#045 – Wakfu – Evangeline

I say it a long time I haven’t post in the blog but there is some drawings waitings, so it’s restart… Enjoy… Now there more than 8.000 pageviews in the blog, really nice thing, but just 2 comments and 4 followers (2 for me and 2 friends) not good… T_T

So about this drawing don’t say if a lot know this serie made in france but I’m happy to present you Evangeline, one of the more famous and beautifull character in this serie… And Evangeline the representation of a chef designer, know a little about her an his family but that’s my secret…This time it wasn’t a request but a D.A. commission… So with result like this, it was a really nice idea to ask this request… So there is the naked version… Enjoy… ;p

So this beautifull drawing was a commission by Berserk-XXX a nice artist I found on hf but the final drawing is on his deviantart account, that’s why I linj this… The two girls are really awesome, especialy Rosalina (what Else), and there is some people who say they look “fat”… So it’s the question on the day “fat or not, what your opinion… ^^”

Artist: Berserk-XXX  /  Price: 800 D.A. points (10$)

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