Crossgender – Megawoman

Was a really calm week, nothing special about the blog or Rosalina. I just received a new illustration with Roslaina and Snorlax for the project “Where is my pokemon?“… Oh, I must update the page and add the two last illustrations I published btw…

Like a month I didn’t asked commissions and wont be able to do it until september, adding holidays for a lot of artist I must be careful with update if I want to be able continue publish here regularly that’s why there is an illustration each 4 days instead of 3 as usual…


Today a really special (and freaking talented) artist; Isatan. I found him on furaffinity but must admit I’m never on that site generally. In fact he already drew Rosalina and I discovered his drawing on rule34, you can see it on the right. For sure I love Rosalina so much that I feel bad see her with other mans so a sandwich with to shota boys can be special for me but the way Isatan drew Rosalina is just excellent…

She’s gorgeous and damn hot, after that my only objective was to find the artist who made this drawing and ask him he he man be interested to take par of the blog and draw Rosalina again but this time in a yuri illustration… Like the result, it was a success… (^o^)/

It was so powerfull when Isatan accepted my request, once again thanks so much…. After that I was curious to see what he will imagine for Rosalina and for sure he can’t stop to amaze me… This time Rosalina meet Megaman but as female version so it’s time for Megawoman and her secret toy… XD

Isatan is excellent with anatomy and face expressions, first time I see Rosalina breasts who are really affected by gravity so there is a nice realistic touch and for sure a perfect view on her body. Megawoman also look gorgeous, with this little smile for sure she noticed that her little toy is really effective on Rosalina and I wonder if she have other hidden options for her new friend… °w°

I hope you like this drawing guys, first time I have a crossgender (not sure it’s the right word) but can’t be more original or surprising… Isatan are is really powerfull and you you are looking for more feel free to take a look to his FA gallery (here). The only problem with the site is that you have to register and find how allow adult images but after that’s it’s magic… Oh yeah… XD

Artist: Isatan  /  Cost: 0$(request)

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