#163 – Solo – Goomba censorship

nintendo mario princess rosalina ecchi sexy goomba
People are often surprised with my collection and ask me how I can have so much drawings in my blog (and a lot as request)… Maybe the answer is pretty simple, just with Hentaifoundry, it’s more than 630 artists and 4.100 comments to find artists who have time and interest to participate… In general it’s spamming or commissioning but like my budget, spam it’s the better way… T_T

This time it’s a nice request drew by basara669… He had the kindness to accept my suggestion and make a beautifull Rosalina… This pic is really awesome, Rosalina is so beautifull and sexy like this, I love her face and there is a lot of details like Rosalina feet or the background so the result is really nice… Just goomba face who look a little special for me (not understand why he’s not happy, he’s with Rosalina), maybe a luma can work better but people know more Mario bros. universe than Mario Galaxy, anyway the more important is Rosalina and she’s here… (^o^)/

Other artist, other style so other Rosalina, I love see how the same character can look totally different with each artists, sometimes cute, sometimes sexy or maybe scary like dark Rosalina… That’s why I love spam a lot of artist, maybe they not always have a “professional” style but it’s interesting see how they will imagine and draw Rosalina… Maybe there is a bonus in basara669’s blog, the step by step drawing… So don’t hesitate to take a look… ^^

Little information about basara669, after make this pic he open commissions so if you are interesting you can see more informations and price in his Hentaifoundry profil (click here) or in his blog (click here)… As example a drawing like this one cost 55$ (40$ for Rosalina and 15$ for the background)… I know it’s expensive in general but don”t forget draw need a lot of time (more 5-6 hours for something like this one), so basara669 price are correct as me… Maybe don”t hesitate to take a look to his blog or hentaifoundry profil, it must be nice… And not expensive… ;p

Artist: basara669 / Price: Request
Blogspot (18+): http://basaraestudio.blogspot.fr/
HentaiFoundry (18+): www.hentai-foundry.com/profile-basara669

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