Pokemon – #052 Meowth

After the last Nintendo direct about Bayonetta 2, I think some of you heard that she have some special costumes like asian dress or Nintendo cosplay of Link, Samus, Star Fox (love this one) and Peach. She look damn sexy as Peach that it must be fun to make a Rosalina version of this outfit for Bayonetta and dress Rosalina like Bayonetta… °w°

But there is a question that my mind didn’t find the answer. Want kind of pose or situation we can imagine to make this crossdressing combo the be more powerfull? Any ideas guys?


After a furry Lopunny it’s time for the “Where is my pokemon?” page to grow up a little with a new illustration by Mizun. She’s so lovely as her art and already made so much adorable pokemon ladies, after that no choice that I must commission her a day to take part of the project and it finally happened… I’m so happy with the result, Mizun‘s illustration is marvelous, freaking cute but also with a sexy touch, what a powerfull combo… (^o^)/

Now I’m sure everybody know (and love) this famous pokemon always moving with Team Rocket: Meowth… Also remember his attack “Jackpot” that I often use on pokemon Yellow to earn a little money before spend it on the Casino… As if it was a commission, I let Mizun free to choose the pokemon she want to pair with Rosalina and finally received this lovely Rosalina and Meowth duo. I hope you like it guys.

Both are so cute (I love Rosalina face), nothing pervert, just a lovely and sensual ecchi piece. I love how Mizun can make girl look so sexy but still so adorable and innocent. Looking at this drawing you can’t imagine it will en with a hot yuri scene, must stay slow and soft. Meowth gently moving and touching Rosalina. Just amazing… °w°

Must commission Mizun in the future when my budget will be better. For the moment if you are interested, she opened “Art Bundles” cause she need money to buy medical books. “This bundle auction will consist of three (3) pictures of whatever character you want. So even if you just increase the bid by 100 points (1$) you’re getting a great discount“. You can find more about this offer on Mizun’s profile (here) and feel free to take a look to her gallery too..

Artist: Mizun  /  Cost: 1.200 D.A. points

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