#098 – Alice in sexland – Bunny

More than 100 drawings and 45.000 views soon, I’m really happy with this blog but I see a lot of people used Rosalinaxgirl pics, post these in other forum and say, “it’s curious, a lot of Rosalina, maybe it’s because Mario kart 7“… And they don’t talk about this blog… Raaaah… T_T

So the new drawing is a little special because Rosalina is with the rabbit of the doujin Alice in sexland, a parody of… You know… If you are a curious about this doujin, take a look here, you can see all chapters… Hope you like it, but there isn’t Rosalina is this story, so bad… But I always know this story and love this rabbit so it was a great surprise to see Hobb show her with Rosalina… And in a really hot situation… O_o

About the artist, Hobb accepted drawn me Rosalina as request, that’s so nice… When I asked him a drawing, he has only 2 lines in his gallery but his style is so nice that’s why I really want a Rosalina by him… Now he have some other pics and started color… You must take a look to his gallery… ^^

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  1. Yukikah

    Oh, my, god. c.c I haven’t read Alice in Sexland since… since… hm. God, that was freshman in college. So at least 10 years ago. I’d forgotten all about it. Yay for reading old good stuffs.

    Oh, and double yay for adding Rosa in with it; that’s pure genius.


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