Pokemon – #439 Lilligant

I looked at the blog on my phone cause was curious to see how it look and I must admit the phone version isn’t really powerfull. Each time I write a post I make look perfect but it’s only optimized for pc. Phone can be really usefull to check for updates but don’t care about global design… XD

Now I wonder how it look on tablets and Ipad… It’s another design or it look the same as phone?


A new illustration by Merethide. I hope you already heard about her cause she already participated several time to the blog and also started a comic project: the “pyjamas party” who is now definitely on hold… But after a long time she’s now back with more experiences, more skills and new techniques, this illustration is a mix into digital and traditional art but not as you can expect… You can be sure Merethide is now ready to amaze us… Oh yeah… XD

At start it was an offer from Merethide, she was looking for a Suicune on Pokemon and proposed to trade one for an illustration. I accepted and also helped her to complete her pokedex so after that she accepted to make a duo illustration… For sure the first lady must be Rosalina but for the second I suggested her if a pokemon lady can pick her interest. Like the situation it must be logical and finally Merethide accepted to pair Rosalina with Lillligant, one of my fav pokemon of the game… (^o^)/

At start Merethide was only on tradi illustration, using copic for lines and felt-tips for coloration but she also started to work on digital illustrations. For sure digital is better and allow more details and changes but nothing better than a traditional illustration than nobody can copy/paste, especially when you can have the original version… Finally Merethide decided to mix medias. A pencil sketch on her sketchbook, the line was on computer but for last step, she printed the line and colored it with  felt-tips, I must admit the original is amazing… °w°

I wanted to have a close look to the original pokemon using some lingerie  and Merethide is more into fantasy look adding more jewels and stuff but she was able to make a version who look great for both. Rosalina and Lilligant having some fun hidden under the waterfall, nobody will be able to find them but I hope you love the illustration guys. For more don’t hesitate to visit Merethide’s page (here). Why not let a little comment or ask her about commission, like 40$ for this kind of illustration so it’s an excellent deal… ^^

Also a little detail about Lilligant used some attacks on Rosalina like Charm but as if there is some tentacle, the original pokemon can’t learn Vine Whip… Merethide suggested to remove this spanking and nipple play touch but must be so stupid (I love how it look) so I had an idea… Must be like cheat but I’ll say that Lilligant use Hidden Power… Can work in that way… No?

Artist: Merethide  /  Cost: Deal (cost arround 40$)

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