#092 – Special – Mushrooms boys

I always let artists really free with the drawing when it’s a request. So they must do other characters and situation they love but about the second character, there is drawing where it’s not a girl… I have a pic with Bowser and this time it two mushrooms who have some fun with Rosalina… I say it look a little special in a blog named “Rosalina x Girl” but like the one with Bowser, this drawing was a really nice surprise… Not girl crossover but really good pic…

Thanks so much to an HentaiFoundry artist: grimnir666 who have beautifull style and gallerie (don’t hesitate to take a look). Other really nice think, he accepted my request but make two versions: safe and a normal. As me it’s more than nude and non-nude and for the safe version, with torn clothes like that… Not really safe in fact… XD

I love this drawing, these mushrooms are really original, like this but for Rosalina I love her position and her face is just awesome… I love her expression, it’s really cute and innocent… So beautifull… ^^

Thanks again for grimnir666 kindness… There isn’t a lot of artist with this level who accept request… So nice to have this pic here… (^o^)/

Artist: Grimnir666 / Price: Request


  1. etorigan

    wooo, this on is a very very nice!!

    1. Rosalina x Girl

      Thanks for the comment… Don”t hesitate to post a little comment in the artist page, it must be nice for him… ^^

      And thanks for following my blog, it’s so nice…


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