#048 – Disgaea – Etna

New drawing in two parts by the nice artist ufo_man with a pretty famous character: Etna from Disgaea… See wasn’t in my wishlist when the artist propose me to drawn her and I haven’t see any game before but always know this character with some fanarts. She’s really cute and original,  so I don’t understand why I forgive her, it was a really nice think the artist want to drawn her instead of an other in the wishlist… ^^

I’m happy to show you these drawings, at the start the price was just for one pic that’s why there is not a lot of differences into the two drawings, Just a part a Etna tail who move and Rosalina eyes too… What a pity the mouth is the same in the 2 drawings, but I forgot to say that to the artist, so it’s now a little too late…

So I hope you like it, and don’t hesitate to take a look to the artist galerie, he have a pretty nice Strike Withes Serie (but hentai too… ^^)

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