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#692 – Happy Birthday to you (2017)

princess rosalina Nintendo birthday cake dress

I missed to thanks my patreon supporters for their support for January, as always there was a new raffle won by Curtis Heywood that was able ask for a duo to XXX. Stay tuned for the first sketch to see which character will meet Rosalina this time. XXX make lingerie and breasts so nicely and I hope to get some of that talent with Rosalina… °w°
Another big thanks for all that sent me wishes for my birthday, it was so lovely and also get some powerfull gifts as a core membership on Deviantart that allowed me change my name to Harmonie–Rosalina. I hesitated with RosalinaxGirl too but must be a little dangerous since would be related to a site with adult content and D.A. is really dangerous with everything related to hentai… >.<


Today illustration had to be with Valerie from Pokemon but this piece by Alycia I received as birthday gift, totally unexpected present as you can imagine or I would planned to publish it before. Anyway it was a so powerfull surprise get a so lovely wish with Rosalina and I love it. Thanks so much Alycia… \(^o^)/
Already go a beautifull series of illustrations From Alycia, starting from lovely chibi to some nice panda or Eevee dress to a sensual look that you can all see here. This illustration is still so adorable but goes even more sexy this time, seem my friends start to really know about my fetish but how you can resist to a cute Rosalina teasing us with a bit of lingerie in that kind of pose… °w°
More than how Rosalina moving up her dress, what got my attention first was how Alycia drew shadows and folds on the bottom of the dress. I thought there was a see-through effect that make Rosalina pantie and lingerie appear through the dress but looking at it again it’s just part of shading on the dress. Anyway that part always confuse me looking at this piece still hopping it can be what I thought first, I’ll check that joining her to enjoy that cake she made… and I hope more… ^__^
I’m sad I don’t have links to give you about Alycia since she never created Deviantart account or dedicated facebook page. It’s so bad she don’t share her art and skills but I guess she’s not interested by this just drawing as hobby for her friends and family. Anyway I’ll keep you in touch if things change in the future… Stay tuned…

Artist: Alycia / Birthday gift
No link for now (sorry)

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#570/574 – Kawai Rosalina pack

Week-end at Disneyland Paris so you can imagine I want to have more Tinkerbell, Anna or Elsa with Rosalina for now, make me feel bad I had to delete an Halloween commission that was so perfect for me due to some shedule and financial troubles (still love so much that idea) but there will be a little piece for Christmas with a disney girl, I just have to find a nice pose so stay turned… °w°
Also a huge thanks to Lunakiri and Omnimaid who helped me with css issue. In fact the problem wan’t in the css code itself but I forgot to close a bold balise on the main pose that affect all publications below. Fixed… \(^o^)/


For people always looking to “famous” artists, sometimes your friends are really more powerfull than you can expect and there is some amazing surprises. As for Alycia, who offered me to draw Rosalina and was a powerfull surprise. Now after a lovely panda dress and time as mermaid, I have some news from Alycia to show you. Also not a single or two drawing but 5 at the same time. How powerfull… I wanted to make a post for each illustrations but since all are from Alycia must looks better as a beautifull pack. Now let’s introduces each illustrations:
#1 – First one is like a mix into panda dress and “where is my pokemon?” project. Alycia decided to pair Rosalina with a little Eevee give eevee inspired dress to Rosalina and as you can see a little crown to eevee, I love that detail, it’s so cute but Rosalina’s dress is the best. Love sooo much the design… °w°
#2 – Seem Rosalina don’t need Mario anymore to find stars. Also we don’t see it a lot here but Alycia used glitter pen en the result is really beautifull.
#3 – There is Rosalina back for the third piece, kinda simple but with a sensual touch that I really love.
#4 – Let’s continue with a sweet bust, the text “Harmonie” is simply the Rosalina’s French name. Really love that cute smile and embarassed touch, it make Rosalina looks so lovely and innocent. How adorable.
#5 – Last one is really the cuttest of the serie, A so adorable chibi Rosalina. I love her expression and also the wind effet on her dress adding a dynamic touch.
Once again thanks soooo much for your kindness Alycia, I have a wonderfull and so lovely collection now. I hope you also like them guys and feel free to let a little comment for Alycia, you can be sure some nice messages and feedback are a wonderfull support to an artist and give them more motivation to continue draw and amaze us…

Artist: Alycia / Cost: 0$ (request)

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#550 – New form and new friend

Rosalina Nintendo mermaid ariel disney
I was finally able to make a little artist feature with the “Artist of the week that you can see on the right column, also with the gallery, Rosalina’s Delivery Service comic, adding all other project and page listed it’s kinda huge and I’m sore a lot of you miss all that power you can find. For now I must update the page list on the top to add more and think of a complete redo for the right column. Something more compact must be really more poferfull.

I think a lot of you noticed that illustration make by the tallented Sakami-chan you can find on deviantart and patreon. She drew Rosalina and like her style everybody must be amazed but on the soft version there is a huge mistake cause the hair lock is in front of her left eye insted of the right. Curious point, there is a semi-naked version for patreon too but this one have the hair lock in correct side, seem she mised a flip while working on the safe version… O_o


After Alycia showed me the lovely panda dress Rosalina, she told me to wait until she scan it and give me a HD version. She published it on my facebook page and I was so excited, writing a message to give her a huge thanks but I scrolled by accident and another post appeared, she made me a surprised and published another illustration with Rosalina and Ariel from the disney movie “the little mermaid“. It was so powerfull and unexpected… °o°

First time I receive Rosalina as mermaid and Alycia‘s illustration is so lovely as if I must admit I’m kinda confused see Rosalina as mermaid. As if I always ask for Rosalina, each artist have his own style and way to see/draw her so she’s always different sometimes more realistic, crazy or original.

In fact, Alycia asked me if I already received Rosalina and Ariel together but no time to answer that the illustration was already done, she damn fast guys so be careful and reactive with her. About Rosalina, I must admit she look wonderfull. Damn beautifull and her expression make her more adorable and innocent as if there is also a sexy part since don’t wear bra compared to Ariel. Nothing really explicit with hair covering her breasts (love this detail), finally the mix into cuteness and sexiness make a powerfull combo, Alycia really did an amazing job.

I also wonder what Rosalina have in her hand (must ask to Alycia about this point). Ariel look great, beautifull and expressive, this time she found a new friend to play with, she look so happy and dynamic for the moment and for sure must be amazed once Rosalina will tell her some awesome stories about the galaxy. In fact the only negative point is seeing Rosalina as mermaid remember me a guys addicted to this lovely princess but considering Rosalina as his own property (that bastard). He had a huge fetish for mermaid and asked lot of illustration with him and Rosalina. Now he disappeared from the internet and what happened is not Alycia fault so I can just say she made a marvelous piece. Thanks so much…

Alycia / Cost: 0$ (gift)

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#508 – Rosalina and panda fusion

I know I must publish more regularely guys, sorry about that. In fact I was busy with stupid thing, using the serch tab on the top we wasn’t able to find posts I made after the come back on blogger ad spend some day trying to see how it work. Finally problem is fixed, I can go back to publications… ^^
Also soft publication today so won’t say anything kinky but be sure you will love next publications… Two gorgeous pin-up are coming…


Now while I’m working on this new page time to enjoy an illustration I received for a lovely and kinda talented French friend Alycia, she don’t want be believe it but compared to my level she’s damn powerfull and she also have the ability to draw Rosalina… Alycia is a goddess… °o°
Explain this illustration will be simple, Alycia is addicted to pandas as me with Rosalina (thought she’s not so crazy as me) and proposed me to draw Rosalina, was a powerfull offer for sure and can’t resist. She decided to mix our two passions and drew Rosalina with a panda dress. Finally she’s not really dressed as panda like I expected but Alycia made a nice and so lovely combo. Love the result.
In fact I must admit there is a little error on this illustration, like Rosalina hairstyle the must have an hair lock hiding her right eye and it don’t happen here but not likeAlycia completely forgot it cause the lock is here, just don’t cover her eye but it’s a small error like artist who put it on the wrong side cause they missed that detail or no choice if don’t want the hair lock to hide Rosalina’s face.
For the moment Alycia don’t have a profile on some artistic place like Deviantart but I hope she will continue draw and create a nice gallery a day. For the moment you can still add her as friend on facebook and give her some friendly support. Last thing, Alycia gave me the honor to draw another illustration with Rosalina and Ariel so stay turned… °w°

Artist: Alycia  /  Cost: 0$ (gift)

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