#100 – Mario – Daisy

I already have a pic Rosalina, Daisy and Peach (see the drawing here) but this time, It’s only daisy who come to have some fun with Rosalina. It was done as request by the really nice artist akitosan21 who start to have a really nice style and gallerie…

I love this drawing, Rosalina and Daisy have realy expressive faces and look pretty sensual in this situation, nice detail with the background too… Thanks so much for your kindness and this awesome pic akitosan21… (^o^)/

Other think interesting: the title: “Hi, I’m Rosalina”… In reference to the famous Daisy sentence “Hi’ I’m Daisy”… But in fact, I don”t know the origine of the Daisy sentence… If you have some informations about that, don”t hesitate to post a comment… ^^

So I was really happy see this drawing but some time after, I see a really nice thing in akitosan21 gallerie… An other pic with Rosalina… So nice… So enjoy this beautifull Rosalina beachware, akitosan21 said he’s not quite happy with proportions but I love Rosalina face ine this pic… Oh yeah… XD

Artist: Akitosan21 / Price: Request

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