Special, Catsuit and Me…

After see so much people using a logo or Intro on their videos I wanted to try something and made a prototype. It was just for fun so I don’t care about the quality but I must admit I’m not really happy with the result.

I used the music of a movie trailer but India songs are not really the best theme to use regarding the blog… XD


So ok, I said on the previous post that this new publication must be a little special, instead of a yuri illustration DarkShadow777 decided to make a straight illustration paring Rosalina… With me… For sure I understand you wonder why I publish this illustration here but already had some other special illustration like Rosalina and Bowser and all where published as honor and thanks to the artist who spent so much time and efforts to draw it. So no choice, DarkShadow777 illustration must be here and it look so powerfull that I’m sure you love it guys… ^^

This catsuit if from the game Mario 3D world, I bought a WiiU the day Nintendo announced Rosalina as playable character on the game and it was so powerfull to play once she was unlocked (she run slowly but double jump is OP). I asked to DarkShadow777 for a request and he finally wanted to draw Rosalina with her catsuit, sincerely she’s gorgeous wearing it and need more kinky neko fanarts. Damn beautifull, damn sexy and it’s like DarkShadow777 printed one of my (naughty) dream… That’s so powerfull… (^o^)/

Sincerely the way he draw me, it’s like I made a fusion with Vegeta,  If you look at videos I made I don’t look so impressive but  in other way it’s not so bad to have a strong body and psychopat smile (though)… Once again it’s a huge thanks for your kindness DarkShadow777 and guys feel free to take a look to his gallery (here), so much excellent illustrations and amazing ladies… Oh yeah…

Artist: DarkShadow777  /  Cost: 0$ (request)
Blog: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/DarkShadow777/profile
Hentaifroundry: www.tempusdeperditur.blogspot.mx

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