Solo – Lingerie and Mirror

I agree the blog is slow with updates recently but be sure it wont be for a long time. There is the Rosalina’s Delivery Service comic who will be done soon. Also will have a new edition of “your dream by Lunakiri” on october and at last it’s Rosalina’s birthday on November 1st.

Now prepare yourself guys, you will have to participate soon… Oh yeah… ^^


And about Lunakiri, she already participated several times to the blog and made some illustrations for the project “Where is my pokemon?“; after Mismagius (here) and Lopunny (here). Time for Rosalina to have some rest but for sure with a sexy touch, I love so much lingerie and high heels, she’s gorgeous…

About the mirror, it start when I won Lunakiri‘s kiriban on deviantart. I was able to ask for a pin-up illustration and finally it ended with Tinkerbell in front of a mirror (didn’t wanted to be annoying always asking Rosalina). Finally due to some troubles with the sketch, Lunakiri decided to drop out with this idea and finally made an other version of Tinkerbell. You can see the first sketch and final illustration she drew.

You ca be sure anatomically it’s really hard to draw someone and his reflect on the mirror but the sketch Lunakiri made was really nice and loved so much that idea so I decided to use my next commission to gibe a new try but this time it must be with a sexy Rosalina and I must admit is was an excellent idea….

I agree there is still some errors but Lunakiri made an excellent job and Rosalina is gorgeous, so beautifull and sexy with that sexy outfit looking at us with a lovely smile and let enjoy her panty in the mirror… I love it so much. Lot of great details and Lunakiri made so much efforts with colors and shadings. I think just the bed was quite a challenge but the final illustration is amazing… Thanks so much Lunakiri… (^o^)/

Really huge post today, not just I was inspired to write a lot but don’t forget that behind an illustration there is always an artist and story, after all this Rosalina illustration started from a sketch with Tinkerbell. That’s why I love so much sketches and WIP, as if they don’t see the light there is always nice idea to use. Lunakiri really worked hard on this drawing and if you want more, feel free to take a look to her deviantart gallery (here) and why not give her a little comment or maybe start a commission… ^^

Artist: Lunakiri  /  Cost: 14$

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    And there’s also that little thing I told you about over Skype. Only question is if you want to post them all at once or make them 3 separate updates.


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