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#098 – Alice in sexland – Bunny

More than 100 drawings and 45.000 views soon, I’m really happy with this blog but I see a lot of people used Rosalinaxgirl pics, post these in other forum and say, “it’s curious, a lot of Rosalina, maybe it’s because Mario kart 7“… And they don’t talk about this blog… Raaaah… T_T

So the new drawing is a little special because Rosalina is with the rabbit of the doujin Alice in sexland, a parody of… You know… If you are a curious about this doujin, take a look here, you can see all chapters… Hope you like it, but there isn’t Rosalina is this story, so bad… But I always know this story and love this rabbit so it was a great surprise to see Hobb show her with Rosalina… And in a really hot situation… O_o

About the artist, Hobb accepted drawn me Rosalina as request, that’s so nice… When I asked him a drawing, he has only 2 lines in his gallery but his style is so nice that’s why I really want a Rosalina by him… Now he have some other pics and started color… You must take a look to his gallery… ^^