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Back to work a week after my kneecap slipping… Sincerely the more difficult are to drive and stairs because the knuckle but I’m really better working outdoor than spend all the day sit at home. I’m not so much tired and much motivation for the blog. Time to find artists and maybe a how increase the budget.

A sponsor sound so lovely but like blog stats it’s not enough and just one click on ads can be really helpfull guys… Yeah, that’s always weird links and sites but without click on a day, it don’t count, but I must admit miss 0.01$ is not so impressive… Eh eh…


Now after increased “Where is my pokemon?” collection with Illumise, Here is a new illustration from the really pelasant EpicSubterfuge who paired Rosalina why one of my favorite Disney character: Tinkerbell… She’s was N°1 for a long time but now with Elsa I can’t decide… Must be fun to have both with Rosalina a day… Maybe special but so powerfull…^^

I think EpicSubterfuge have one of the more original Rosalina I ever see, for sure we recognize her but you must admit that his style make her really different than how she look in Nintendo games as if EpicSubterfuge keep the more important parts of Rosalina. Hair style, Crown, Wand and earrings are here but we can’t miss EpicSubterfuge style…

No shading effects but I don’t have the feeling it look sketchy or something missing as if I wonder how EpicSubterfuge drawings can look with some light and shadow effects… Also, as if he need more practice, I must admit EpicSubterfuge already have a nice level with anatomy. Feet and arms look great and you can be sure for a lot of artists this body part is such a pain to draw (As if I must admit I’m more into high heels generally)… XD

I hope you like this illustrations guys because more to come from EpicSubterfuge. A new illustration is in progress, I can just say that Rosalina will meet Snorlax and if you are interested why not take a look to his Deviantart gallery (here) or commission him… EpicSubterfuge is really really (yeah twice) cheap like the quality of his art and all efforts he put on his illustrations… Oh yeah…

Artist: EpicSubterfuge  /  Cost: 3$

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