figured that at first? *face hitting desk*


nintendo mario princess rosalina birthday crossover High School of the Dead Shizuka candle hentai pornSecond illustration was a magnificent duo from Omnimaid coming every year showing his support to the project (and also that he’s not dead) always getting the record of most short in time to deliver the illustration but never missed Rosalina’s birthday since 2012, once again I cannot resist quote his magic “participating in Rosalina’s birthday has become a part of my yearly routine” that he never failed to apply after so many years, thanks so much for your kindness my friend and please never staying so awesome as you are… °w°

For his participation to 2019 birthday celebration, Omnimaid decided to pair Rosalina with Shizuka from High School of the Dead, I was wondering if this choice show some preference for young blonde ladies in and he said “Depends on the day […] Some times I prefer mature women and some times lolis and etc“. Finally since Omnimaid preference change with time, you can’t really imagine what he will come for Rosalina’s birthday and each illustration is really a true surprise. Also interesting coincidence is to see both illustration got a candy at some special place, no one knew about each other work but seems they are sharing the same vision of a kinky birthday, perfect one to me… XD