#044 – Mario paper – Mimi

I say there is a lot of really nice artists on HentaiFoundry, and it’s still true… I hope you will love this drawing by a really nice artist YuumeiLove… With a really special character this time… Mimi from Mario paper… And it’s a request, how nice… XD

I think a lot don”t reconize her… Don’t worry, before see this drawing and Wiki, me too… And the best surprise was too see the original character… You can see the original dress as maid… The one with Rosalina is really more beautifull and sexy… Thanks so much to the artist for this awesome drawing, so happy to publish it on my blog… (^o^)/

And if you are a little curious about this character, you can start with her description on Wiki: http://www.mariowiki.com/mimi… ^^

Other thing interesting is this drawing, the artist want figured a clash of good and evil with “Rosalina” good guy from Super Mario Galaxy and “Mimi” bad guy from Super Paper Mario (artist quote… ^^).

Artist: YuumeiLove  /  Price:Request

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