#440 – Solo – Lovely Rosalina

On saturday I wanted to start working on the next video, have some ideas in mind but I had a bad kneecap slipping and I can’t do anything now. Lucky I was able to go back to home after it happened but now can move leg and walk… Shops will be all close for two days so don’t have crutches… U_u

Also thanks to Sandro for his screen, Now I know that the blog look the same on PC and tablet, that’s a good new and feel free to use your to visit the blog guys… ^^


Today it’s a so lovely Rosalina illustration I won from pastelxtentacles‘s kiriban. I really love that name, “pastel” sound more lovely and with “tentacle”, well not the same thing but I always say that the mix into cuteness and sexiness is an amazing combo and if you take a look to pastelxtentacles‘s gallerie, that name sound perfect… XD

I lvoe how Roslaina look with her style, pastelxtentacles really made one a the cutest piece I received. So much great details like her eye or some wind effect on her dress and hair who add a dynamic touch to the illustration, nothing really huge but it make her alive, we can imagine her moving slowly looking at us with a little smile… Awww… °w°

An original touch with the ribbon her the dress, no the first time an artist have this idea and I must admit it look great. For the rest pastelxtentacles was close to the original character with the dress, hair style, crown and Lumas (who are a really important part of her story). I must admit Roslaina look marvelous with her style and that’s what I love with my project. As if it’s always Rosalina she look different depending the artist style so always something different… How powerfull… (^o^)/

If you want to see more of pastelxtentacles, feel free to take a look to her gallery (here) and you can also commission her. Refering, to her pricelist (here) an ilustration lieke this cost 13$ so it’s really interesting. The Roslaina illustration is with flat colors and not full color so you can be sure pastelxtentacles can amaze you… Oh yeah…

Artist: pastelxtentacles  /  Cost: 0$ (Kiriban – 13$ as commission)

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