Pokemon – #587 Emolga

Waaah, the week was so fast (and busy), No time to look at new artists but I also forgot to that new publication must be for today… I’m sorry for this late post guys, today the illustration and tomorrow I’ll report changes on the page “Where is my pokemon?” and the wishlist.

New pictures done and waiting, it was the last in progress for artist who accepted to join the project so I’ll have to restart spam a little… Maybe an illustration still in progress but it will be watersport (pee)… Don’t know what I must do with this one… Suggestions?


I talked about edit “Where is my pokemon?” page and I’m sure you understand why with the publication… A huge thanks to EpicSubterfuge who helped me again with the blog and project while make Rosalina meet a new pokemon lady, Emolga join the party… A so cute and kinky pairing, thanks sooo much for your kindness and support my friend… (^o^)/

For people who didn’t played Pokemon Mystery Dungeon on 3DS, Emolga is one of the main character of the story and have a powerfull personality… He’s really the best friend you can expect and it became one of my fav with this game. I’m so glad EpicSubterfuge chosen this pokemon , I always let the artist more freedom I can and choose itself the pokelady he want to pair with Rosalina and for the moment I always have incredible surprises… I hope you like EpicSubterfuge‘s drawing too guys…

Coincidence, before work on this Rosalina and Emolga piece, EpicSubterfuge received a request to draw Rosalina with and Oc Gardevoir. You can see the illustration on the right and click to see the original publication. A little foot fetish on this one for sure but that’s fun to see other people who wanted to pair these two girls. After all, Gardevoir have a similar hair style than Rosalina, same as Cynthia btw…

Now for more don’t hesitate to visite EpicSubterfuge‘s Deviantart account for more illustrations (here) and why not commission him… Original style and REALLY CHEAP prices… 2$ for a colored character and 1$ for each more, adding 3$ for a background you must admit EpicSubterfuge prices are interesting… I’ll commission him again for sure but wont say mroe abotu the next piece for the moment… Stay turned… 😛

Artist: EpicSubterfuge  /  Cost: 0$ (request)
Webcomic: http://trollgirl.thecomicseries.com

One year ago: Original – Draghixa

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