#090 – Pokemon – Shirona (Cynthia)

Over than 35.000 views in this site… It’s really awesome… Don’t think can have a blog like this but it work…. A lot of views and the more important, A lot of Rosalina… Oh Yeah… (^o^)/

The 100th drawing must come soon but for the moment, It’s a nice drawing with my favorite Pokemon characters: Shirona… She’s on the top 10 of girls I prefer, so it’s so nice to have a new pic with her (see the first here)… For this time, it’s a big thanks for the kindness of kylust who make this awesome pic. He have a really nice style and it’s so nice to see he have interest with my blog and request… Don’t hesitate to take a look to his gallerie, she’s not huge but pretty interesting… ^^

So I love the idea to Rosalina and Shirona have some funs with “dildo” in reference to Mario galaxy like Rosalina want and Pokemon with the “Anal Pokeball Beads” but in my opinion, They have fun together so Shirona using Rosalina wand and Rosalina using shirona “dildos” can be better in this type of crossover… The milk is really nice and exciting but a little to.. Regulary… But in general, for this pic… Just one word: AWESOME… XD

Finish with a little artist quote:
Do note that I love blondes? Well, here’s my fanart of these two girls. That thing there in the middle are supposed to Poke-Ben-Wa-Balls. (if you’re perverted mind know what I mean and if not, I’m sorry, you will become dirty mind n_n). Shirona and Rosalina, of course =)

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