Pokemon – #428 Lopunny

Was a boring week-end without internet and now I’m back to home but noticed that I forgot my phone at grand-parents house… How lucky… U_u

After a week of work it seem my knee wasn’t ready and as if I had a knuckleit look really bad. Was a quiet week-end but a new busy week is coming so I hope it wont be so much pain. Also must have to report again the video because work (no holidays for me this year)…


I really love my project “Where is my pokemon?” and I’m glad to see that have interest to take part on it. At start, Lunakiri said in a journal that she would love to draw all pokemons as gijinka so I was an excellent opportunity for a little commission series. I don’t think I’ll be able to commission her all 718 pokemons with Rosalina but after Mismagius (see it here), this time Lunakiri and I chosen Lopunny to meet Rosalina. I hope you like the result guys… ^^

I really love Lunakiri art and ideas, this time she wanted to draw a pokemon more close to furry than gijinka and as if I was a little septic at start the result is really powerfull, Lopunny look really beautifull with a sexy touch and also love so much Rosalina, some lingerie, bunny ears and a lovely face expression, kinda surprising and innocent, Lunakiri made her sooo adorable… °w°

Another interesting idea, these to square o make us focus on Rosalina and Lopunny face instead of there breasts. In fact the first version was a little different and color more flat out of squares, the idea was really to focus on both faces but I asked Lunakiri if she can make a version more colored and she accepted. I added some WIP on the right and the last one is the other version. What your favorite guys?

Like I said there is more to come from Lunakiri, Another sexy Rosalina that you can still see on her deviantart gallery (here) and for sure there is more to come. Like I said I plan to make a huge pokemon series with Lunakiri. Talked a little with her on skype and I’ll try to suggest her a different concept, I hope she will be interested by the idea… Stay turned guys cause it’s just the start… Oh yeah… ^^

Artist: Lunakiri  /  Cost: 14$

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