#056 – Solo – Nipping her wand

For people you think the blog is dead, you must know that it will never happen. I’m in love with Rosalina since I discovered her playing Mario Gakaxy and now I wont let the project die. Or it will die with me (though I don’t want to think about that for the moment)… ^^

I know updates are slowly and I really sorry that the blog is not more active but now I have some illustrations ready so prepare yourself guys… Maybe slow but wont die, don’t forget that point… En eh.


This time a little commission bust I asked to the adorable and talented KatrineP, I found a beautifull witch on her gallery (on the right). Looking for more information on her profile I found that she do commissions and prices are really interesting like her style and illustrations quality. 3.77$ for a bust, you must admit it’s an interesting offer and if you are interested, you can read her journal for more infos about commissions (here).

I wanted to ask something lovely and tender to KatrineP for the Rosalina bust. Not just Rosalina looking at us with a lovely smile but something more sensual so looking at the want in my hand (yeah, I always have it) I thought to Rosalina nipping her wand. As you can see the result is amazing, KatrineP did an excellent job, Rosalina is so lovely and adorable, a sensual touch with the want and… Well… Also a sexy one with her breasts but wont complain about that point…°w°

I also commissioned KatrineP for a second bust but not Rosalina this time. It wa a little gift for my friend Tallon who help me so much with the blog commissioned damn powerfull illustration and also the Halloween comic (here) who is just epic… Haku don’t have a wand so I suggested to KatrineP to draw Haku holding a little invitation fot Tallon… Yeah, nipping it again but I was so happy with that idea… XD

Artist: KatrineP / Cost: 3.77$

Added to wishlist: Honey and Grace from Fighting Vipers (see it here)

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