#089 – Gurren Lagan – Yoko N°3

Peach is famous, peach is famous… But it’s not the only… So it’s the 3rd drawing with Yoko from Gurren Lagan in my blog and it was drawn as request by the really nice artist fuckinghentai. Thanks so much to him… (^o^)/

I love this pic, Rosalina and Yoko have a long kiss, really sexy and so romantic… fuckinghentai have a pretty nice style, hair are so beautifull and I love the position of the two girls, it’s just awesome… Just two things who look special as me in this pic for Rosalina. She don”t really have hair in front of her right eye but the more funny it’s her left breast between Yoko breasts, it’s not in Mario paper… XD

So the result is pretty nice, Yoko is really a beautifull character so an other pic with her and Rosalina is just so nice, thanks again to fuckinghentai kindness. Last thing with the artist quote:

Full colored version of Harmonie_Rosalina’s request for Rosalina from Super Mario Galaxy and a girl of my choice (Yoko from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann) The colors took a lot longer than I expected, but in the end I’m pretty happy with it.

messy version cumming soon (haha see what I did thar :P)” It’s a joke?

Artist: fuckinghentai / Price: Request

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