#099 – Rayman – Ly

I love let the artist more free with commissions and requests, like that they can have a lot of pleasure make the drawing and quality is always better… I have a huge wishlist in the blog but let the artist submit the character he want to show with Rosalina is pretty nice… There is often Peach but a lot of nice surprises too… Like Davros who choose Ly from Rayman as second character and like the result, I’m really happy with this suggestion… ^^

I played Rayman game there is a long time and don’t really remember Ly… but it’s a really interesting, original and (with good artist) sexy character… And she’s now with Rosalina… (^o^)/

At first, Davros submit 3 sketchs and choose the first, more exciting and we see all Rosalina and Ly body. The second idea was really interesting with a situation like bondage and Ly as “Rosalina pet” so I asked Davros to add the collar to Ly in the drawing I choose (and high heels to Rosalina, but don”t see it a lot…)…

It was the first Davros‘s commission and I hope he will continue in this way… He send me some previews and pics to show the avancement and I can tell you he really work hard for characters and background… So don”t hesitate to take a look to his gallerie and maybe ask him for a commission (with Rosalina if you want..;) XD

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