#091 – Mario – Peach N°10

Continue with RosalinaxPeach drawings and this one is the 10th created for the blog, I start to have a lot with Peach and others are waiting, it’s not the end… XD

This drawing was the first 2012 publication of Lunchbox151 who accepted make a drawing as request for my blog… The pic is really beautifull and special because some people who commented the pic say it’s a “trace over photographs”. The artist haven’t answer about that so I don’t say if it true or not but the pic look a little special, Rosalina and Peach are really beautifull but with this style and situation, it look really… real… ^^

Trace or not, I love this drawing, and if Rosalina look more real and sexy than usual with this body, it’s just so nice… And the more important, these girls look to Rosalina and Peach, so there is some work by the artist to drawn and color it… Of course… ;p

Just a thing I don’t like, it’s the color of Rosalina and Peach nipples, but not a really important part, and Rosalina shoes are my favorite… Just so nice… Thanks so much for this beautifull pic and your kindness Lunchbox151… (^o^)/

Artist: Lunchbox151 / Price: Request

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  1. Yukikah

    Well now… this is certainly an interesting interpretation of these two, one of the most original yet well done ones I’ve ever seen. Not sure I 100% buy it since I’m so used to more “traditional” images of them, but when I stop and look at it, I think this is probably more correct of what one could expect to run into if you stumbled across these two in this world.


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