#067 – Solo002 – Piranha plant

This time it’s not a crossover but I’m really happy to show her this drawing… It was a request accepted by an awesome artist in hentaifoundry: aaaninja. Like this drawing, it’s easy to say he have a pretty nice style and level so that’s so incredible to have this drawing as request… Thanks so much… (^o^)/

At start he wanted to drawn Rosalina with Bowser but decide to stop this idea after I noticed Rosalina had to be with girl crossover… So he come with this idea… Awesome… Of course… ^^

I’m sure you must love this drawing… Rosalina is really sexy, hot and wet in this situation and I love her high heels… You can see the version with cum… There is not a lot but it’s a plant… Normal… XD

Don’t hesitate to take a look to aaaninja gallerie, there is a lot of really nice drawing and if you are curious, take a look to his DeviantArt profile and blog for WIP for more pics. But this one is the best… Rosalina is always the best… ;p

Thanks again Aaaninja… It’s a pleasure to have a drawing like this in my blog…

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  1. Yukikah

    Ok, so not a big fan of the plant sex myself. Even less plant rape, though I will admit I can’t read minds and tell what’s going on.

    That said, this is a very very well drawn Rosalina. It’s nice to see her soft and smooth, but not pink. It makes her musculature stand out and accentuates her curves, almost like she was covered in oil or something else deliciously wonderful.


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