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#576 – Silver dildo and breads


Rosalina Nintendo latex lingerie anal beads hude dildo Uselessboy
Was a long time talking about it and I finally created a RosalinaxGirl patreon account, feel free to join and support the project, in return you’ll get some extra (or secret) content, HD versions of illustrations and there is also a raffle where you can get your favorite girl and fetishes. Everybody is curious so don’t miss to take a look… ^__^
As for publications, it will be on patreon as for the blog so expect two posts per week at the minimum for all tiers.


And about publications it’s time to give you the first one of the week, I agree a little late and really sorry but that week is damn busy. Also as promised after two kawai posts full of cuteness time to feed a little our pervert mind with this awesome pin-up I won during Uselessboy stream as be sure when you ask about the character Rosalina is here for sure. Also since his sweet duo with Palutena that you can see here or on the right, it’s so powerfull to have Rosalina again by Uselessboy, especially since he really increased his skills and have now a powerfull level… °o°
That raffle and result were a powerfull surprise, I’m not so lucky in general and it was also really interesting after that to have a little brainstorming with Uselessboy and people on the chat to decide about the suit, pose and toys for Rosalina. For sure it had to be so sexy and all ideas suggested mixed made an awesome combo as you can see on the result. I hope you love this illustration too guys… Oh yeah.
Love that beautifull and so adorable as sexy Rosalina he made, some sweet lingerie and high heels boots with a latex touch looks awesome, adding a sweet face that make Rosalina kinda pure and even more exciting. During the stream, everydoby participated with Uselessboy and details came as numbers on beads, juicy touch or toys colors (was hard to choose). Was a so cool, powerfull stream and the result is… Perfect.
Finally, if you love Disney fairies or Jurassic Park universe (with se naughty touch for sure), be sure don’t miss to visit his accounts on HentaiFoundry or Patreon. As if both are main content on the patreon be sure Uselessboy can draw many differents fetishes or characters as you can see with Rosalina, but his pin-ups always keep a sweet and innocent touch who make a wonderfull combo into cuteness and sexiness.

Artist: Uselessboy / Cost: Livestream raffle
Patreon: www.patreon.com/Raithial
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Uselessboy/profile

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#162 – Kid Icarus – Palutena

nintendo mario princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian kid icarus palutena teen
Maybe at start I bought the 3DS only for Mario kart because whe can play Rosalina like mario kart Wii but only this game is a little boring so I recently buy Kid Icarus and this game is awesome… Maybe it can be better with Rosalina but I’m not in the nintendo staff so can’t do anything… So bad… Maybe I continue this blog with a lot of views and no body who comment… It’s my life… ^^

So I added some girls from kid Icarus in my wishlist and there is an artist who choose to draw Rosalina with Palutena… Oh yeah, it was fast and it’s a huge thanks to Uselessboy who draw Rosalina and a sooo cute and young Palutena ( Young Palutena so no Pit, that’s great)… XD

Uselessboy have a lot of loli pics in his gallery so I asked him a drawing, like this I have something new in the blog, I know there is some who are not really fan of underage girls but this pic is pretty cute and soft so I think you must love it guys… They are so adorable…

Maybe not a lot read the blog but it’s not because this I must stop, now it’s a little are really interesing quote from Uselessboy post: ‘This pic was a request by Harmonie_Rosalina, who is collecting lesbian-art of Rosalina going around ^_^, I figured I’d have a look at the wishlist and I choose Palutena from Kid-Icarus. Long story short; I played Icarus when I was still in high-school, and I felt ancient greek mythology is lacking on this site as well as Harmonie_Rosalina’s blog. So here it is ^_^‘.

So I’m collection lesbian-art, maybe it’s true but it’s the first time I hear something like this… Generally other people talk about a guys who ask to all artist crossover pics with Rosalina, sincerely this version is more sympathical…

At start Uselessboy drew 3 sketchs with Rosalina and Palutena so I show these maybe the one he choose for the final version is my favorite, how nice… Thanks again Uselessboy… (^o^)/

Artist: Uselessboy / Price: Request