#162 – Kid Icarus – Palutena

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Maybe at start I bought the 3DS only for Mario kart because whe can play Rosalina like mario kart Wii but only this game is a little boring so I recently buy Kid Icarus and this game is awesome… Maybe it can be better with Rosalina but I’m not in the nintendo staff so can’t do anything… So bad… Maybe I continue this blog with a lot of views and no body who comment… It’s my life… ^^

So I added some girls from kid Icarus in my wishlist and there is an artist who choose to draw Rosalina with Palutena… Oh yeah, it was fast and it’s a huge thanks to Uselessboy who draw Rosalina and a sooo cute and young Palutena ( Young Palutena so no Pit, that’s great)… XD

Uselessboy have a lot of loli pics in his gallery so I asked him a drawing, like this I have something new in the blog, I know there is some who are not really fan of underage girls but this pic is pretty cute and soft so I think you must love it guys… They are so adorable…

Maybe not a lot read the blog but it’s not because this I must stop, now it’s a little are really interesing quote from Uselessboy post: ‘This pic was a request by Harmonie_Rosalina, who is collecting lesbian-art of Rosalina going around ^_^, I figured I’d have a look at the wishlist and I choose Palutena from Kid-Icarus. Long story short; I played Icarus when I was still in high-school, and I felt ancient greek mythology is lacking on this site as well as Harmonie_Rosalina’s blog. So here it is ^_^‘.

So I’m collection lesbian-art, maybe it’s true but it’s the first time I hear something like this… Generally other people talk about a guys who ask to all artist crossover pics with Rosalina, sincerely this version is more sympathical…

At start Uselessboy drew 3 sketchs with Rosalina and Palutena so I show these maybe the one he choose for the final version is my favorite, how nice… Thanks again Uselessboy… (^o^)/

Artist: Uselessboy / Price: Request

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