#068 – Mario – Peach and Daisy

Rosalina, Peach and Daisy… I think it’s the most famous and beautifull Nintendo trio… It’s a second time an artist choose this 3 girls after accepted my request.. See the other drawing here

Two really nice and different drawings but only the bust… This pic is more soft, this time they are not nude but have sooo cute faces… Thanks so much to Amytenchi for this incredible pic and her kindness… HentaiFoundry are so nice… But I know some in Deviantart I really love too but are really busy… Not good… T_T

I think for this pic it’s interesting to talk about hair color, there is a lot who think Peach and Rosalina have same hair color, and it’s false… The answer with the artist quote: “I was going to do the same color originally, then I realized that Roselina is more a white blonde, while Peach is a golden blonde“… Of course… And there is some people who say Rosalina as “Peach recolored”, so it’s a Peach_V2, but really more beautifull… ^^

Artist: Amytenchi / Price: Request


  1. Amy Tenchi

    I love me and my fluff 🙂 and i’m so happy you like it too!

  2. Yukikah

    Hee; love these three together more than any two of them perhaps, and it is very nice to find such a cute and well done version of them together. It still has an undertone of sensuality from the nighties and cleavage, but it seems 100% natural; more like you walked in on a slumber party than a porn set.

    It’s remarkably refreshing and incredibly well done.


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