#101 – Mario – Peach N°13

There is a long time I don’t publish a new pic with Peach but she’s always pretty famous… So a new Rosalina and Peach combo, and there is already a new who is ready, but you must wait a little before see it here… ;p

This time instead of a long description, I think the artist quote is the best:

Rosalina and Peach preparing for some action, and watching each other’s naked body, This is a request for Harmonie_Rosalina. Hope he likes it!

Thanks so much to matpneu for this awesome drawing, I love his idea, don’t show Rosalina and Peach in action but do something more cute and romantic… An preparing for some action, so everyone can imagine what happend next with his imagination and see these girls do what they love… And lot of people so lot of different situations… That just so nice… (^o^)/

Artist: Matpneu /  Price: Request

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