#057 – Claymore – Clare

First of all I want to wish Everybody an happy new year 2014 and after that a huge sorry for the lack of update. Christmas, new year and my birthday are now over (yeah, it was on January 7th) no it will be more calm and I don’t have reason to be busy… Time for publications… °w°

I created the blog there is now more than 2 years. Talk with artists and make all these publications in english was really powerfull and I discovered how english can be powerfull to talk with the blog. Since the first post I really increased my level. the only problem is that I can easilly read and write but speack is still a problem… Must work on this part.


Now a little commission I received from my friend Tallon. He commissioned the amazing artist mortalshinobi who seem to be a huge fan of the claymore series (a really nice one, little scary sometimes but really fun). It remember me that at a moment I always thought that a B&W illustration look unfinished and colored pieces are the best but after saw some artists like mortalshinobi I know this kind of drawing can be really powerfull… Oh yeah… ^^

For people who know Claymore I’m sure you reconized Clare, she’s really my fav character of the series. I asked to mortalshinobi why he choosed her and made this kind of illustration. His answer is really interesting, let start a little quote: “well i was initially going to use someone from smash brothers like zelda, but the client thought that too typical, so i went with one of my own favorites who i haven’t drawn in awhile. so I chose clare“.

As for the moto, I think everybody know that Rosalina is playable on Mario kart (Wii and 3DS), mortalshinobi played the game and really enjoyed it so since he wanted to make a realistic interpretation, Rosalina and Clare are preparing a race… As you can see on their faces, they are not her for fun but for the victory so prepare yourself… It will be an epic race… Eh eh… XD

Thanks so much Tallon and congrat for thsi excellent piece mortalshinobi. Guys, if you want to see more you must take a look to his deviantart gallery (here). there is so much really powerfull illustrations and you can also commission him, as you can see mortalshinobi can make epic illustration so don’t hesitate to take a look and send him a message if you want more infos.

Artist: mortalshinobi / Cost: ??? (gift)

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