#046 – Zero no tsukaima – Kirche Zilperstone

Second drawing by the really nice artist Decka, for this one Rosalina is with Kirche from The Familiar of Zero, or Zero no Tsukaima. She really love this character and plan to submit a drawing just with Kirche, so if you love this character too, don’t hesitate to check is gallerie… ^^

I hope you love it, as me the quality is better than the first drawing for rosalina but there is little mistakes but I really love this pic, more hot than the precedent and Rosalina face is so cute… Just beautifull… And this drawing was a really nice surprise, a request, and two awesome drawings at the end, when I see the one with Sylvie, in the description the artist say planned an other picture and I ask her she haven’t the obligation to make two drawing. Don’t want her to have some problems with the first pic when I see the “nice” comment of Sherazi but when I back to her gallerie, see two news drawing, and the second is this one… How nice… (^o^)/

Artist quote”This happened when I decided my Rosalina pic didn’t have enough Rosalina in it. While there are parts I think I could have improved on (Rosalina’s jawline, her legs and Kirche overall and DEFINITELY needs a background!) I’m still really happy with how her stomach turned out. I’m glad I made both of the images when I hadn’t planned to.

Thanks again for your kindness Decka publish these drawings was sooooo nice… ^^

Artist: Decka  /  Price: Request

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