Pokemon – #314 Illumise


My knee feel better and I now can start to walk, if everything fine I4ll be able to work on the video next week if my friend will be ready to help me with the camera. I was at home for a week and tough I’ll have more time for the blog but an entire day at home doing nothing is so boring and finally really tiring so wan’t able to do anything… Just looked for new artists and fixed some Html errors arround the blog.

Also made an art trade with someone but since I can’ tdraw I’ll commission an artist to do the drawing for my part of the trade. Can sound weird but like the illustration I received it was a powerfull deal… °w°


Today it’s time to increase the pokemon collection adding a new lovely (and pretty sexy) Illumise that I commissioned to EpicSubterfuge. After the illustration with Emolga (see it here), I asked him to participate once again to the project “Where is my Pokemon?“. I choosed Illumise cause like the original pokemon it’s like she wear some lingerie and it must be perfect with EpicSubterfuge style… Oh yeah…

It was during a shiny hunting session (who failled), I was focusing to capture an Illumise and after see it again and again I thought that it’s like she’s wearing clothes who can turn into lingerie with a more humain look. I have a huge fetish for lingerie so it was impossible to keep this idea out of my mind until U found someone to draw it and it’s finally EpicSubterfuge that I choosed to make my dream come true… Also love so much the result, he did an excellent job… I hope you also like it guys…

Both are so beautifull, really sexy for sure and also keep an adorable touch with this innocent face for Illumise and Rosalina with her little smile who seem to have some ideas in mind to have fun with her new friend. These lingerie outfit really suit perfect on Rosalina and Illumis. Thanks for your efforts EpicSubterfuge.

Now if you want more, feel free to take a look to EpicSubterfuge‘s gallery on deviantart, so much great illustration and why not commission him to make some dreams come true. 2$ for a colored character and 1$ for additionnal, for sure is incredibly cheap and that mean EpicSubterfuge‘s art will appear again on the blog in the future, stay turned… ^^

Artist: EpicSubterfuge  /  Cost: 3$

One year ago: King of fighters => Shermi

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  1. EpicSubterfuge

    Yay! It’s finally on, and I’m so glad you liked it, I really am… The very best part of making a commission/request/trade is to materialize something that a person really, really want to see. Doing it the best way possible is also a big responsibility, as I’m dealing with a person’s wish and, in this case, a character that is very dear for you, so messing up or doing a half-good job wasn’t an option… I actually redid this a few times to make sure it was the best drawing I could possibly do. as for the Nurse Rosalina one that didn’t quite make the cut, I may finish it someday, or even redo the pic to give it a more fun/innocent look…

    Keep doing what you do, you rock!
    (but get your knee fixed soon, judging by what you said it’s serious and I want you to be well)


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