#303 – Special – Who let her alone ?

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For people who noticed the contest do’nt hesitate to talk and it and promote the contest. there is 40$ prizee for the winner and also 3 special prizees at 1.000 D.A. points for my favorite drawing on the three categories: Traditional, digital and 3D but the prizee is unlocked only if there is 5 drawings or more in the category so why not hesitate… Oh yeah… XD


Today a drawing who don’t appear on the blog’s counter but I really wanted to show you. for people who sometiems take a look to the bonus page (see it here) you must already see a drawing by Pandaxoxo and she drew Rosalina again, that’s not powerfull guys?   °w°

I think you noticed why this drawing is a little particular, like his name the objective of the blog is to show rosalina with other girls. I also I receive sometimes a solo Rosalina depending of the artist, a drawign need a lot of time and two characters with interaction is not easy to drew. Pandaxoxo decided to show Rosalina with some “monsters” of the Mario universe but I’m not sure they are really girls… XD

Pandaxoxo is a really lovely girl, it’s really fun to talk with her and I think it’s a little because of me than the colored version appeared so I must have to show the drawing here… In one hand to show this amazing Rosalina (and I keep an eye on her more often now) but int he other hand to ask you to support Pandaxoxo…. She’s amazing, she’s really lovely and damn… She need your support guys!!!

You must now than Pandaxoxo love to draw ecchi (and more than ecchi) stuff but due to some problems than I’ll talk on he second video she really need your comments and support to continue. I’m sure all fappers you are also have the ability to let a little comment for Pandaxoxo… Artists love draw but if the post their art on other site it’s not just to show it but also need to hear people saying it’s great… Oh yeah… XD

Artist: Pandaxoxo / Cost: 0$ (special)

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  1. Anonymous

    OMG Awwww I love it babe! Thanks! And hello to all the rosalina fans out there!

    Pandaxoxo <3


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