#65-66 – Nintendo -> Mario – Peach N°6 & 7

See how Peach is famous, now 7 drawings showing her with Rosalina… Two new drawings by the awesome artist hotpea who accept drawn Rosalina and she make 2 drawing… Thanks so must for her kindness… (^o^)/

So it was not easy the see what drawing I will show first… At start I wanted to make 2 posts but I think it’s better like this… Enjoy it… ^^

Hotpea have a really beautifull style, its drawings are really hot but  characters have so cute and expressive faces with big eyes like this… So don’t hesitate to take a look to her profil and gallerie, I’m sure a lot must love it… ^^

So these two drawings are lines, so if you are interesting to color it, your welcome… But don’t forget to post a little comment about Hotpea in the description… ^^

Artist: hotpea  /  Price: Request

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