May 2013 – Video #002 online

Yeah, I think I’m a little masochist (and you too if you will listen me) but I wanted to continue to create videos and I hope this one will be better than the first.

Don’t hesitate to give me your feedback and please don’t forget english is not my native langage… U_u

1.) Feedback
To answer to your (interesting) comments on the first videos

2.) Informations
What new since the first video

3.) Projects
What you must see in the blog soon

4 Artists:
Yeah, why not talk a little about them too. ^^
     – Pandaxoxo:
     – Delacroix Legion:
     – Quaraci:
     – Ghostraven: Waitig for a link


  1. Eromanboy

    You perform quite well. I mean when I push the record button, no matter what I’m recording, my head just goes blank. You on the other hand don’t seem to be nervous at all, and have planned everything out before hand. It was rather entertaining video. ^_^

    1. Eromanboy

      Oh, and is that private video? I mean youtube doesn’t normally accept that kind of adult rated stuff I think. D:

    2. Rosalina x Girl

      Yeah youtube don’t accept this so don’t say anythig or the will delete it… ^^

    3. Eromanboy

      ahaha 😀


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