#164 – Dynasty warriors – Xing Cai

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I think you notice I add some ad on the blog, I agree it don”t look really nice but I must try if this can help me buy commissions… As information with all view and click (three during the month, and that me do these), I earn 0.58$… Awesome… So just a little click to help me must be really nice guys… Don’t want to cry saying “please” but if you like my blog and project, a little help can be so nice… Thanks in advance and enjoy this post… ^^

So this time it’s a special commission I asked to Konani, I say “special” because for this one I submit to Konani a photography saying I want this situation for Rosalina and the other girl but I let Konani free to chose the other girl he want. You can see the drawing just beside and like the result Konani does a really nice job with these girls but for clothes and background too… Love the result… (^o^)/

Not use to say I’m a huge fan of high heels and lingerie, I say this to Konani before he start the commission and I’m so happy with the result… Maybe it’s not the only things I like but I prefer keep the rest secret, I think at some points it’s better for me… XD

If you are curious or interested, Konani opened commission with pretty interesting price rates, full body colored drawing start at 10$ and like Konani quality, it’s really cheap… So if you want more information about his commissions, don’t hesitate to see his profil or take a look here… And if you ask a commission because my blog don”t hesitate to say it to Konani… Maybe if he receive some because this post he may give me a nice discount for an other commission… Maybe… Mwahahaha… ^^

Artist: Konani / Price: 15$

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